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Episode 8: Battle for the Shard

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Now that Zerenski has perished, Rayne has to find a shard that has great power, but who is the mysterious warrior facing her.

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(Rayne and Severin has stolen a helicopter from the news station and head to the museum of the Vesper Shard. Meanwhile back at Central City Kagan begins his takeover, with the humans help. He appointed Ferril; head of the operation to spread the shroud over the city and to stop Rayne if she interferes with the plans. Ferril meets with her assassin by the factory in which they are going to use it to spread the shroud.)

Ferril: I called you here to get rid of the Dhampir. Our sister. She'll be at the museum to get the Vesper Shard.
(The assassin doesn't talk. She is also a Dhampir and has the same colors like Rayne does. She has short black hair and black markings around her eyes. She has the same blades as Rayne.)
Ferril: I need you to get rid of that bitch and bring the Shard to me.
(The Dhampir assassin nods and takes off.)
Ferril: now to continue the take over of this city.
(Then a female vampire with a mask on that covers her mouth only appears. She has long black hair. She has steel claws on her knuckles and has a creepy voice.)
Kestal: why sent that vampire? Send me instead.
Ferril: I need you here to make sure everything goes right. Don't question me.
Kestal: sorry sister. I'll go check with the humans who are helping us.
(She exits.)
Ferril: everything is going the way it is supposed too. In no time the vampires will rule the world.

(Rayne and Severin land the helicopter near the museum.)
Severin: lets go Rayne. The sun comes up in two hours. We have time to retrieve the Shard.
Rayne: we have two hours. We got time.
(They head to the museum and go in.)
Rayne: why does Kagan want the Shard so bad?
Severin: I don't know really. That Shard is said to hurt vampires. Legend is that the Shard came from the sun and it feels like you have the power of the sun in your hands.
Rayne: I think that you should retrieve this item Severin.
Severin: right you are Rayne.
(They enter the room of the Shard. The Shard glows red and it is pretty big.)
Severin: there it is. It's so amazing.
Rayne: (Uninterested.) Yeah, Yeah Severin, amazing.
(They deactivate the alarms and Severin grabs the Shard.)
Severin: lets get out of here.
(Then through the window the Dhampir assassin comes in and looks at Rayne.)
Rayne: finally some action.
Severin: she has the same colors like you.
Rayne: she knows how to dress, that's all.
(Rayne takes out her Blades and Severin steps away.)
Rayne: lets go.
(Then the assassin takes out her blades.)
Rayne: what the fuck?
Severin: she has the same blades as you.
Rayne: I've notice, but it doesn't mean she knows how to use it like I do.
(Rayne attacks the assassin, and the assassin avoids it. Then Rayne throws a kick, but the assassin blocks it. Rayne backs away from her foe.)
Rayne: she knew what I was going to do. Who are you?
(No answer. The assassin charges and does the same attacks as Rayne and Rayne blocks. They engage in combat, blow after blow, but each of them block every attack.)
Rayne: Severin, you're watching this right.
Severin: yes Rayne. She is just like you. It is like fighting yourself.
(The assassin looks at Rayne without showing any emotion.)
Rayne: what do you want?
(No answer.)
Rayne: what you can't talk?
(Still no answer.)
Rayne: forget it. I'll make you talk.
(Rayne slices at her foe, but the assassin is just as fast as her and dodges it. Then the assassin slices at Rayne, but the same result. Then the assassin throws a kick and Rayne blocks, but the assassin quickly swings her blade, which Rayne can't block. The assassin slices Rayne's face. The assassin knows Rayne's weaknesses. )
Rayne: my face! Bitch your dead!
(She slices with fury, but the assassin is calm. The assassin blocks every blow. Then the assassin jumps in the air and kicks Rayne in the face, sending her through a wall. Severin goes to Rayne.)
Severin: let me help you up.
(Rayne slaps Severin's hand away.)
Rayne: I can get up myself.
(The assassin shows no emotion.)
Severin: Rayne you have to do something different.
Rayne: what do you mean?
Severin: if this vampire has your attacks and skills and knows your every move, then do something you have never down before.
Rayne: I get it. I have been practicing a new attack. This is a good time to use it. Good thinking.
Severin: thanks Rayne.
(Then suddenly the assassin sucker punches Severin and kicks Rayne at the same time. Severin drops the Shard. The assassin walks towards Rayne and tries to get up and the assassin kicks Rayne in the stomach. Rayne tries to get up again, but once again she gets kicked in the stomach. She cries in pain. Then Severin grabs the assassin from behind and throws her across the room.)
Severin: get ready to do that attack of yours. I'll keep her busy.
(Severin fights the assassin. Rayne gets up.)
Rayne: I shouldn't be surprised, she is just like me, but this attack is the best attack I have with my blades. Severin! (She yells.) Get out of the way.
Severin: you got it Rayne.
(The assassin looks at Rayne.)
Rayne: I got your attention. Here's an attack that I never used before. Hope you like it.
(The assassin charges, but Rayne disappears and reappears using her speed. The assassin seems confused, then Rayne appears from behind her.)
Rayne: your terminated.
(Rayne puts out her blades and spins around fast like a merry go round, her blades cut the assassin down. Round and round Rayne goes in a cycle cutting away at her foe, all the limbs of the assassin gets cut off, splattering blood all over the room and on Severin. Rayne stops.)
Rayne: I think I'm going to be sick, maybe her blood will settle my stomach.
(She drinks the blood of the Assassin.)
Severin: Rayne. Do you have too make a mess every time you fight?
Rayne: can't help it.
Severin: never mind, lets get the Shard and head to Central City.
(They look for the Shard.)
Severin: I found it.
(He tries to pick it up, but then a person swoops by and picks it up.)
Severin: give that back, whoever you are.
Kestal: you have to catch me first.
Rayne: I will be more than happy to take it from you.
Kestal: (To herself.) I told sister Ferril to send me, now she will be proud of me.
(Then Kestal throws a smoke bomb.)
Kestal: I'll be at Central City pretty.
(She exits. Rayne and Severin are blind for the moment. They recover moments later.)
Rayne: who the hell was that?
Severin: I don't know, but she has the Shard.
Rayne: she said she was going to Central City and she called me pretty.
Severin: well Rayne. (He pauses.) The real fight will begin.
Rayne: I know. Lets go.

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