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The Nightmare

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This shows the birth of Gerard and how he got turned into a vampire.

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"AHHH I CAN'T DO IT I CAN'T DO IT!"Donna screamed in pain for the fact she was having a baby."It's okay Donna you can do this okay on the count of three,one,two,three."The doctor said as Donna just gave birth to a healthy baby boy and she would call him Gerard Aurther Way.

They were driving home and Gerard had started crying so Donald his father turned to look at him and yelled."SHUTUP IM DRIVING!"That only made him cry worst so Donna reached behind her to pick up her baby. She sang him a lullaby so he wound go to sleep. Gerard then had stuck his thumb in his mouth and passed out right in her lap. They were almost home and Donna and Gerard were both sleeping. Donna's reason is from being in the hospital with Gerard over 8 days. Gerard's reason was from the fact he is a baby.

As soon as Donald parked his car in the drive way he gently picked up the sleeping lady and brought them inside. He put Gerard in his crib and Donna in her bed. The he got in their bed and went to sleep. But Gerard woke up and saw a man standing in the middle of his floor he was wearing all black and he had sharp teeth. The man was walking towards him. He wanted to cry but some how he couldn't. The man bent down and picked up the tired and hungry baby. He took Gerard out of the window and through a cemetery.

They had went into this weird dark place gee didn't know where. But the mans head was getting closer to the babies neck. Then Gerard started to cry when the mans sharp teeth went into his neck. The man kept Gerard with him until Gerard was 11 the he returned Gerard to his family. When Gerard got there he got to see his mom again. But who was the little boy over there the one with short brown hair."Gerard I want you to see your new brother Mikey."His mom told him as she pated the 9 year old boy on the head.

Then when Gerard and mikey were alone they got to know each other so they went for a walk which was a big mistake because Gerard kept biting little kids.(Which is the people who auditioned for vampires.)
end of nightmare

"AHHHH!"I screamed as I thought that would happen to me. So I stayed up all night with no rest.
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