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Taking care of buissness.

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So here's chapter 4, hope you like it :) & Some of my friends have agreed to let me use them as victims and they're all gonna die an horrific death ! Muahahahahahaha !!!

Vince Sangre stormed towards the basement of his manor. He was one of the richest, yet most hated vampires to ever live. Over the years he had tricked many vampires, even killing some. He had fooled with the Way family before and was incredibly cruel. Because of this, he was despised by Gerard. He was feared by many and was hungry for blood.

His walking got faster, he couldn't wait to sink his sharp teeth into the flesh of a young innocent teenager, named Callam, who he had caught and tied up the night before. You'd have thought the teenager, who was very tall would have been able to fight off the vampire, but no human can escape the clutches of such evil. Vince usually captured and 'kept' his victims before he ate them, he liked to torture their minds, he wanted them to know they couldn't escape and enjoyed watching them die slowly. He slammed open the door of his basement, which was more like a torture chamber and dining room mixed in one. The walls were painted white, there was no windows and only one lightbulb in the centre of the room, making it very dark and imtimidating. In the middle of the room was a chair where he had tied Callam up.... but it was empty... and the rope had been cut. "What the fuck?" Vince cursed. "Impossible." he looked frantically around the room.
"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?" Gerard emerged from a dark corner, holding Callam with his left arm and a lethal knife in his right hand. He walked closer towards him and Vince backed away.
"What do you want?" Vince asked, trying to keep his distance. He and Gerard had many encounters before, all leaving one of them badly injured. All fights and battles were over vince trying to screw the Way family out of food, wealth and other things. Seven years ago he had brutally murdered Gerard's beloved uncle, because he didn't pay him money that he owed. Now after what seemed like forever trying to find him, Gerard had him right where he wanted , it was time to 'take care of buissness'.

"Well I want alot of things.... a young sexy girlfriend, I'd love a new black coat" Gerard teased, swinging the knife as he walked, making both Vince and Callam flinch. "He looks quite tasty, so add ... errr what's your name?" He turned to the terrifed teenager.
"C-C-Callam." He quivered in fear, his head covered in dry blood from where Vince had been beating him.
"Add Callam to my list, so there's what I want.. oh wait.. no there's one more thing I want .... and it's you fucking dead!." He threw Callam into the nearest wall, knocking him unconcious, and pounced through the air, bringing the knife down, but missing Vince by an inch. He ran towards the door, trying desperately to open it, but it was locked. He was a vicious and cruel killer, but no match for Gerard, who he was now terrified of. Gerard began to laugh in a psychotic kind of way.
"Look at you. Pathetic. You can slowly kill your food, watch them die and scream in pain. Many people are scared of you, you're a sick bastard. But when you're confronted by another sick bastard, which would be me, you try to escape instead of standing up to fight." Vince gave up, he knew he'd never escape. "My uncle was a worthy man, he was well respected in my family, and you killed him... just because he didn't pay you your money on time?" Gerard spat on the floor near him.
"So ? You know as well as I do how it goes around here, you get what you want or the person who stood in your way dies!" Vince said, showing no remorse or guilt.
"No ! You did it just to get at me. You see, the way I see it, is that you were going to kill every single one of my family members until you got to me, just like what you do the the humans you eat, you wanted me to suffer, wanted me to know I was next!" Gerard kicked him hard in the stomach and he bent over in pain. "I don't know why though, 'cause look at me, I'm fucking gorgeous!" Gerard struck a model like pose, he enjoyed taunting his uncle's killer.
"You're fucking gay!" Vince panted, still holding his stomach. Gerard slashed Vince acoss the face with the knife, cutting his cheek. Vince screamed in pain and then Gerard cut off his tongue with one swift movement of the knife. Blood poured out the man's mouth and he began to shake his body from side to side in pure horror of what just happened. "Stay still or you don't even want to know what I'll cut off next." Gerard smirked and began to pace the room.

"Right ! Quiz time ! Lets go with general knowledge, here's your first question : 'Is Gerard the best?' Pfft ! Too easy don't answer it, obviously the answer is yes ! Okie Dokie, next question". Vince's body was burning with pain, he hated how Gerard teased and taunted him. He hated how he loved himself so much and wished he'd just kill him already. Gerard knelt down so he was face to face with the man he hated so much. "So it's your turn again, oooh it's a science question, here we go : 'Is there a main artery in the neck'?" Vince obviously couldn't speak.
"Quick, answer! You'll lose the game and I'll win!" Vince stared at him, his eyes filled with pain. "Shall I rephrase the question?" Silence. Tears streamed down Vince's face, he wanted to scream but he couldn't. He was covered in blood, like a scene from a horror film. "What's the matter huh? Cat got your tongue? Oh wait.. that's me!" Gerard's smile grew even bigger. He was certainly a sick individual. "So here's a more simple version of the question, blink if you understand." The soon to be dead man blinked. "Okay, if I slit your throat, will it hit a main artery, and will you bleed to death?" Gerard waited a few seconds. Eventhough it was just his tongue Vince's whole body hurt badly. "I need an answer... tick tock, tick tock.... you're not much of a talker are you?" He waited a bit longer. "Aaah fuck it, lets find out!" Gerard slashed the knife across Vince's neck and slit his throat. Almost instantly he died and blood began to pour out of him, soon the corpse was sat in a crimson pool.

Gerard stood and watched for a while, the sight of the hopeless body and pool of blood intrigued him. After a few minutes he walked over to the the teenager who was still lying unconcious, picked him up and walked out of the huge house, to his car then put him in the trunk. Callam would make a great meal for the family gathering. He sat in his car and thought about what just happened. He had killed many before, but only mostly humans. He felt no guilt, afterall Vince messed with the wrong family. He drove home, making a mental note to tell his family that he had caught Callam himself, he didn't want to worry them.

So there's chapter 4 , I told you I'm a sick fuck! Anyways, please rate & review, tell me what you think, was it too violent? Was it not violent enough? You know what to do & sorry for any grammar mistakes (I'm kinda sleepy) xoxoxo
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