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The Vampire genre mixed with My Chemical Romance to make a horror story sprinkled with a bit of a possible romance

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Gerard sauntered across his vast room and slid on some clothes. Just a crisp white shirt paired with some tight black jeans; A simple casual/smart combo. He flicked his head in the direction of the limp woman. Holding his head high he flung her lifeless body over his shoulder effortlessly and slipped out of the room and the door closed with a gentle 'click' behind him.

He lived in a remote part of Italy with his younger brother Mikey and their grandmother, Helena. He pondered on the whereabouts of Mikey for barely a second but shifted his concern to the back of his mind where it couldn't interfere with his seemingly tough exterior. For a brief moment he even forgot about the corpse slumping over his shoulder. He wrinkled his nose in disgust at the steadily growing rancid stench radiating from the body. Another odour drifted towards him and he flared his nostrils as the familiar smell of burning flesh as it drifted through the cool night air.
Probably burning his victim. It was the most efficient way of destroying your prey's body. Gerard quickened his pace hoping to have a quick laugh about their catches of the evening. He hated to admit it but he was incredibly protective of Mikey. To say vampires were solitary creatures, the two brothers shared a strong bond. He reached the discarded fire and slouched a little as any trace of Mikey was long gone. Shrugging his shoulders and brushing away his disappointment he hurled the body onto the dying fire. His eyes fell upon an old gas can and he swiped it up in one swift movement and tossed it in the fire, giving it a new lease on life. Without a single twinge of remorse he sauntered away.

The blood still processing in his stomach started to churn as his body sensed that the sun was close to rising and resting in the sky as one giant nuisance. Vampires could stand light to a certain extent but it still caused them minor discomfort. However, on days with strong light rays, if they went out they would slowly start to burn and shrivel and they could only be replenished by fresh blood. It would have been an inconvenience if Gerard didn't favour the night. The way the moon hung on a blanket of sapphire dotted with millions of diamonds. The way the night air seemed to chill his body. The sensation of running through the town with full knowledge that everyone who valued their life was asleep. These thoughts made him calm as he trekked back to the old mansion positioned on top of a hill somewhere in the distance where the villagers couldn't get in their way and vice versa. However, he couldn't sway the feeling that someone, or something, was watching him.

The small Italian town knew of their exisistance. Yes, they feared them but they also respected them. Well, they didn't fear dear old Helena, they came to her for advice and fortunes. It was Gerard and Mikey who they feared. They didn't seem to be able to bring themselves to trust the two brothers. It was probably from their dark appearances that seemed to repel the villagers. Gerard scoffed. He liked having his privacy and if that meant people feared him, then so be it. He would never as such lay a finger on any of them though, it would break his poor grandmother's heart, metaphorically that is. She had a heart but it was frozen in her cave of a chest, like every other vampire. No blood ran through their veins, hence their ice like skin and pale bodies from low pigmentation and lack of pressure.
They looked like ghosts in snow.
The Way family wasn't the only Vampire coven, well it was in this part of Italy. It was like an unwritten truce between them. Stay off each others marked territories.. or else.


People often wonder how one is transformed into such an odd creature of the night. It's actually simple. Pierce the victim's veins and replace some of their blood with a toxic venom located in the fangs. The transfer puts the prey in excruciating pain and torment. On the other side of the neck, the vampire will literally be giving a fragment of their life away so the process is quite rare and only used in cases of selfishness, greed or lust. The process can only take place on a night when a new moon is born and takes a full cycle for it be completed. The DNA is rearranged and the muscles grow stronger at a rapid pace. Slowly, the vital organs start to shut down and an animal-like instinct starts to overpower the victim's brain and make them less conscious of feelings. Feelings and emotions are gradually restored over the many years to come, bringing back a sense of moral and dignity but first the victim must endure a few months or personal hell and torture. Once the venom is injected the human will experience intoxicating pain and most likely collapse in a state of shock, losing control over the muscles temporarily. When the change is completed the newly turned vampire will be feral and therefore highly dangerous.
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