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What's in your head?

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What if...? Or maybe...? How...?

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actually had this written on the 15th:D just never got around to typing it up...

hope someone is still reading this and PLEASE tell me if it's good/horrendous or whatever you think of it, so i can improve my writing

anyone up for guessing? then tell me what you think happened and who you think this is^^

i'll try to update sooner next time^^ xo katie

title is from zombie by the cranberriesxD kinda stuck in my head... i fucking love the cranerries:3 the song's got nothing to do with the story though

I was scared, fear surging through my body, like a knife with a blade of ice running up and down my spine, freezing my insides.
Why couldn't I remember anything? What was going on?
Hundreds of questions were running though my head at a rapid pace, staying only a second or two until replaced with another torturing thought; each and every remaining unanswered.
I felt like I'd been on a carousel for way too long, everything was spinning, my head buzzing and nothing but a blur in front of my eyes.
Only my blur was more like a wall. A chalk white one of that.
Still I thought my head just might explode at any second, the sensation being just that tad too much for my already battered body, making me want to empty the contents of my abused stomach all over myself.

Then, out of seemingly nowhere, a hoarse, barely audible groan, sounding like a dying pig with a bad case of asthma that had smoked way too much in its life /(I don't give a damn if pigs don't smoke...)/, reached my ears. I strained my ear-shot, listening carefully, trying to classify the strange sound, but it didn't come again.

I was growing rather agitated and annoyed with this whole situation -not understanding a thing and not being able to do anything about it, all the while still in a rather /large amount of fucking pain/-, just hoping it'd all end soon, not giving a damn about in which way or whatsoever...just wishing all the pain and confusion would come to an end.
I was desperately begging for something, anything, even if it was the end itself.

Yes I was willing to die.

Couldn't be much worse than this now, could it?

My life sucked anyway...

Wait. How did I know that?! I wrecked every corner of that incredibly small organ called my brain to remember a reason as to why I was so sure I didn't mind it to die, but the stupid thing decided to be uncooperative. It was frustrating, really.

What if I was stuck inside some sort of trance? Forever in a comatose condition but with feelings and -sadly- thoughts. What if I stayed like this forever?

That thought scared me the most, being like this forever, in eternal pain, left alone with my thoughts. No one to reach out to, no one to hear me. Trapped inside endless agony.

What a terrible notion.

Was this hell? Or maybe purgatory?

I did not know, nor did I want to find out. I just wanted out, the desire to disappear so overwhelming, like nothing I ever felt before, the greatest misery and heartbreak appearing void compared to the amount of longing to evaporate to thin air trapped deep inside my chest, trying to pull me away to someplace unknown.

But how did I feel before?

Eventually I decided to try and recall the basics, searching for every single clue I could find helping to puzzle my scattered mind back together.

grhg this came out rather...awkward-.- i think i might rewrite some passages...tell me what you think:)

xo k
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