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Episode 11: Mind Games

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Rayne plays a few mind games of her own.

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(Rayne ponders on which door should she take.)
Rayne: maybe I'll pick this one.
(She goes through the door on the left. That's the door that the third Kestal went through.)
Rayne: this is a small room, compare to the other one.
(Then Rayne hears something. It is Kestal. Rayne hides.)
Kestal#3: it's that you pretty?
(Rayne decides to play around with her.)
Rayne: yes it is I. I'm in the room, come and find me.
Kestal#3: I love hide and seek pretty.
(Rayne starts to jump from place to place.)
Rayne: come and find me.
Kestal#3: this isn't funny pretty.
(Kestal gets nervous. Then Kestal sees an image of Rayne in a mirror and Kestal throws ninja blades, breaking the mirror.)
Rayne: that wasn't me. Try again.
Kestal#3: I don't want to play anymore.
(Kestal is getting nervous by the second. She backs up and trips over a box and gets up slowly.)
Kestal: where are you pretty? Show yourself.
Rayne: I'm on the ceiling.
(Kestal looks up and throws more Ninja blades, but accidentally she breaks the lights. Rayne laughs in the darkness.)
Rayne: are you scared? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
(Kestal falls on the ground. She is scared stiff.)
Kestal: leave me alone.
(Kestal gets up and starts to back away slowly. It is very dark. Then Rayne appears from behind her.)
Rayne: (Whispering.) Where is she?
(Kestal backs away from Rayne and starts to run.)
Kestal: you win pretty.
(Kestal runs, but bumps into Rayne.)
Rayne: there's nowhere you can run.
Kestal: no pretty.
(Rayne grabs her and throws her into the air. Rayne jumps as well and in the air she slices Kestals body in half. Kestals body falls to the ground. Rayne lands on her feet.)
Rayne: (Looking at the body.) I can use this to spook the other one. I'm such a bitch.
(Rayne goes back to the previous room. She takes the head of the Kestal she just recently killed off. Then she hangs the other body up on the ceiling. Rayne stays with the body which she hanged, and waits on the ceiling for the other Kestal to come back out. The First Kestal comes into the room.)
Kestal: I didn't find pretty.
(No one answers.)
Kestal: where's my sister that I left in charge?
Rayne: she wont be joining us, she is hanging around.
Kestal: where are you?
(Rayne swings the dead Kestals body and it hit's her target. Rayne cuts the rope. The body falls on Kestal.)
Kestal: get this thing off me. (She is freaked out.) Get it off.
(Kestal pushes the body off and gets up.)
Kestal: you think that's funny pretty?
Rayne: what's the matter? You like to play mind games. I thought I'll try it too.
(Then Rayne gets down and confronts Kestal, but she holds a small box in her hand.)
Kestal: is that a gift for me pretty.
Rayne: oh, this. Yeah, it's yours.
(Rayne walks slowly towards her enemy. Kestal is intimidated. Rayne hands the box to her.)
Kestal: thanks pretty, but you still have to die.
Rayne: before you do that, why don't you open it?
(Kestal opens it, and is freaked out.)
Kestal: it's my sisters head. You bitch!
(Kestal looks at Rayne's direction and Rayne is not there.)
Kestal: where are you? (She drops the box.) Come out.
(Kestal starts to destroy the room. Then she hears something in the corner. Then the lights go out and Kestal sees a figure.)
Kestal: there you are. Die pretty!
(She stabs the figure, but when the lights come on again, she stab the dead Kestal's body.)
Kestal: this can't be happening.
(The lights flicker on and off. Kestal backs away from her dead sisters body and bumps into Rayne.)
Rayne: watch your step, pretty.
(Rayne stabs Kestal in the back and lifts her up. Then with the other blade she chops Kestal's head off. The head rolls as it falls to the ground. The body then falls to the ground.)
Rayne: that was easy. Now to blow this place sky high.
(Rayne goes into the center room of the base and sets up her explosives. Then she notices that a tunnel is open.)
Rayne: I wonder what's in that tunnel. I'll go through it.
(She sets the fuses and runs towards the tunnel. Seconds later the place blows up. The tunnel leads up to the factory.)
Rayne: perfect. Now to stop their plan. Severin should be here already.

(Meanwhile Mr. Max brings Severin to Kagan in chains. He interrupts Kagan and his daughters.)
Kagan: what do you want?!
Mr. Max: this is the guy who helps the Dhampir.
Kagan: wonderful. Leave him here and continue your work.
Mr. Max: that's it. Not even a good job.
Kagan: you don't deserve it.
Severin: (He interrupts.) You are a fool to trust in him.
Mr. Max: you son of a bitch.
Ferril: human, you should know your place.
Ephemera: kill him now father.
(Mr. Max takes out his machine gun and fires away. Ferril takes the shots and knocks the gun out of his hands.)
Mr. Max: I'm sorry.
Ferril: too late.
(Ferril raises her long claws, but Shiva blocks it and kicks Ferril sending her across the room.)
Mr. Max: oh yeah. Kill them all Shiva.
Ephemera: go ahead Shiva. (She smiles.)
(Then Shiva turns around and faces Mr. Max.)
Mr. Max: what are you doing? Destroy them.
Shiva: no.
Mr. Max: you traitor.
(He swings at Shiva and Shiva blocks it and breaks his arm. Mr. Max falls down to the ground.)
Mr. Max: I was your family.
Shiva: (He points to Ferril, Kagan, and Ephemera.) They are my family.
Kagan: finish him.
Shiva: yes my master.
(Then Shiva kicks Mr. Max head off his shoulders. Then Shiva picks it up and kneels down before Kagan and offers Mr. Max's head.)
Kagan: you did well.
(Kagan takes the head and disposes of it.)
Kagan: now Ferril go to the factory and start to spread the fog. Go to the top of the factory where the towers is and spread the shroud through the huge tubes.
Ferril: yes Father.
(She exits.)
Kagan: I have to fuse the Shard with me now. Also I will take our guest to my throne room and chain him up. He can be used as bait. (He points at Shiva and Ephemera.) Now, you two are dismissed.
(Kagan exits with Severin.)
Ephemera: you did the right choice handsome.
Shiva: I know I did.
Ephemera: one more thing to do.
Shiva: I know.
Ephemera: I prefer it in my room.
Shiva: fine.
(Shiva enters her room and Ephemera shuts the door.)
Ephemera: it's time.
(Shiva screams as Ephemera bites his neck. She enjoys every moment of it. Then the lights go off. Ferril goes to Ephemera's room. She hears noises.)
Ferril: fuck! Bitch beat me to it. I wanted him.

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