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back to school

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the boy (Ellis) goes back to school and meets a new girl and reunites with his friends

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walking to the bus top, i saw an amazingly pretty girl she had shining brown hair , the face of an angel and a tall sexy body. approaching the girl i realized it was the girl next door who had just moved in i walked up to her and said " hi whats your name iv just noticed you just moved in next door" " hi my names Megan whats yours" " its Ellis nice to meet you do u need anyone to hang about with in school because you must feel shy when its your first day at our school" " yeah that would be nice". when the bus arrived me and Megan both got on it we both sat together on the bus i asked her " so what do you think of your new house if you need any help sorting things out ill help" " awww thanks but we are okay we're nearly finished now". getting of the bus we approached the school slowly because we both hated it " the only thing i like in school is PE and writing " i said " same" she replied. Finally after a lot of slow walking we entered the school i saw different groups of people: the jocks, the nerds , the jokers and normal people. i was in with the jokers and normal people i explained to Megan that she should stay away from the jocks because they are total dicks who behave disgustingly and always pick on everyone.then out of nowhere my friends came racing towards they are called jack and Jordan they are my best friends because we always hang out with each other an we have gone through a load crazy things together like when we egged mrs kings disgusting house it was so small and it had smashed up windows probably because of the jocks that's the only thing the jocks are good for ha ha. so i introduced Megan to my best friends, who were drooling over her amazing looks Megan said " what are you two drooling at " " oh nothing " they replied then they giggled.
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