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Hell Yes!

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Emily and Sammy go into school.

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Emily's POV

I said goodbye to Bob as me and Sammy walked into our form room and sat down at the back.
"I hope Frank is in our form, or even better in some of my classes with me." Sammy said as she looked around the classroom, probably looking to see if Frank was here. I just rolled my eyes and smiled as our timetables were handed to us. I had Maths, Art, double Music, French and Science.
"We got any lessons together?" I asked looking at Sammy's timetable. I smiled seeing we both had Music and Science together.
"Hell yes!" Sammy said.
"At least I won't be alone in all my lessons." I said as Mr. Wentz stood up, making the room fall silent.
"Good morning everyone. This year we have two new students joining our Form. I want everyone here who has the same classes with them to be nice and help them around." As he finished speaking two boys walked in. One was short with black hair and his tie not done up properly. The other one had made my heart skip a beat.

Franks POV

Me and Mikey started walking down the halls to where our Form room was. We were both nervous about starting here. I stopped outside the door to our class room and looked at Mikey.
"This it?" He asked. I nodded in reply and bit my lip.
Mikey looked through the window and looked at everyone inside.
"They don't look too bad. Come on." He grabbed my arm and opened the door pushing me to go first. I walked in biting my lip as a teacher smiled at us.
"Hello, you two must be Frank and Mikey." He turned to look at the class. "These two are our new students." He looked at us. "Please introduce yourselves."
"um. I'm Frank." I said nervously.
"I'm Mikey."
"Frank and Mikey please find a seat and we will soon be started registration. Here's your timetable for the week. If you have any questions please ask anyone here, they will all be happy to help you." I nodded and looked around the classroom and smiled seeing Sammy sitting at the back with two free seats in front of her. Me and Mikey walked over and sat down, Mikey never taking his eyes of the girl sitting next to Sammy.
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