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Any last words?

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Chapter 7 ! Sorry for not updating yesterday, I was busy :D Shout out to Jade, who's birthday it was yesterday. She's shares the same B-day as Freddie Mercury, cool huh? Anways onto the story.../

Frank paced around Lauren and Jade, the two girls that he and the Way brothers had captured at a popular nightclub, just hours before. The girls were each tied to a chair in the middle of Gerard's bedroom, terrified. Both were gagged.

"So guys, where shall we start? What's the most tastiest part of the body?" Frank brushed Lauren's hair, making her feel sick with horror. Frank himself felt rather confident tonight.
"Well, it'd be too rude for me to say." Gerard smiled sadisticly. He was sitting on his bed, along with Mikey, watching eagerly. "But we don't need to eat all of them, Frank. We shall just drink their blood." Gerard instructed.
"But, you said to be vicious" Frank answered back.
"One step at a time." Gerard commanded, leaning forward to intimidate the youngster.
"But still be cruel, Frank." Mikey butted in. "Make them suffer mentally as well as physically." Gerard approved of his younger brother's statement. Lauren began to struggle, trying to escape.
"Oh bless, she's trying to escape." Frank giggled, he found it quite amusing. He ungagged her.
"You're the one that went for Gerard not me, aren't you?" Lauren gave him a deathly stare. "Answer me." he demmanded.
"Y-Y-Yes." She said quivering.
"So, why did you fall for Gerard?" Frank questioned.
"Why, what's wrong with me ?" Gerard stood up defensively.
"Nothing at all. I'm asking because she offended you, by being a worthless human piece of trash, and falling for such greatness." Frank answered, knowing it would score some points with Gerard.
"Nice." Gerard smiled.
"I'm waiting, answer me." Frank slapped her hard around the face and a tear fell down her cheek, as her friend, Jade watched along in pure horror.
"I d-d-don't know." She sobbed.
"Well first of all, why not me ? What's wrong with me?" He yelled.
"N-nothing." she cried.
"Well there must be something, answer him, bitch." Gerard snapped, getting annoyed. "Or I'll kill you, and it'll be ten times more painful." Lauren was petrified. She didn't know what to do. If she stayed quiet, Gerard would take her, but if she insulted Frank, who knows what terrible thing he would do.
"I didn't think we connected." She answered, with tears streaming down her face. It was the only thing she could think of, without actually insulting him.
"Well since you've pissed me off, you can suffer more. You can watch me brutally murder and then drink the blood of your best friend, and then I'll do the same to you!" Frank yelled in a manic kind of way. Jade began letting out muffled screams and biting on her gag, tears were streaming down her face . The Way brothers enjoyed this entertainment very much. Lauren was dreading what was about to happen next.
"Gerard, my friend, do you have anything to kill her with? I want it to be as bloody as possible." Frank asked.
"Why yes I do, I have a sharp knife, a very sharp knife, an even sharper knife... but ooh what's this?" Gerard took down a samurai style sword from his wall and uncovered it. Jade's eyes were wide with fear, as she began to think of what was going to happen next.
"Pick the Samurai sword!" Mikey pleaded "It'll hurt so bad!"

Gerard handed the sword to Frank, who was very excited, just like when a kid gets a new toy at christmas. There were no words to describe Jade's fear as Frank began to stalk her, like a lion stalks it's prey. The Way brothers were like vultures, waiting for the victim to die, so they could eat. Frank ungagged jade, putting his hand straight over her mouth in case she screamed, but she didn't. There was no point, she knew that she and her friend were hopeless.
"Any last words, before you suffer a horrible and painful death?" Frank teased. And Jade began to sob.
"Yeah?" She began to cry for her friend.
"I love you, you're the best friend I ever had." She tried to smile.
"Same here, Jade. I'll miss you." Both began to sob uncontrollably.
"Awww what a lovely moment." Frank taunted them by sticking out his bottom lip. "I'd hate to cut in!" Frank brought the sword above his head and struck down onto Jade's hand, cutting straight through the skin, flesh and bone. She shrieked in pain, Lauren was motionless and in shock. Jade looked at her arm where her hand used to be,in shock. She was in agony as blood began to pour from her. Gerard bent down, off of the bed and picked up her severed hand. He reached for a jar on his bedside table, put it in and smiled. "Yum, I think I'll have that for supper."
Both girls began to feel faint and sick. They struggled to come to terms with what was happening.
"Nice pun!" Mikey exclaimed. "You said you'd hate to cut in and then cut her hand off! And her facial expression was priceless!"
"You like that?" Frank asked. "You'll love this!"
He thrust the sword up Jades chin. Blood began to stream out of her mouth and she began to choke. He pushed the sword up futher, and further, slowly torturing the dying girl. Then with one quick action, he pushed the sword up, so the tip showed at the top of her head. She died instantly and blood began to pour down her head, to eventually she wasn't recogniseable. He pulled the sword out quickly.
"Anyone want a taste?" He offered, showing off the blood covered sword.
"Yeah, she does." Gerard pointed to the horrified Lauren.
"N-N-No! S-S-he's my friend! I-I can't!" She struggled to speak.
"But it tastes so good." Mikey was now licking blood off of the bloody corpse. "Try it."
"Yeah" Gerard added. "We're offering you something, it'd be rude to refuse."
Lauren began to shake her head, as Frank got closer and closer with the Samurai sword, drenched in her best friend's crimson blood and flesh. Frank put the sword infront of her mouth. "Lick it." he demanded. "Or we'll eat you alive."
Lauren, very gingerly touched the sword slightly, with the tip of he tongue.
"No, No, No" Frank tutted. "You need to savour the flavour, like this." He pushed the sword straight into her mouth, slashing her throat and straight through her neck. Her body began to struggle. Frank quickly twisted the sword and she died immediately. Blood began to pour out of her more violently than Jade, as he must have hit a main artery or vein. He pulled the sword out and began licking her blood wildly, like Mikey had previously done with Jade. It tasted metallic, and was still warm, it was delicious. Gerard pulled him off and began to drink, then Mikey did the same, soon the three vampires were fighting like three lions, over a dead antelope corpse. Clearly Gerard's rules of just drinking blood had been dropped and forgotten.

After the fighting over who got to eat what flesh and who got to drink what blood, Gerard's room looked like a bloodbath. It was obvious Frank Iero had proved himself well tonight.

So there's chapter 7, hopefully violent and sick enough. Sorry for any grammar mistakes. Please rate & review.
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