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Blood, blood, gallons of the stuff

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The Way family are a well known family in the vampire world. Gerard is the most respected, bloodthirsty, and is looked up to by many.

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So this is my first MCR/vampire story, I don't really know where it will go, but I guess we'll see. Sorry if it sucks (And there will be a lot of blood, hence the title).

Gerard and Mikey sat at the dining table, Mikey reading the morning newspaper, drinking a cup of hot blood, and Gerard sat opposite him, thinking about last night's kill. It was a good kill, he thought. The victim was walking to his car, unaware that Gerard was waiting, ready to strike. His blood tasted metallic and smelled like fear, just the way a vampire liked it. A sick smile spread across his face as he remembered the man's crys for help and screams of terror as he tore through the skin of his neck, and drank his delicious crimson blood.

A snigger from Mikey interrupted his thoughts. "Fucking humans." Mikey said, half amused, half angered. "Look how they've portrayed us..... again. I swear every halloween they do this, put stupid pictures of us 'vampires' everywhere." He tossed the newspaper to Gerard. The article had pictures of many cliche horror characters and writing next to them, explaining what they were. On the vampire part was a picture of a stereotypical Count Dracula, and the description read : "Monsterous creatures, who viciously kill and then drain the blood of their victims. Usually wear capes and are very dangerous." "Oh I agree Mikey, this is unaceptable. We shouldn't be seen as 'Monsterous creatures who viciously kill', we are far worse than that." Gerard smiled evily, handing back the newspaper and Mikey did the same, then took a drink of blood, and licked some off his hot lips that had escaped. "Although I'd love a cape." Gerard chuckled as he run his hand through his thick raven black hair and returned to his thoughts.

Halloween should be a good time for vampires, being able to walk around with blood dripping down their face, with no one suspecting a thing, and all those vunerable children in costume, walking the streets alone, begging for their necks to be bitten... afterall, younger blood tastes better. However The Way family, and the majority of other vampires were way too classy and old fashioned for a silly human tradition, they prefered to stay hidden, and were very good at hiding and covering up their victim's deaths, especially Gerard who was very clever. His moves were always calculated and well planned. There was hardly ever a time when anything would go wrong and he had never be left without a feed. After his feed on the man the night before, he simply twisted and snapped the man's neck which made a clean break of the bone, put the victim in his car and pushed it down a nearby hill, and it was as if the man had died in a car crash and the missing flesh was just a wound. Mikey's moves were also very smart and well done, but his older brother was always seen as stronger and better, like a 'master'.

Sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes and it's short I know. Please rate & review, let me know what you think.xoxo
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