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That's how it's done.

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3 reviews in 1 day thanks guys :D If you haven't already guessed from the first chapter, I'm a bit of a sick fuck, I enjoy horror, gore, all that sort of stuff. I'm gonna try update as much as possible and make this a good story :)And if you are wondering why they were awake during the day in the last chapter the vampires don't sleep (But I promise they ony drink blood and will NEVER sparkle) Oh and I just thought I'd let you know I went to the Leeds festival and saw My chem .... They fucking rocked ! Anways, on to the story.

It was just past midnight, four minutes past to be exact. Leah Scarlett, aged twenty two, drunkenly made her way down the dark, deserted road, alone, on her way home from a night out. This wasn't her usual route, it was a shortcut she decided to take. She stumbled a few times, struggling to walk straight and had difficulty gathering where she was, and what her surroundings were. A perfect victim.

Mikey way and a close friend Frank Iero, waited, hidden in nearby bushes along with Gerard. They were carefully studying the young woman's movements. Frank was fairly new to the vampire world, although he had hunted before, he needed more practice and the Way brothers were helping him. He looked up to Gerard greatly, but despite this Gerard just couldn't understand why his younger brother would befriend someone so less experienced than them. Gerard's good friend Ray Toro was known as a strong vampire, not to be messed with. This gave him a sense of pride, unlike Frank who was not only unexperienced, but was also short too. "Ok so here's what you do-"
"I know what to do, I've done it before." Frank cut Mikey off. He didn't mean to seem rude, he was just fed up of the constant lessons and lectures on how to kill.
"Well go do it then." Gerard nodded towards the victim. "And don't fuck up this time".
"I didn't fuck up, the guy had a Goddamn shotgun, I panicked." Frank snapped back.
"And if you knew what you were doing, you'd have snapped the bastard's neck before he could even get to the gun and then me and Mikey wouldn't have had to save your sorry ass." Gerard sneered.
"Hey guys, shut it!" Mikey said hitting both his brother and his friend on the head. "Do you want her to hear us ? I'm starving ! Frank just capture that piece of meat already!"

Frank emerged from the bushes and walked casually down the long road towards the drunken woman, whilst the Way brothers watched on. He saw her slip and that was his chance. "Woaah let me help you". He said, catching her and then helping her back up.
"Oh thanks..I'm a bit drunk." Leah erupted into a fit of giggles.
"Do you live far from here? Do you need help getting home?" Frank asked, running his hand through her bright red hair.
"Yeah I do" She laughed again and almost stumbled over. "Wait... you're not one of those murderers that you read about in the newspapers are you?" She slurred.
"No, I just couldn't forgive myself for leaving a vunerable young girl alone on such a dangerous road,at this time of night." he smiled.
"Well okay then... you are kinda cute." Frank blushed at the comment.

"See ? Right there! He's too nice! That girl would have been dead meat if that was me!" Gerard whispered to his brother in the bushes.
"Shhh... wait for it." Mikey nudged him.

"Well seen as I'm soooo drunk and there's no such thing as a nice guy, I know what you want, so c'mon lets get it over with. Right here, right now. No one's watching." Leah said unbuttoning her jacket.
"Okay". Frank was pleased, this time the girl wanted it. He began to stroke her face and then slowly kissed her lips, she kissed him back and he gently nipped her top lip with his teeth, then again but this time harder, so it bled. She moaned in pain, but he didn't stop, he just bit harder and sucked the drops of blood that came out. She tried to scream and punch him, but he stopped her by grabbing her arms. With her arms restricted, the drunken red head was terrified and kicked Frank in the stomach, he fell down and winced in pain, she kicked him again, this time digging her high heels into his head. Now free Leah ran as fast as she could, her mouth all bloody and arms weak, she looked back, making sure he was down. She turned her head back forward, only to see Gerard standing in her way. He grabbed her tight. "Drunken bitches blood? Yum!" he pulled her hair, lifting her off of the ground and she let out a yelp, there was tears streaming down her face. He bit deep into her neck and drank greedily her delicious blood and Mikey helped Frank up, who was watching in anger. After he finished drinking, she was unconcious, but not dead. He still had her by the hair and he slammed her head first into the ground, killing her , dead. Her body lay there, looking like roadkill.

"Now that's how it's done." he winked at Frank and brushed some dirt off of his long black coat.
"I could have done that, I was about to catch up to her!" Frank yelled. Gerard grabbed him by the collar.
"No. You have a lot to learn , didn't you see what I just did? Now unless you want that to happen you, I suggest you shut the fuck up. C'mon Mikey Mother's waiting for dinner, bring the bitch." Gerard said, kicking the bloody corpse and making his way down the road, back home.

So there's the 2nd chapter, again sorry for any grammar/spelling mistakes. Please let me know what you think, rate & review :) And if anyone has any suggestions on how to make it better or any ideas about what to do next, please feel free to say:) xoxoxo
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