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help from the unexspected

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Ellis is all beaten up then help arrives from the unexpected

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lay on the floor starving and beaten, a car pulled up i couldn't make out who it was because everything was blurred i think i was dying! i woke up in a strange bed " where am i ! " then i found Adam sat at the side i looked at myself i saw a huge see through oxygen mask around my mouth and my wrist was wrapped up with a Grey smelly bandage and there was 2 tubes up my nose and there was lots of bandages on me. i was surprised to see Adam here i said " why are you here i beat you up we are not even friends" " i took you here in my mums car " "but why " " because i wanted to help you and say sorry for being cocky to you over the years i learned my lesson when you beat me up" " i forgive you but why did your friends beat me up " i didn't tell them to beat you up they were probably just angry because you beat me up " "okay". then the door opened Megan burs-ted in with some flowers she still looked amazing "hi she said " hi are you okay " " yeah I'm fine here take these flowers" " thanks shouldn't you be giving these to James" " no he dumped me the twat" " okay but why" " i don't know but i thought me and you could get together" yes sure that would be great your so beautiful and you have an amazing figure and i really like your personality i loved you ever since we met" " awwww i think your so cute and you have been so nice to me"
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