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Episode 10: Kestal multiplies?

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Can Rayne kill three Kestals?

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(Shiva brings Severin to his boss. Severin is unconscious.)
Mr. Max: this is the one that helps the Dhampir. He's from Brimstone. Kagan will be pleased with my work.
Shiva: your work, I'm the one who got him.
Mr. Max: what are you saying?
Shiva: I deserve more credit.
(Mr. Max pulls out his gun and points it to Shiva.)
Mr. Max: you have been acting strange, and I don't like it. Don't you ever say that I should give you credit. Remember I picked you up when you were a teenager. I raised you. After your parents died, I put you through training and you became my best assassin. I have done a lot for you, (He slaps Shiva.) Remember that.
Shiva: your right. I do owe you. I'm sorry.
Mr. Max: good then, now I'll bring this guy to Kagan. You take over here.
Shiva: I will.
(Mr. Max leaves and Shiva clinches his fist in anger. Meanwhile Rayne is following Kestal through the sewer lines. Rayne gets all the way to the bottom of the sewer and is amazed to see that it is not a sewer place. They transformed it into a base for merchandise and the place is huge.)

Rayne: they have a secret organization here and I found it. I'll destroy this place to put a dent in Kagan's plan.
(Rayne sees Kestal talking to a human worker and Rayne interrupts them.)
Kestal: it's you pretty. How nice for you to catch up with me.
Rayne: now lets stop with this chase and just fight. (She pauses.) Oh yeah one more thing I'm going to blow this base sky high.
Kestal: before you do that you have to answer to them.
(Rayne turns around and sees a bunch of gang members behind her. They have guns, bats, pipes, 2 by 4's, and etc... to use as weapons.)
Rayne: why are you stalling?
Kestal: beat them, then you fight me, I'll leave you alone with them.
(Kestal goes through a door and Rayne is left with the crew.)
Female gang member: we're going to pull out all that pretty little red hair of yours.
Rayne: your jealous, it's not my fault that your hair is fake.
(The gang members laugh at Rayne's comment.)
Female gang member: (To her gang.) Shut the fuck up!
Male gang member: don't get mad, we'll cut her tongue out for that comment.
Rayne: you people just don't understand. Attacking me will only bring you death.
Male gang Member: you don't look tough.
Rayne: (To herself.) Why do they always judge you on how you look? Oh well, serves them right for misjudging their enemy.
Female gang member: hey guys, I'll take this bitch by myself.
(The members agree.)
Female gang member: after I kill you, we can continue to help Kagan achieve his dream.
Rayne: you are a fool to help him.
Female gang member: that's your opinion, lets get this over with.
(The girl takes out a knife and tries to stab Rayne with it. Rayne grabs the girl by the hand and breaks it. The knife is dropped.)
Female gang member: you broke my hand. (She cried.)
Male gang member: lets get her! (He yells.)
(The gang attacks with all their weapons at once, Rayne jumps out of the away and lands behind the group.)
Rayne: I'm over here.
(The gang once again charges, but Rayne charges through them, cutting their limbs off spreading blood everywhere. Screams and cries of pain is heard in the room.)
Male Gang Member: this bitch is crazy, lets get out of here.
Rayne: oh no you don't. you started this fight and I'm going to end it.
(She takes out her harpoon chain and launches it at one member. She catches him and then she pulls him in and snaps his neck. Then she launches it again and grabs a girl member and slices her head of. She does it over and over again until there is one left and that is the Female member who had a big mouth.)
Female gang member: please don't kill me, I'm sorry.
(Rayne slaps her and knocks her down.)
Rayne: I'm feeling generous tonight. I'll let you go.
(Rayne starts to leave, but the girl takes out a gun and with her good hand she fires a bullet at Rayne. Rayne catches it in her hand. Rayne walks to her.)
Rayne: I believe this is yours.
(Drops the bullet in front of the girl. The girl is still on the floor shaking, Rayne smiles at her and she raises her foot and smashes the girls head.)
Rayne: I really should look down before a take a step. Less accidents happen that way. (She pauses.) Now for that crazy bitch.
(Rayne goes through the door searching the underground base. Then from behind Kestal stabs her with her claw and disappears into the shadows.)
Rayne: where the fuck are you? Face me already.
(Then Kestal comes from the right side and slices Rayne.)
Rayne: fuck! She got me again.
(Kestal begins to talk from the shadows.)
Kestal: what's the matter pretty? Can't find me. (She appears.)
Here I am.
(Rayne charges at Kestal, but from behind another Kestal attacks her and knocks her down.)
Rayne: there's two of you.
Kestal#1: no pretty.
Kestal#2: there's three.
Rayne: where's the other?
(The third Kestal appears behind Rayne and grabs her by the hair and picks her up.)
Kestal#3: here I am pretty. (She pauses.) You have nice hair.
(Then the third Kestal punches Rayne in the gut and knees her in the face. She then kicks Rayne sending her across the room into some cargo boxes. The boxes break as Rayne collides with them. Rayne gets up slowly.)
Rayne: (To herself.) This is great. I had trouble catching one, now three. At least there not that strong.
Kestal#1: you see pretty there is no way you can beat the three of us.
Rayne: (Wipes the blood of her mouth.) That's where you are wrong. You maybe fast, and there's three of you, but I'm stronger than all of you and smarter.
Kestal#2: you talk too much pretty, lets show you what we can do.
(The Kestals attack together. Rayne blocks the first two claws, but the third one connects. Then two of the Kestals grab Rayne by the arms, one looks at Rayne.)
Kestal#1: you can't beat us.
Rayne: say that to my face.
(The Kestal goes to Rayne's face, and Rayne flips out of the other Kestals clutches, while she did that, she also manage to kick the other Kestal in the face. Then Rayne runs away.)
Kestal#1: she is feisty, lets get her sisters.
Kestal#2: now we get to chase her.
Kestal#3: lets go already.
(They chase after Rayne.)
Rayne: (While she is running.) These idiots fell for it. All I have to do is split them up, then I'll set up traps. I'll kill all of them one by one.
(Rayne enters a room where that is a lot of cargo. The room is huge. There are two doors in this room as well. Each room leads you to another room of the underground base. Then Rayne hears them entering the room. She goes up to ceiling where it is dark.)
Kestal#1: you sure she went in here.
Kestal#2: I'm sure.
Kestal#3: maybe she went through those doors.
Kestal#1: (She points at Kestal three.) I want you to go through this door.
(then she points at Kestal two.) You stay here and back us up. I'll go through the other one.
(The Kestals go to their destinations. Kestal #2 stays behind and looks around the room.)
Rayne: (From the ceiling.) These idiots made it easier for me. They split themselves.
(Rayne gets out her harpoon and waits for the Kestal. Kestal #2 gets close enough for the harpoons range.)
Kestal#2: where are you pretty?
(Then the harpoon grabs Kestal. The harpoon is wrapped around her neck. Rayne pulls the chain and lifts Kestal to her. Kestal is struggling to breath. Rayne pulls Kestal all the way up so Rayne can talk to her.)
Rayne: how's it hanging?
Kestal: (Breathless.) Pretty let me go now.
Rayne: as you wish.
(Rayne lets go and the chain snaps Kestal's neck instantly. Her body hangs in the air. Rayne jumps down from the ceiling.)
Rayne: one down, two more to go.

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