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Hidden Similarity

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Just random implications... If you haven't seen the episode "City on the edge of forever" It might not make sense, but if you're clever, it probably will.

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-Craig's POV-

My name is Craig Tucker. Remember that time we all got trapped in the school bus on the edge of a cliff? And I fell to my death in that so-called "dream"?

Yeah, well.

That wasn't a dream.

I actually died then. But I came back. I'm alive right now.

Do you understand what that means? Yeah.

You get it? Me and McCormick, we have something in common.

You see,

I can't die.

I don't make it as obvious as McCormick does, maybe 'cause I'm not so clumsy, not so unlucky, or maybe because my friends aren't inconsiderate jerks who always get themselves into shit.

But no-one remembers anyway.


I can remember the countless deaths he's had.

He's just never noticed me.

But then, I don't make it noticeable. I just blend in, go with the flow, try my hardest to not get noticed, and be normal.

I'll follow any trend or fad, just so long as I don't stand out.

'Cause if I did, people might start noticing...

I can't die.
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