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my new amazing girlfriend

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Ellis has a new girlfriend

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Megan leaned in for a full on big kiss her lips were so big, soft and luscious it was honestly the best kiss of my life, i could taste her DR pepper lipstick, which is my favorite drink " your lips are very nice and i like your lipstick it tastes of DR pepper my favorite drink" i said " ha ha ha she" replied. Then the nurse strolled in she said " you can go home now you have been in here for three days " what!" " you probably won't have noticed because you was unconscious for most of it". As me and Megan strolled out of the door,my two best mates Jordan and jack appeared from round a corner and burst out in relief as they saw that i was OK " are you okay mate" " yes I'm fine so what happened Jordan when you got caught" " fucking MR Loyd took me to isolation i was really bored ,however, it was worth it I'd rather spend the rest of my days in isolation in year 8 than seeing that fat ugly bitch Mrs king can't be dealing with her" Jordan replied jack said " just glad your okay mate and ha ha ha i haven't got Mrs king for form ". It was now 3 o clock, I started to walk Megan home. walking past Middleton i could see McDonalds i could see its luminous yellow sign and its dark green funky inside. I said to Megan "do u want anything from MCdonalds I'll pay" " sure" " so what do you want" " medium chicken sandwich meal please" please " same" i like the creamy mayo on it , which tastes tangy and the chicken fillet that is delicious and crunchy. Queuing up i could see the huge banners with tasty looking burgers on them ,however, they all looked like they had to much sauce on. finally we were at the end of the Que " can i have two medium chicken sandwich meals please " that's £6.98 please. Waiting for our meals i could smell all the burgers being cooked they smelt divine. eventually we got our meals we went sit down , at the comfy light green chairs i said to Megan " we're like little kids sitting on the light green chairs" "ha ha ha she replied". bringing the burger to my mouth i could smell the tasty aroma of the burger and i could smelly the tangy mayo ,which i think is the best part of the burger. then i ate my chips they tasted very salty and delicious.walking to the bus station i could see the gigantic dome and lots of buses parking up then all of a sudden our bus appeared from round the corner " run!" i shouted we sprinted faster than lightening. then we both reached the bus " "phew" we both said. sat on the bus i put my arm round the top her back and we both lay are heads on each others shoulders " awwww this is nice i love you" Megan said " to be honest i loved you from the first time i met you " we both got of the bus walked to our houses and gave each other a long tight hug " see you tomorrow beautiful" " by babe she replied.
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