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This year is going to be amazing.

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School... still.

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Emily's POV

I realised I was staring at the boy named Mikey and blushed looking down at the table when him and Frank walked over to sit in front of me and Sammy.
"Hey Sammy." Frank said smiling. I looked at Sammy and saw her smiling wide at him.
"Hey Frank!"
Frank looked at his time table then back up to Sammy.
"We got any classes together?" He asked handing Sammy his timetable. Sammy looked at it then giggled handing it back.
"We have the same time table. Your stuck with me all day!"
"Awesome!" Frank said smiling as he sorted his tie out.
Sammy looked at me and then turned to Frank.
"This is my best friend, Emily. Emily, this is Frank. The new guy who moved in just down your road." I smiled slightly looking at Frank.
"Hi." I said quietly.
"Hey, this is Mikey. One of the closest friends I have." Frank said pointing to Mikey. I looked at Mikey. We made eye contact and I blushed looking down. When I looked back up at him I saw him looking at his time table.
"You got any classes with me?" I asked leaning over the table to look at his sheet. I smiled as i saw we both had the same timetable.
"Cool. We're in all the same classes." I said sitting back down properly.

Mikey's POV

Emily. Her name is Emily. WOW. I couldn't help but look at her. Her smile was amazing. We both had the same time table, which made me extremely happy.
The teacher stood up, and the room was silent again. Mr Wentz took the register and just as he finished the bell rang. I turned to Frank.
"Meet me here at break, yeah?" I asked. He nodded before whispering in my ear.
"Emily likes you. Sammy told me. Get in there boy!" He winked before walking out with Sammy. I couldn't help but smile when I turned to see Emily standing there.
"Want to sit with me in Maths?" She asked.
"Sure." We made our way to our maths room. This year is going to be amazing.
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