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getting ready for school

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Ellis the boy dreads going back to school and worries about his detention from last term which he skipped

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One morning i was woken by a raging alarm at half six in the morning! it was blaring out my favorite band "black veil brides" i slowly stepped of my bed and realized it was end of term " oh crap" i thought to myself because i was really angry that the term had ended.Stumbling to the bathroom like a drunken zombie i went in and brushed my teeth i could feel the minty freshness of the toothpaste running through my mouth it tasted fresh, then i rinsed my teeth with some spearmint mouthwash i slowly swooshed it around my mouth it was extremely fresh an was burning my mouth! spitting out the mouthwash i then waddled to my bedroom to put my uniform on it was: a light purple tie,an ultra dark blazer, black trousers and some black timberland boots with a bit of gold on,which the teachers went absolutely crazy at because my shoes had mini bit of gold on was now quarter past seven i went down the stairs, turned the computer on and watched the inbetweeners, which is a hilarious show-which combines the lives of teenagers and the problems they go through in life. after watching an episode of the inbetweeners i rushed into the kitchen an had some delicious shreddies ( breakfast cereal) it tasted milky an scrumptious. it was now eight o clock i was thinking about the detention i skipped with Mrs king the horrible Spanish teacher, she was a nasty bitchy teacher , who always picked on me because I'm not as talented as the other pupils , who attend our top set Spanish class i was now going into year 8 so it didn't quarter past eight i grabbed my Grey Nike rucksack and sadly walked out of the door because i was frustrated that i was going back to school.
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