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Episode 9: The Evil of Man

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a new villian shows up. who is this Shiva?

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(Rayne and Severin head to central city. Meanwhile Kagan summons the leader of the human operations of the factories. The leader comes in. He is very tall and has a business suit on. He has slip back hair.)

Kagan: Mr. Max how are you doing in this fine evening?
Mr. Max: I'm alright Mr. Kagan. Why have you summon me?
Kagan: I want to know how long it is going to take to spread the shroud. I'm getting impatient.
Mr. Max: by tomorrow morning everything will be set up.
Kagan: (Grabs Max by the neck.) You better have it done, if not I'll rip you apart.
Mr. Max: sure mister Kagan, by the way what do I get in return again?
Kagan: you get a piece of the new world I'm building.
Mr. Max: thanks a lot. I love doing business for the super natural.
(Then they get interrupted by a Japanese/American man. He has long black hair and has a red head band on. He has black gloves on.)
Kagan: who the hell is this!
Mr. Max: calm down, he's my right hand man. His name is Shiva.
Shiva: sorry to interrupt, but word is that the Dhampir is closing in on the city.
Kagan: let her come then. I'm ready. (He pauses.) Now leave me be.
(Shiva and Mr. Max leave, but Ephemera appears.)
Kagan: Ephemera. Perfect timing, did you see that warrior.
Ephemera: the one they call Shiva. He's kind of cute. Too bad he is human.
Kagan: I want him in my army, convince him to betray that fool Mr. Max.
Ephemera: what about the other humans who are helping us?
Kagan: once they are done serving us, we'll eliminate them, except Shiva. Those humans are gullible.
Ephemera: yes father.
(She exits.)

(Ferril is waiting for the shard at the factory, but to her surprise Kestal appears with the shard.)
Ferril: where's my assassin?
Kestal: (In a creepy and raspy voice.) The Dhampir killed her, but I followed the assassin and I got the shard.
Ferril: (Takes the shard.) Good thinking Kestal, now go inside and help out with the cargo.
(Kestal exits.)
Ferril: (looking at the Shard.) Father will be please.
(Then the shard burns Ferril's hand.)
Ferril: fuck. That shit burned me. Why would father want this crap? Oh well, at least I got it.
(She looks for a human worker and calls him over.)
Man: yes maim.
Ferril: come with me to Kagan and carry that shard for me.
Man: right away.
(They exit.)

(Meanwhile Shiva gets dismissed by Mr. Max and Shiva takes a walk around the city, but Ephemera follows.)
Shiva: why are you following me?
Ephemera: you are good. Now I have to talk to you.
Shiva: what do you want?
Ephemera: my father wants you to join us.
Shiva: I can't do that. I pledge my loyalty to Mr. Max. Unlike you vampires, I have honor.
Ephemera: forget your honor this time. What's the point in serving him? He is going to die. My father is going to kill him after he helps us.
Shiva: (He grabs Ephemera.) Kagan is going to do what!
Ephemera: look Shiva, you can be spared and you can pledge your loyalty to Kagan or he can just kill you. He is going to kill the humans in this city anyway.
(Shiva lets go.)
Ephemera: think about it. Who you rather serve a weakling, or the next ruler of earth? Plus you can be spared.
Shiva: I must go, I have to think about this situation.
(Before he leaves Ephemera appears in front of him and gives him a kiss on the lips.)
Shiva: what was that for?
Ephemera: that was to make your decision easier.
(Shiva disappears into the shadows.)
Ephemera: he's ours. I'm sure of it.
(She exits.)

(Ferril and the human worker arrive in Kagan's thrown room.)
Ferril: father, I got you the shard.
Kagan: thank you daughter. Excellent work.
(Xerx enters the room.)
Xerx: father, you have recovered the shard. That's wonderful, now give it to me so I can finish the experiments. Also so I can fuse it with you father.
Kagan: here you go Xerx. (Hands Xerx the shard.) I'll be with you shortly.
(Xerx exits.)
Kagan: now Ferril, that Dhampir is on her way here. Stop her at once.
Ferril: don't worry, that bitch hasn't met a vampire like me.
Kagan: now go on with the operations.
(she exits and Kagan goes with Xerx for the experiments.)

(Rayne and Severin have arrived at Central City. The City is very quiet.)
Rayne: now what?
Severin: we go into the factory. That's where all the operations are being done at. They have humans doing their dirty work for them. It's sad though, because they are going to kill them because once Kagan gets what he wants, he will get rid of them and the innocent souls of this city. It tells you that not only vampires are evil, but humans can be evil as well.
Rayne: serves them right in believing in vampires. They deserve that punishment.
Severin: remember, the humans that are helping them are crime lords, they are well armed and they will try to kill you. Show no mercy.
Rayne: I got it Severin, when do we start?
Severin: patience Rayne.
(They walk towards the factory, but from the shadows a familiar voice is heard.)
Kestal: pretty Dhampir, won't you play with me?
Rayne: I'll play with you.
(She takes out her blades.)
Severin: Rayne.
Rayne: what is it?
Severin: I'll go to the factory, you face this bitch.
Rayne: good. I'll meet you there shortly.
Severin: I know you would. I'm off.
(He exits to the factory.)
Kestal: where is he going?
(She gets ready to go after Severin, but Rayne calls her attention.)
Rayne: your fight is with me.
Kestal: yes pretty, your right, but follow me now, if you can keep up.
(She starts running.)
Rayne: just fine, I didn't bring my running shoes.
(She chases Kestal.)
Kestal: keep up if you can.
Rayne: I will, but you better not stop, because if you do I'll cut your legs off.
Rayne: (As Rayne is running after her target she says to herself.) She is pretty fast. Better step it up.
Kestal: I love this game, pretty, faster, faster.
(Rayne continues to chase her, speeding up every second, until they get to a back alley.)
Rayne: no where to run now.
Kestal: your wrong pretty.
(Then from the roof tops gang members appear.)
Kestal: those humans work for us, have fun with them.
(She pulls the lid of a sewer hole and jumps down. The gang members come down from the roof tops.)
Rayne: all you boys are going to fight over me.
Gang member#1: I say we kill her now.
Gang member#2: lets first rape this bitch, then we'll kill her.
Gang member#3: I say beat her down, rape the bitch, and then we kill her.
Rayne: what don't you let me go?
Gang member#1: nooooooo!!
Rayne: can't blame a girl for trying.
Gang member#1: lets get her.
(Rayne takes out her guns and shoots their limbs off. Killing them fast.)
Rayne: what a waste of time. They didn't last long. (She pauses.) Now why this bitch went to the sewers? I'll never know, until I go down there.
(She jumps in the hole.)

(Meanwhile Shiva meets with Mr. Max at the factory.)
Mr. Max: Shiva where were you? I needed your help. I said take a break, not a vacation you idiot.
Shiva: it won't happen again.
Mr. Max: now I want...(A noise is heard from outside.) what was that noise? Shiva check that out.
(Shiva goes outside and spots Severin in the back of the factory. Shiva appears behind Severin. Severin turns around quickly, but gets kick on the side of the head and gets knock out cold.)
Shiva: looks like I caught a spy.
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