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chapter two

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Something isn`t quite right with Bob, and the fabulous Killjoys plan to leave, how will Jinx take it?

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Hi, this is pretty much just filler, but it WILL get more exciting soon. I can`t really just have everything start in the second chapter, can I? Anyway, hope you like this, please let me know if you do

Normal pov
“Poison, Poison!?”
“Huh?!” the flame haired leader shakes his head as he comes back to reality, trying to rid himself of the sad memories that his stupid brain kept replaying for him. He sometimes wonders if it did it on purpose, to make him suffer.
“You okay, you kind of spaced out for a bit?” Bob asks his former band mate and recently re discovered friend, a worried expression on his face.
As always Poison shrugs it off. “Yeah, I`m fine, I just…I just can`t believe that it has been a month already.” The others all agree, small, sad smiles forming on their faces. Everyone was trying their hardest to move on and forget, but they just couldn’t. How were you supposed to forget people that meant so much to you? True, the majority of the killjoys sitting or standing in the room had only known Twisted Poison and Electric Static a short while, a matter of days, but they had already been close friends. And killjoys needed their friends, they were like their family, they relied on them, but they also loved them, they were the only people that they could put their trust in. and to lose a friend, in any kind of world, was dreadful, tragic. But so many of the killjoys, if not all of them, had already suffered so much loss in their, often short, lives.
“They wouldn’t want us to be sad though, would they?” Bee speaks, breaking the silence. It wasn’t really an awkward silence; everyone was so used to each other by now that they were comfortable around one another. However, it was odd. It was hardly ever silent, not even at night, so it was a little unnerving.
“No, but we just can’t help it.” Static Willow says, surprising everyone. “What?” she grins slightly, her eyes lighting up.
“So, now what?” Dark Fire asks the others, running a hand through his hair. They all shrug.
“There is no use trying to head back to the diner today, like Bob said earlier, it is too late on.” Jet answers him n a rather bored tone.
“We could do that tomorrow, then, I guess.” Ghoul adds in, not wanting to be left out of a conversation, even if it was pretty much over.
“We`re going back to the diner!?” Grace runs over from where she was sitting next to Skylar, dropping her ancient colouring book, her shoulder length curls bobbing up and down, as she hurries over, a wide grin on her young face.
“Hey, Gracie.” Ghoul smirks at the child’s face, ignoring the death glare as he always did.
“Are we going back to the diner?!” she asks again, excitement clear on her face, and showing in her happy tone of voice. Then again, the kid was always happy; they had never actually seen her cry, despite all the shit that she had had to deal with at such a young, vulnerable age.
“Well, you`d better ask Poison, Gracie.” Jet leans down, and tells her, his breath tickling the skin on her face, and she laughs cheerily.
“Poison!” he rolls his eyes, but picks up the over exited girl, and swings her round a few times in the air, something that he knew she enjoyed.
“Are we?” he glances over at Kobra, who nods once, and then at Ghoul who shrugs, he didn’t really care, the dark haired killjoy was happy to go along with practically anything his friends decided even though he may complain about it at a later date.
“I don`t see why not.”
“Yay!” Grace hugs him tightly for a moment, then rushes back over to her new bestest friend and Toxic Rose`s, one of the others they had rescued from Bl/ind, little brother, Skylar, or Skyes, as he was often nicknamed.
Jinx`s pov.
They were leaving? When was this decided? I sigh, but not too loudly, fearing someone may notice my unhappiness. I mean, I guessed that they would want to head back to the dinner at some point, but I just didn’t think it would be so soon.
Or that they would be leaving us all behind, leaving me behind. I mean, I was sure that if I asked they would allow me to go with them, but I didn’t want to seem like a burden or anything. Besides, I couldn’t leave Bee on her own, even though she had said that she would be staying here with raven, Sulphur and the others, well most oft eh others anyway. I don`t really think that it had entered many people`s minds about splitting up, not after what we had all been through together. But it seemed that it wasn’t just the fabulous killjoys wanted to head back to where they came from before we all met up. Static Willow, was talking yesterday about leaving, despite me and Bee saying she should stay with us. Toxic Faith, Rose and Skyes were planning to stay, they had nowhere else to go, and I dint really know about anyone else. I didn’t think that Bullet was fit enough to leave, not just yet anyway.
“Hey, Jinx.” I feel a cool hand come to rest on my shoulder, sending an electric shock through my whole arm.
“Poison, what?”
“I`m not allowed to talk to you anymore?” I shake my head, a small grin forming on the corner of my lips. I hated what he did to me, he made me smile even when I didn’t want to, it made it impossible to be annoyed at him.
“Can, can I talk to you?”
“You are.” I simply state, turning to walk away, but he grabs my upper arm and stops me. I scowl at him, showing him how annoyed I was and warning him to let go, but he ignored it.
“Outside.” Oh. What was that weird feeling in my stomach? Butterflies I think it was called? Nah, it was just that disgusting food disagreeing with me, it often made me feel slightly sick.
“Jinx, can I, talk to you outside, I mean.” He laughs once, a rather un party Poison type laugh, one that was almost awkward sounding and nervous. Almost as though he, the great leader was unsure of something, uncertain of himself.
Say no! NO, you are mad. He is leaving, remember?! He doesn’t care he doesn’t-

Kobra`s pov.
“so, glad to be headed back to the diner?” Jet shocks me, sitting down beside me.
Nope, not really. “erm, yeah, I guess it will be nice to see the old place, see if it is still safe and stuff.” I dint get why we couldn’t stay here, wasn’t it better to stick together, we were stronger that way.
“We`ll come back you know, I don’t really think Poison wants to go either, if he’s being honest with himself.” I laugh once, despite my increasingly shitty mood.
“and when is my brother ever honest, especially with himself?”
“Ya know, we`re only going `cause he thinks it`ll make it easier to get over stuff ya know. Pretend like It never happened, like nothing has changed.” I nod, I didn’t agree with it though.
“and we have supplies out there, and important info that the BL/ind bastards just can`t get their dirty little hands on.” I nod once more, not really paying much attention to my friend, a certain greeny blue eyed girl who was rather on the short side, on my mind.
“kobra, earth to kobra!” Jet yells in my ear, pulling from my daydream.
“Do you want to leave?” I ask him, deciding to try and clear the slight awkwardness. Jet shrugs.
“I don’t really care, I`ll miss everyone, but we`ll come and see them now and again.”
“Jet," I sigh. “can I tell you something?” he nods. Jet had always been the most trustworthy of the group, Poison would try to keep a secret, but it often slipped out, Bob just wouldn’t really ever listen, or tease me about it or hold the secret over me. Ghoul was the worst though, if you ever told him a secret he would “accidently” let it slip to everyone.
“If this is about your massive crush on Bullet, I already know.”
“In fact, I think everyone already knows, except maybe Bullet.” He adds in thoughtfully.
“fuck you Jet.” I get to my feet and storm off, all the way to my bed on the other side of the room.

Bob`s pov.
Ow. I rub gently at my head, I had a killer headache, I had been suffering from it on and off all day. I had put it down to the severe heat and lack of decent food, but I wasn’t too sure. I had been getting a lot of them recently, over the past few weeks. I wasn’t sleeping well; it could just be that as well as the heat and lack of food, but for some strange reason, I doubted it. The only other reason, was very worrying, so I kept trying to put it to the back of my mind and come up with other answers for my often, painful headaches, but that didn’t explain why I had told no one about them..
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