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Now that would be telling.

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Thanks for the reviews so far guys :D Here's chapter 3, like I said, I don't know where it will go, but we'll see. The victim from chapter 2 was based on my best friend Leah, and she was kinda pissed that she died haha. (She's not a drunken wreck by the way, she actually quite awesome):D Anyways, here we go....

Gerard Way entered his room. It was a big, dark and old fashioned room that he enjoyed, as he could be alone. The walls were painted a deep red because it reminded him of his favorite thing....blood. There was a large four-post satin bed in the middle of the room that he didn't use for sleeping, but to fool young girls and women into thinking he was a genuine man, before killing them and drinking their blood, sometimes even seducing them before. On the walls were photoframes with photos of him and his family throughout the decades. One of the photographs was of him and his brother in black and white, taken in 1935. Gerard removed his beloved long black coat.

"Thank God it's black, stupid bitch's blood stained it." he muttered to himself before folding it up neatly and putting it gently on the bed. He sat down beside it. There was a knock on the heavy oak door and his brother walked in.
"Can we talk?" Mikey entered and sat on the bed beside him.
"What about? Frank's shit job? Sure." Gerard smiled.
"Yes, it is about that." He adjusted his sitting position to a more comfortable one. "I know he isn't great, but he's my friend and I can tell he looks up to you, yet I accept that you're my brother and he isn't as good as us."
"So?" Gerard beckoned him to continue.
"So, I'm on nobody's side but I accept and understand that you don't like him." Mikey answered.
"I never said I don't like him-"
"But you make it pretty obvious." Mikey cut him off.
"Look, I'm sure he's a great guy, it's just he hasn't got 'it'. We're seen as the best, and guys like us need to have friends in higher places. Frank's abilites just don't measure up." Gerard giggled at his joke towards little Frank. Mikey didn't seem amused by the short joke. "Guy's like Ray to be specific. He's fucking strong, even I'm scared of him sometimes, he once took out two 400lbs humans with his bare hands." Gerard put up his hands to emphasise his friend's ability. "Speaking of Ray he is joining us tomorrow at our family gathering."
"Good, it would be nice to see him, I havn't in a while." Mikey was also fond of Ray. "But isn't it a family gathering?"
"Doesn't matter, he's as good as. Now if you don't mind excusing me, I have some buissness to attend to." Gerard stood and made his way to the door to let Mikey out.
"Not at all, I just came to tell you how I feel about you and Frank." He headed towards his brother. "By the way..... what buissness?"
"Now that would be telling." Gerard smirked and closed the door behind the now suspicious Mikey.

So there's chapter 3, sorry for it been short & any grammar mistakes, I don't think I will be doing any majorly long chapters, but shorter chapters means quicker updating, right guys? Please Rate & Review and again, if you have any suggestions/ideas, let me know :) xoxoxo
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