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If he gets you, he'll kill you.

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Chapter 5 :D Sorry I couldn't update last night, I was at my grandma's and she was sat beside me the whole time so it would have been a bit awkward. Anyways, here it is, enjoy xoxoxo

Gerard Way adjusted his red tie, before putting on his black suit jacket, and then looked at his reflection in his full length mirror to see if he was presentable enough. He looked very smart and clean cut, exceptional for a family gathering. He thought he looked rather ravishing himself, afterall he had to look his best for his family. Tonight was the Way family gathering and Gerard and Mikey's house was the chosen venue. The gathering would be hosted by non other than Donna Way, the beautiful and proud mother to the Way brothers.

Struggling crys were coming from Gerard's closet, it was Callam, the poor innocent teenager that Vince Sangre had planned to kill and eat the night before. Gerard usually would have killed the victim before serving them to his family, but watching Vince squirm, knowing he was going to die pleased him, so he wanted to do it again. Also it was a special occasion, he deserved to be extra cruel tonight. "Oh shut up, you'll be dead soon, I promise." He smirked, kicking the closet in an attempt to make the teen quiet. He made his way downstairs, where soon his parents, cousins, aunts, uncles, and every other Way family member would be joining.

Walking down the old winding stairscase he couldn't help but admire his beloved mother, waiting in the living roomm, who looked wonderful tonight in a long black gown. Mikey was also waiting, wearing a similar suit to his brother, but with a white tie, not red. "Well don't we look sexy? Mum you look stunning, as always." He kissed his mother's hand.
"Yeah, we definitely get our good looks from you Ma." Mikey agreed.
"Oh stop it you two!" She said, blushing.

Half an hour past and most of the guests had arrived, including Gerard's friend, Ray. The tall, curly haired vampire greeted Gerard. "Hello how are you?"
"I'm very good, very good indeed Ray, and yourself?" Gerard replied.
"I'm not good actually. We need to talk, can we go somewhere private?". Ray asked, trying to keep his tone quiet incase anyone got suspicious.
"Of course, follow me." Ray followed his friend up the twisted staircase.

Now in Gerard's bedroom, the pair proceeded to talk. "So what's troubling you?" Gerard asked, concerned.
"You, actaully." Gerard was confused at Ray's remark. "Vince Sangre was found dead, early this morning. He was locked in his basement, his tongue was cut off and his throat was slit."
Gerard faced away from Ray and looked out of his window. "Oh really? What a shame, may he rest in peace."
"Don't fuck with me, Gerard. I know what he did to you and your family, he was a bastard. I know he killed your uncle, and how much you hated him." Ray said, understanding.
"So?" Gerard still faced the window
"So, you killed him." Ray accused.
"Prove it." Gerard turned and now looked his friends in the eyes. "I was home last night."
"No you weren't. I was speaking to your brother earlier and he said you were out all night, 'Taking care of buisness'. He also said when he asked what you meant by that, you didn't answer him." Ray stated.
Gerard opened the door of his closet to reveal a gagged and tied Callam. "There you go, buisness. I wanted him to be a supprise for the family, I caught him myself, you like? He looks delicious, I bet he's full of tasty blood." He licked his lips and shut the door, leaving the scared teenager in darkness again.
"Gerard I know you did it, and I don't blame you. He fucking deserved it, I just want you to know Vince has a brother, Vladimir. He's more vicious than Vince and more evil. If he gets you, he'll kill you, you won't escape." Ray warned.
"Vince and Vladimir huh? You think their Mother enjoyed names begining with V?" Gerard chuckled, taking no notice of his good friend's warning.
"Seriously, Gerard. This guy is ruthless. You maybe tough and strong too, but no way near as tough and strong as him. I've heard he wants revenge, Gerard. Fuck, if I was you I'd be packing up my family and moving away, far away." Ray feared for the life of his friend.
"Ray, I've single handedly taken out human gangs, with guns and knives. Hell, every battle with every vampire I've had, I've won. I don't think one Goddamn punk, who reckons he's so tough and is 'Oh so hungry for revenge.' is going to even get within a mile near me." Gerard argued.
"But you don't understand!" Ray sighed. "Look, okay, whatever. But just remember that I've warned you. Now sorry but I have to leave, I promised my little sister I'd help her with her first kill." Ray made his way to the door. "Gerard, promise me you'll be careful." Gerard didn't say a word, just looked at the floor. Ray sighed again and left.

Ray was surely exaggerating, Gerard thought. He had never even heard of this 'Vladimir' so he can't have been that tough. He dragged Callam out of the closet an ungagged him. "Please don't kill me ! My parents have money ! They'll give you whatever you want, just let me go, I promise I won't press charges, I'll-" Gerard cut him off with a slap to the face.
"Shut up." Callam obeyed. "Tell me, and asnwer truthfully, how long were you at Vince's?"
"I don't know." the boy answered.
"Okay, and did he ever speak about anyone called Vladimir?" Gerard questioned, while walking in circles around him, as if he was stalking him.
"Yeah he showed a guy called Vladimir me. They were talking about me saying how tasty I looked." Callam was upset, remembering how terrified he was.
"What did he look like?"
"Tall, huge, he was scary." Callam quivered. "You're not gonna kill me, are you?"
"Of course I am, silly." Gerard grabbed the teen's neck, and twisted it, completely breaking it. The boy layed dead on Gerard's bedroom floor. Gerard began to suck wildly on the boy's neck, drinking every single drop of blood, until eventually Callam was completely drained. He threw the corpse down, hard on the floor, and sat silently. He no longer felt like socialising with his family. He wanted to be alone.

So there's chapter 5, hop you enjoyed it. Sorry for any spelling & grammar mistakes, please rate & review. xoxoxo
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