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Danger Days:The Final Chapter

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We had won the battle, but at a huge cost. We hadn`t won the war yet, I wondered if we ever would. *sequel to Danger Days:Bob`s Story*

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Hey, anyone miss me terribly? Anyway, I got this up sooner than I had expected. Insomnia strikes again. I hope that you guys like it, it is really just setting the scene, ya know, so sorry if it sucks. I hope you like it, please let me know if you do

Party Poison`s pov
I still wasn’t over it yet, I was far from over it. It had been weeks now and I still had not come to terms with what had happened yet, none of us have. Sure, I put on a good act and pretended I was perfectly fine, I had a become very good at that over the years for two reasons. One, I was the leader, I had to put on a brave face and think about what was best for everyone else, what was best for my friends. And reason two, I had had a lot of practice at painting on a fake smile and acing like nothing was wrong, more practice than any should ever have. The dark and tragic events that had happened on that day and night still haunted me though, like they haunted everyone. The way Twisted Poison fell to the ground, the smile she and Electric Static both wore on their faces, even in death. The memories and deaths of our two allies and friends haunted all of us, and they would continue to do so for the rest of our lives, however long, or short they were.
“Hey, Poison,” My younger brother, Kobra Kid greats me, as he re-enters the room we used as a bedroom. Makeshift tables were dotted around, some had cans of disgusting tasting food on them, others had spare ray guns, one held a map of Battery City and the surrounding zones and the last one, the small painted red one that was Grace`s, held an old, dog eared looking colouring book. Sleeping bags from a long time ago were on the floor, a few old mattresses were in lines by the far wall, we all had to make do with what was available, by now we were all used to. And Grace and Twisted Rose`s little brother, Skylar, couldn’t even remember the way the world was before all this had happened, not clearly at least.
“Hey, bro, you both alright?” Kobra nods, smiling shyly at the rather short greeney blued eyed girl who was stood next to him. Her name was Bullet`s Embrace, and she was, well she wasn`t his girlfriend or anything like that, but ever since she had gotten injured that night, the two had become closer, and we all could tell that Kobra liked her. Their recent friendship had been widely welcomed by all of us, before Bullet had rarely looked at Kobra, or even spoke to him. I wasn’t sure, but Static Willow had told me that Bullet liked him as well.
“Yeah, we`re both alright.” Bullet answers my question, showing off one of her rare smiles.
“And is your shoulder alright?” Blondie Valentine, or Bee, as we all called her, asked Bullet, being the kind, caring person as per usual.
Bullet nods, but keeps quiet. She didn’t speak all that much and we all knew that she never complained or let you know if she was in pain. To be honest, I really felt for the girl, it was clear that she cared very little about her own safety and that she had various problems, including a very serious problem with trust.
“Are you sure, you can tell me if it is sore and-“
“Kobra, I’m fine!” he blushes, and walks away, sitting down on the edge of his bed. It sags slightly, but they all did that, seeing as they were all ancient. But hey, comfortable places to sleep were the least of our worries, just so long as we had somewhere to go at the end of the day.
Bullet`s shoulder was healing, slowly. Bee, who had been, along with Kobra, one of the main people that had taken care of her after she had been almost killed by that…creature out by that prison that was better known as BL/ind. Well anyway, Bee had made sure that she always had clean bandages on, and that her wounds were cleaned regularly. Kobra had volunteered, but quickly re-thought it after seeing the look on Bullet`s face.
“So, erm, what are we doing now then?” Jinx asks everyone in the room, but only looks at me, her beautiful eyes gleaming madly.
“Erm, well I guess we should erm, try and head back to the diner sometime soon, ya know, to see if it is safe still or not.” It was completely by accident that we had stumbled across this old building we had all adopted as out base. It had belonged to Blood Red Raven and her brother Sulphur Crystal, but they had found Dark Fire and his group and let them stay, and when we found them they let us stay as well. It was all a complete coincidence we had found each other, but I was glad of it, and I knew everyone else was as well. This hellhole that we were now forced to call our world, would be unbearable if not for our friends, who were honestly as much our family as they were anything else.
“yeah, I guess we should.” Jet agrees with me, running a hand for his dark curls.
“But not today.” We all turn to look at Ghoul, our hyper and sometimes quite idiotic friend.
“Why not?” Bob, the killjoy we had went to rescue and out former best friend and band mate asks him.
“It`s too late in the day, too warm, and well…”he runs a hand through his dishevelled, dark hair, not able to meet anyone’s eyes. “It`s been a month.”
None understands for a minute, then the realisation dawns on us all. Had it really been that long already since the break in, since we had rescued Bob…since they had...died? it sure didn`t seem like it, the memories were all too fresh in my mind…
…flashback. Still Party Poison`s pov
We were nearly there, nearly back home. In a few short minutes we would all be reunited again, well not quite all of us.
What was I going to tell them? Tow of our friends were dead, how was I supposed to tell them all that?
And Twisted Poison was one of Jinx`s best friends, what was I going to tell her? That it was all my fault? Because it sure as hell felt like it.
With each exhausted step we get nearer to the old building that had somehow survived. Dread consumes me, as much as I was looking forward to seeing everyone again, Grace, raven, Sulphur, Jinx-for some odd reason especially her. I had grown exceptionally fond of the girl; she was kind and not afraid to be herself. She cared, a hell of a lot, she sure did have a big heart. She had her problems, we all did but she understood, for some strange reason I felt that she understood me more than anyone else did these days, even more than I did. She was breathtakingly beautiful as well, her red hair was stunning and despite my deep hatred (and fear) of needles, I had to admit that all of her different tattoos were something else.
[/Was I…falling for her?

I shake my head, my bright hair falling into my eyes, obscuring my face. of course I wasn’t, that was ridiculous.
“Poison, it`ll be fine.” Jet tries his best to reassure me, but for once it just wasn’t enough.
“But it won’t be, Jet. It is all my fault, I should have done something. Static died to save me, remember?!” I scream tears I had been desperately trying to hold back now escaping. “They will hate me, I`m the leader, I`m supposed to protect everyone! I-“
“Shut it Gerard.” Ghoul, one of my closest friends cuts me off, shocking me into silence by the use of my old and real name. I hadn’t used it for years, none of us had. It no longer felt familiar to me, it felt foreign, alien. I was no longer that person, Gerard Way gone, long gone, dead and buried. A hell of a long time ago. This was who I was know, Party Poison.
“No one will hate you, or blame you. Why? `cause it wasn’t you fault, Geetard.”
I force myself to smile, a week smile.
“Jet`s right, ya know. It`ll all be fine, in end at least.”
I sigh, not really believing the words coming out of my best friend’s mouth but I nod anyway.
“Maybe one day Frankie, maybe one day.”

End flashback
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