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Episode 12: Big trouble

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Cam Rayne defeat three butchers?

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(Ferril is now in the factory. They are ready to spread the Shroud. Rayne is hiding and listening to their conversation.)

Ferril: what! The underground basement has been blown to smithereens.
Gang Member: yes, the Dhampir is responsible and she killed the Kestals.
Ferril: that bitch has been a real pain. (She pauses.) I smell something.
Rayne: fuck. Time to make an appearance.
(Rayne appears and confronts Ferril.)
Ferril: so you're my sister who has been killing Kagan's army.
Rayne: that's right, and your next.
Ferril: (She laughs.) I won't fight you now, but I know someone who does. It is an experiment done by your brother Xerx.
Rayne: who's that?
Ferril: who cares, you won't be alive to see him.
(Then through the doors three giant muscle bound vampires come in. They look like butchers. They all have giant hammers in their hands. They all give a loud roar, that literally shakes the factory.)
Rayne: the bigger they are, the harder they fall.
Ferril: you think that sister. I'll be on top of the tower.
(Her servants follow her to the elevator. The three huge monsters look at Rayne. They want to rip her apart.)
Rayne: now boys, there is plenty of me to go around.
(One monster swings his mighty hammer and Rayne dodges. Then another takes a shot. She jumps on the hammer and then the other monster tries his luck and Rayne jumps out of the way.)
Rayne: they are very strong, but way too slow and dumb.
(The monsters start to get angry.)
Rayne: did I say something wrong?
(One of the monsters charges at Rayne, Rayne jumps and swings her blades at the monster, but it didn't make a scratch. The monster laughs.)
Rayne: maybe guns.
(Rayne shoots at them, but nothing, the monsters actually start laughing, like it tickles.)
Rayne: okay guns are out. Let me think,
(But while she is thinking one grabs her from behind and squeezes her. She cries in pain as the hold is put on tighter.)
Rayne: (In a discomfort voice.) Let go of me.
(The other two monsters are enjoying it. Rayne passes out. The monster lets go and drops her. Then one of the monsters holds the hammer high and Rayne quickly trips one of them and by mistake the other smashes his own ally's head. Rayne stands her ground.)
Rayne: it's true, you are dumb.
(The two remaining monsters get even more angry.)
Rayne: (To herself.) I was lucky that time, but next time it can be all over.
(The monsters swing wildly at Rayne. She avoids it, but she getting tired. She decides to run.)
Rayne: fighting them head to head won't work, unless I use blood rage. (She thinks.) No, I'll beat them without using it. I'll outsmart them.
(Rayne continues to run until she gets to a pole, as the monster gets closer, she jumps over them, as a result the monsters hits the pole, but one wild swing connected with Rayne and sends her across the room. She hurts her leg and her back.)
Rayne: I'm crippled. (She thinks as the monsters get closer.) I do have two bombs that attach to the body and in seconds you explode. I hope I have good aim.
(The monsters break everything in their path. As they get closer and closer.)
Rayne: here I go.
(Rayne throws the first one and it sticks to one of them. Instantly the monster explodes. The other is unfazed by the explosion. The last monster continues walking. Rayne throws the other one and the monster knocks it away. It makes a loud explosion shaking the room.)
Rayne: damn it. I failed. Time to run.
(But the monster grabs her.)
Rayne: let me go.
(The monster slams her repeatedly on the floor. Then it stops.)
Rayne: (Getting up.) You son of a bitch.
(Rayne slices away at the monsters body, but no effect. The monster punches Rayne knocking her down. Rayne is bleeding badly. The monster grabs her and slams her to the wall. Her body is broken up. Then the monster raises his hammer, but out of desperation Rayne gets up with her last bit of strength and stabs the monster in both eyes making him blind. She falls back down and crawls as far as she can away from the monster.)
Rayne: well. That's it. Every bone in my body is broken. At least it will take a while before he finds me.
(The monster roars in pain, he swings his hammer rapidly hitting nothing.)
Rayne: I need to rest. It will take long for my body to heal.
(Since Rayne is a vampire she can recover fast from her injuries, but every bone in her body is broken. It will take time. The monster however does get closer while swinging rapidly, Rayne then notices a pipe close to the monster. The pipe is full of acid.)
Rayne: if I can throw something at the pipe, that dumb ass will swing and hit the pipe, spreading all that acid on himself.
(Rayne takes a rock and throws the rock with all her strength and hit's the pipe. The monster hears the noise and hit's the pipe with his hammer spreading acid on himself. The monster cries in pain as the acid eats away at it's flesh. The monster falls.)
Rayne: got him.
(She smiles and then passes out.)

(Meanwhile Ephemera and Shiva completed their "work." Shiva is now a vampire making him more deadly.)
Ephemera: now to continue the plan.
Shiva: what plan?
Ephemera: the betrayal of my sister.
Shiva: How do we do it?
Ephemera: we turn father against her.
Shiva: how?
Ephemera: we'll set her up at the tower. Let me do the talking to father.
Shiva: then I'm going to practice my new abilities.
Ephemera: have fun.
(Shiva exits.)
Ephemera: now a visit with father.
(She disappears.)

(She enters Kagan's throne room and she is amazed. Kagan has fused himself with the shard. He has crystals growing out of his hands and arms and face.)
Kagan: what is it daughter?
Ephemera: what happen to you?
Kagan: something wonderful, I'll give you the details later. Now what do you want?
Ephemera: one of the humans told me that Ferril plans to betray you.
Kagan: Ferril? She will never do that.
Ephemera: I wouldn't be so sure. I don't trust her. She has been acting strange. I think she is with the Dhampir.
Kagan: the two together could pose a threat. (He pauses.) Lets solve this mystery and bring me Shiva.
Ephemera: yes father.
(As she leaves to retrieve Shiva, she smiles and disappears.)

(Ten minutes has pass and Rayne awakes. She tries to move.)
Rayne: to heal faster, I need blood.
(She looks at her guns. She breaks the container in which the blood is in.)
Rayne: the guns are useless with out blood, but I need it.
(She drinks the blood and gets up slowly.)
Rayne: I'm still weak, and I still have a few broken bones, but it was enough to make me walk. I need to feed again.
(Then suddenly Rayne hears a few gang members come out of the elevator.)
Gang member: hurry up, bring the cargo, the sun is about to come out in a hour.)
Rayne: looks like I have to stop that shipment.
(Rayne attacks them and feeds on them. They try to fight back, but no avail. Rayne is ready to fight Ferril on top of the factory tower.)

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