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Remember Me

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*please tell me if it's worth a story:)* /Remember me…/ There it was again, that faint whimper trying to reach me, crumpling up the perfect picture in front of my eyes.

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please tell me if it's worth a story!

I suck at summaries and titles-.- might change them throughout the story

/If your whole memory would've been erased and all you can feel is pain; if you could leave all of this behind to live in your own travesty of reality...would you? Or would you stay and be there for the people that need you so bad?/

Remember me...

Please, remember me!

The voice sounded distant, like from a far away place, cutting through the perfect picture in front of my eyes.
A forest stretched out into the distance, the trees a full dark green, like in mid summer. In between was a small pond, the trees hovering over it looking enormous and scary in comparison to the tiny gathering of water, almost resembling a puddle more than a pond, were casting shadows over its surface, darkening the glistering wet, cooling the incredibly hot temperature down just by a few degrees, not enough to make it chilly but just so that it was nice to be outside. The few spots on the small pond remaining in sunlight shone in a bright blue and white gleam in the small, scattered rays of sunlight fighting its way down through the thick forest blocking them, banning them unsuccessful. The air smelled of wood and the birds were happily chirping away. Occasionally you could hear a squirrel or racoon rushing across the floor, otherwise there was a deep, serene silence lingering in the air.
It was beautiful.

Remember me...

There it was again, that faint whimper trying to reach me, crumpling up the perfect picture in front of my eyes. The trees got tiny holes in them, small but pitch black spots, extending at a rapid space, swallowing more and more of the bark. The snapping and rustling of the wood alarming me, its painful moaning and groaning ringing in my ears, as I watched my shelter, my place of serenity, burn down.
It was like I sought refuge in my little secluded bubble and now it snapped.
The water began to rise up and crash down again, creating gigantic waves a storm would’ve been jealous of, while the ground started shaking rapidly, cracks forming underneath my feet, twigs and branches crashing down all around me, setting everything on fire. Smoke started to creep up my nostrils, engulfing me completely and making it hard for me to breathe, but I couldn't move. I tried to run, but my feet wouldn't budge.
I started to panic. Hyperventilating I frantically shook my head in every direction, trying to pinpoint an escape rout, only to find myself trapped.

And then just like that it snapped. The whole scene I was faced with just disappeared on me, vanished right in front of my eyes. The trees, the pond, everything was replaced with a sudden brightness.
White. Blinding white everywhere.

Please remember me...

The voice was a little clearer now, though still distant.

He's back.

Said another voice, this one a little lower with an edgy tone to it.

What did they mean 'he's back'? And who the hell was 'him'?

I was utterly confused about what was going on, my mind a blur with thousands of thoughts whirring and swirling around in my skull, a pounding headache accompanying them, throbbing constantly and nagging away my ability to think.
My whole body was aching. I felt lightheaded, but incredibly heavy all the same, as if having gained a thousand pounds all of a sudden. My legs felt like they were on fire, the burning flame savagely searing, tearing, ravaging my sore flesh. There was a gigantic weight on my chest, pushing down with so much force I'm amazed my ribcage didn't give way under the pressure, each rip snapping like a twig. My arms were numb. I couldn't feel them at all, as if they didn't even exist, leaving two short stumps at the place they normally should have grown.
And while my body was being crushed, my head was practically flying high above the clouds. I felt dizzy and disorientated, my headache getting worse every second, as if someone was hammering on the bones of my skull, slowly tearing them apart.
My mouth felt dry, my tongue sticking to the spot. I tried to pry my chapped lips open, but they wouldn't move even one centimetre, like they were glued together.
And though I could feel everything on the inside throbbing, pounding, aching, I couldn’t sense a single thing outside of my body, as if the world had been shut down, didn't exist.

The blinding white stung my eyes and I yearned to close them shut, blocking everything out and just pretend nothing was happening. It was painfully bright, the blinding unbearable, almost excruciating, and I wanted nothing more than to go back to my forest, craving to see the glistering pond, to have the soles of my feet being tickled by the soft grass covering the ground, to hear the rustling of the leaves when a gust of wind fought its way through the outstretched arms of the crooked trees, gently tugging at them, inviting them to come fly with it, some of the them gladly accepting the offer.

But no matter what I tried, nothing changed.

I was paralyzed, frozen to the spot, the horrible pain still wandering through my body, now mixed with a strange feeling of fear and nausea, as I began to panicky wonder what was going on.

And I found I couldn't remember anything.

Remember me!

Not even that voice.

I was kinda bored so i wrote this^^ PLEASE tell me if it's worth a story, I'll love you forever!:)

now i wanted to know your oppinion on something. it was in the news a few weeks back (in germany). a while back some guy killed himself by jumping in front of a train. the guy driving the train thought it was a deer and only discovered it was a man when he stopped the train to go looking. he didn't really care. and now he wants to have something called 'schmerzensgeld' (i looked it, injury award..?)from the parents because he supposedly had nightmares in which he saw the guy jumping. he didn't even see him, fucking hell he thought it was a deer that's just so fucking /shameless/, don't you think?.

gah, sorry for the rant, but this has been bothering me ever since i heard it

now rate and review, it makes me happy;D

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