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And the collision of your kiss...

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Frank and Gerard are getting comfortable.

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Gerards POV 

We cried a lot that night. We gulfed our pizza and went to bed. I insisted Frank slept in my bed that night. We got into our shirts and boxers and snuggled until we dozed off. 

I woke up with Frank curled up into my chest. My eyes stung from crying but that wasn't bothering me at all as I was so distracted by my short sleeping friend. His shaggy black hair was poking around at all angles and covered his peaceful face. His knees were up to his chest, so he was sleeping in a fetus position. He was my perfect bundle of a best friend. My gaze went from his hair down to his waist. His shirt had ridden up a little so I could see his lily white skin. His hipbones poked out slightly which I found as a slight turn on. I ran my finger over it lightly, biting my lip. He looked so perfect. So fragile. I wanted to rip his clothes off and fu- Whoa... No. That's weird. I can't fucking think about Frankie like that. No matter how extremely delicious and fuckable he looked, it was weird. I got out of bed and went downstairs for a cigarette. I had a smoke in the back garden as I'd rather the birds see me in my old Black Flag tee and boxers then the neighbourhood.   It was quite muggy outside. The sun was out but there was still a cold breeze. I went back inside and made myself a coffee. A small thump came from upstairs in Bandits room. She was awake then. I jogged up the stairs and opened her door to find her stand up in her cot with mischievous grin on her face. She’d thrown her bottle on the floor. I scooped her up and took her downstairs. I put her on the couch and put on some cartoons to keep her entertained. I made her some toast for breakfast. She looked up at me with her beautiful big brown eyes. 
She giggled, pointing at the pizza boxes on the coffee table. I chuckled and nodded, finishing my coffee. I put it on the table and nodded. 
"Yeah B. Pizza."
I smiled, hearing Frank trudge down the stairs. I turn to look at him. 
Bandit got up and ran towards him. 
She squealed. Frank smiled slightly and ruffled her hair. He came and sat beside me, biting his lip. 
"Did you have I nice sleep?"
I asked. Frank grunted and nodded in response, picking Bandit up and sitting her in his lap. 

*Later that night*

Bandit was soon sound asleep in her crib. Frank was curled up on the couch in his black skinny jeans and Misfits shirt. The sight of him made me smile. He was so adorable. One of those people you wanted to cuddle all the time. I put down his sandwich; It was simply a bit of buttered bread folded in half, since Frank needed something light to try to stomach. He threw up a lot after eating, especially with the pizza last night. Not a pretty sight. 
Frank sat up slowly. I had a glass of water and a sick bowl, just incase it backfired. He put the plate on his lap, staring at the bread. I sat beside him and rubbed his back soothingly. 
"You can do it Frankie."
I cooed. I honestly didn't think he could. He didn't either but he still tried. He nibbled on it, managing to get half way through. I was proud he'd gotten that far and we left it at that. He didn't throw up so we settled down to watch tv. 
"I don't feel sick."
He told me for about the billionth time. I was on high alert nonetheless. I put the bowl down and pulled him into my lap. He smiled and curled up into me, resting his head against my shoulder whilst we watched Family Guy. 
"You know something, Gerard?"
"I know a lot of things Frank."
I smirked as he rolled his eyes and smiled. 
"Shut up! Anyway, you know, I've always really looked up to you."
"Yeah. You done so well. You pulled through. The drugs, alcohol, that sort of stuff. You got through it. That's always made me... Idolise you I guess."
I felt my cheeks get hot. I turned my head to look at him, noting his face was a lot closer to mine then I thought. 
"Uh, thanks I guess."
I whispered, my eyes scanning his features. His greenish- gold eyes had little flecks of brown that I'd never noticed before. His eyes appeared to be mimicking mine. His lips were thin and pink, a little silver lip ring near the corner of his mouth. For a moment, I was so sure he'd moved closer, but then I realised I'd moved, not him. I swiftly moved to kiss his cheek. Instead I felt something soft and perfect, a slightly coldness against one corner of my mouth. A lip ring, perhaps? Shit. I was kissing Frank. He must of turned his head when I was going to kiss his cheek. I pulled away quickly, my cheeks heating up. 
"Fuck! Frank! I'm so sorry it was a-"
I was silenced by the same lips. They fitted perfectly with mine. He lips forced mine open and his arms snaked around my next whilst mine locked around his waist. I opened my mouth slightly and Frankies tongue wasted no time pushing itself into my mouth. He explored a little and made his tongue collide with mine, making them fight for dominance, which unfortunately Frank won. His tongue soon left my mouth to return to his were it my turn to explore. His mouth was warm, wet and tasted of bread. My teeth tugged on his lip ring, causing him to moan quietly. 
Slowly, both breathing heavily, we pulled apart, staring at eachother. Then Frank got up and ran into the bathroom, vomiting into the toilet. 
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