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Chapter 6 :D I'm not sure where this story is going, I kinda have an idea of what to do, but I'm really just making it up as I go along, so sorry if the storyline sucks or whatever. I hope it doesn't. Anyways, here it is:

Mikey Way and Frank Iero made their way into a busy city nightclub. The bright flashing lights and loud dance music wasn't a vampire's kind of scene, but Mikey thought it might make Frank relax and feel more confident about getting a feed, plus it was full of potential victims.

"So look for a pair, preferably female. That way we can stick together and they are easier to kill." Mikey explained to Frank, who was already scanning the club.
"What about those two?" Frank pointed to the two young women sat alone at a table. Both had dark hair, were very pretty and looked incredibly vunerable.
"Yes, good." Mikey approved. "We'll wait a few minutes, then we'll introduce ourselves and hopefully, as the humas say, 'chat them up.', then go in for the kill" Mikey said, wondering if he had got the human term correct.

"Hey party animals!" Mikey and Frank turned around to see Gerard with Ray. Gerard had a glass of blood, cleverly disguised as red wine. "So what you doing here, boys? Reeling in the pussy?" Gerard laughed, acting drunk.
"We're looking for a feed and why are you talking like an idiot? What's wrong with you?" Frank asked, looking confused.
"Rule number one, Frankie boy, wherever you are, try to fit in." Gerard took a drink.
"Humans in nightclubs are that rude?" Frank was disgusted.
"Ignore him Frank. What are you doing here?" Mikey questioned. "And we're doing fine, we don't need your rules, besides we were talking quiet."
"Well we've set our sights on those lovely ladies over there." He pointed at the dark haired girls Mikey and Frank were planning on killing.
"No! They're our feed!" Mikey snapped.
"Okay we'll just find somewhere else then. Come on Gerard." Ray said, not wanting to cause any more trouble in his friend's life.
"No we won't. Who says they're your's, anways? I have an idea, lets all go and sit with them, have a good time and then let the girl's choose who they want to go with? But be warned, I'm a charmer." Gerard suggested.
Mikey and Frank looked at one another. "Okay, sounds fair" Mikey agreed.
"Whatever, but I think you're out of order." Frank added.
"Okay, we'll buy them drinks, go and introduce yourselves." Ray instructed, and they did just that.

Ray ordered two of the drinks that the girls were having and turned to Gerard, who was leaned against the bar, watching his brother and friend hit it off with the ladies. He nudged him. "You know, you're unbelievable." he said.
"Why thank you." Gerard grinned.
"No, not that. I mean you're unbeliveable by been stupid enough to come out in such a public place, where your brother and his friend are. What if Vladimir Sangre is watching right now, he's seen who your with and could follow you home. It has only been a few weeks since you killed vince and you're making your presence pretty obvious by boasting and joking around." Ray payed for the drinks and the pair began to walk to the table.
"Relax. Let your big fuzzy hair down for once. I'm having fun, and if 'Vladimir' was real, wouldn't he have got me by now? I mean, I know it's only been a matter of weeks, but if he was 'so good' I'd have been a dead man long before now." Gerard tried to reassure his friend.
"What's wrong with you? Why won't you ever listen? Not only is your life, but your family's life is on the line too. Do you want to go home and find your mother brutually murdered? Do you want Mikey to die too? How many times do I have to say it? You need to get away from here, you need to hide." Ray tried to get the message through.
"Vladimir's a funny name, poor bastard. I bet he got teased as a child." Gerard was in denial about the beast known as Vladimir hunting him down.
"Forget it! I'm leaving!" Ray passed Gerard the drinks. "I'm your best friend and you won't believe me ! You are so naive about this whole situation, like I said, it's unbelievable. So carry on not caring about what will happen, pretend I never warned you, but trust me Gerard, there be consequences, and it won't be pretty." Ray walked away, leaving Gerard who carried on walking towards the table and met Mikey, Frank and the girls.

"Hey, I'm Jade." The girl with shorter hair than her friend extended her hand for Gerard to shake.
"And I'm Lauren." The second girl added, and did the same. She took a shine to Gerard, she thought he looked amazing, but different. She loved how his jawline was perfect when he smiled and how his eyes shone with the bright lights of the club.
"A pleasure to meet you both, and may I say you both look stunning." he complimented, putting the drinks on the table. "Unfortuneatly my fiend had to leave, I'm Gerard by the way."
"Oh he's a bit of a lightweight is he?" Jade laughed, taking a sip of her drink. "So Gerard, Frank has been telling us all about you."
"He has? Nothing too personal I hope." Gerard stared evily at Frank, who just grinned mischeivously.

A few hours and many drinks later, Jade had fallen for Mikey and Lauren was still smug with Gerard, to Frank's annoyance. He hated how whenever he lost something, Gerard gained something.
"Gerard! I've only known you for about an hour, but it seems like forever!" Lauren threw her arms around him and Gerard smirked at Frank, because he knew it would annoy him even more.
"Here she goes again! She always gets soppy when she's drunk. Not like me, unless you like that Mikey?" Mikey couldn't care less what Jade was like, he just wanted to eat her.
"Okay, okay, it's getting late I think we should go now." Frank said, standing up.
"What's wrong Frank ? Bored?" Gerard laughed, but he was soon scolded by Mikey. "Okay come on then, let's go eat."
"Good idea, there's a kebab place round the corner, let's go there." Lauren said, taking Gerard's hand.
"Urrggh but it's all greasy." Jade complained.
"Acutally, we know a good place, don't we guys?" Mikey added and his brother and friend nodded.
"Yeah, we can go through the alleyway, it's as shortcut." Frank suggested.

Five minutes later and the three vampires were walking through the dark alleyway, behind the nightclub, towards the good food place that Mikey had made up. All was going well for the guys, apart from the girls had suddenly not seemed as interested in the them as they were just minutes ago. "Is everything okay?" Mikey asked.
"Yeah, fine." Jade answered, then looked overy uneasily at her friend, who was walking close to Gerard, but also seemed suspicious. They both were nervous as the reality of what they were doing had kicked in. Everyone always says never to walk with strangers at night, especially if it's through an eerie alleyway. They were also outnumbered, so there was no chance of escaape. They had both accepted that there was a chance they could get attacked, mugged, raped or even murdered bye the three men and it would be their fault for been so stupid.

"Lauren sweetheart, you know that red wine I was drinking earlier?" Gerard asked, stroking the young girl's hair playfully. It was time.
"Yeah.... well I think so." She was scared.
"It wasn't wine. It was blood."
"What?-" She was cut off by a whack to the head from Gerard, and she fell to the ground unconcious. Jade tried to scream in horror but Mikey covered her mouth with his hand and then did the same, so the two friends were lying next to eachother, out cold on the ground.

"Are we gonna eat them here?" Frank questioned.
"I don't know, Gerard?" Mikey turned to his brother.
"No. We're gonna take them home and Frank you're going to kill them yourself. I thought taking your girl was fucking hilarious, but I want you to prove youself. You need to be your cruelest, sickest, your most vicious and maybe I'll respect you. Are you up for it?" Gerard asked the now bloodthirsty Frank.
"Fuck yeah." Was his answer.
"You fuck it up and I'll teach you a lesson, I'll hurt you. I'm giving you one chance and one chance only to show me you can do it. You need to 'vamp up', big time. Now quick grab one each, I'll bring the car round and we'll get them in before anyone sees. Oh, and by the way, Frank. You never tell a girl 'we can go through the alleyway'."

So there's chapter 6 :) Will Frank do it? Will Vladimir find Gerard? Will Ray and Gerard make up? Will Jade and Lauren surrvive? Why am I asking these questions? As always sorry for any grammar mistakes, please rate & review xoxo
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