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Stripped For You

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Gerard goes to the stripper bar. ;)

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Ma peeps, this chapter has serious stripping in it, so if you're not a big fan, there's the door. In theory.

I must say, after reading some of the reviews with the strippers in, I had to ask myself if you were strippers and you were describing yourself. They were that good. And that wasn't meant to offend anyone.

Thanks for reading, R&R please.

As Gerard opened the door to the bar, he was nearly deafend my the music. He recognised it as one of the songs played on the radio a lot, Ke$ha, Blow. A girl with long black hair and a red bikini swung herself around the pole, and dipped into a low bow, revealing a lot of cleavage.

Gerard didn't like the way people were staring at his hair, jacket and skin tight jeans and whispering, in some way, to each other.

Frank grabbed Gerard's wrist, and pulled him to where the young girl was dancing. As horny as Gerard was at the minute, this didn't turn him on at all.

Unfortunately for Gerard, the girl noticed Frank, and climbed down into his lap.

"Hey sweetie, what's your name? Mine's Jade, is that your friend? He's a bit queer isn't he?"

Frank looked at Gerard symapthetically. He looked back at the girl, who was now playing with a bit of his hair.

"I'm, uh, Frank, and he is my frined, but he isn't queer at all. In fact, he said to me just now that he liked you."

Before he knew it, the girl was in Gerard's lap, repeating the whole thing.

"Hey, I'm Jade, what's your name? Your friend's nice."

"I'm Gerard. And my friend is so NOT nice. I don't wanna be mean, but-"

"Hey, that's enough talking, I've got a job to do. Should I use the pole or not?"

"Uh...let me decide after a drink." Gerard finally escaped. He ordered a few shots, downed them and let his eyes wander over to where Frank was. He was probably drooling over another girl.

The song changed, but Gerard didn't know this one. Jade wandered sexily off the stage, and another girl came on, with dark red hair, and a black and gold bikini. Did these girls know what clothes were?!

He watched the girl wrap her arms around the pole and spin around, then flip herself over and hang like spiderman, before sliding down. Gerard was desperate to laugh. From back here, it looked ridiculous.

He pushed through the crowds and found the toilets. He locked himself into a cubicle and had a laughing fit. Once he was finished, he came out and noticed Frank having a heart to heart with another girl. At least this one was wearing a dress. He had his hands on her waist, and he obviously had his tongue down her throat.

Only now did Gerard notice the song. It was one of theirs. But which one?

DESTROYA. He could tell, because just after the second chorus, he was repeating it, over and over again.

Shit. And after that...

He heard himself moaning, with Frank in the background. He couldn't move. Unlike the girl that was now dancing.

She was actually quite attractive. She had black hair, with a blue fringe and ends, and big blue eyes to match. She was wearing a maid's outfit. As he got closer, Gerard could see her name tag on the outfit she was wearing. Her name was Frankie. She had good taste in music, she was pretty and wore clothes.

She was the best part of the whole night. That's what Gerard thought anyway.

She looked out over the groups of people dancing and drinking. Her eyes came to rest on Gerard, and they widened.

The song finished, and she climbed off the stage, pushing past people to get to him.

"Gerard...Way? Oh My GOD! Where's Lyn Z?"

"It's a long you have, like, a changing room? Or something like that. Somewhere other people won't be able to walk in on us."

"Ooooh! Yeah, come with me!"

Behind the stage was a huge room, filled with girls in bikinis. None were quite as nice as Frankie.

"Just in here, this is where I was this morning." She opened the door to a smaller room.

Tne floor was covered in various outfits, like a nurse and a soldier. She saw him looking at them.

"Should I show you some?"

Before waiting for an answer, she took off her maid things, and put on a soldier outfit. The camouflage made her hair look wierd, and the shape was made for people with curves. Frankie wasn't curvy.

"I think...I prefer the maid one." He didn't say that this made her look hideous, but she obviously thought he had.

"That one's going in the bin. How about...a nurse?" She held up a latex nurse dress, and a pair of white heels. She put them one, again, not waiting for a reply. By now, Gerard wished she'd ask about Lyn Z. It would be less awkward than this.

Again, the nurse did nothing for her figure.

"Hey, you look like you have a temperature. Let me see."

She climbed into his lap and put a hand against his chest. She looked into his eyes, and crushed her lips against his.

"Shit...listen, Frankie, I've got someone already."

"But you said Lyn Z isn't here?"

Gerard sighed. "I left Lyn Z, now I stay with Frank."

Frankie's eyes widened. "FRANK is HERE, with YOU?!"

Gerard scowled. "What's with the tone of surprise? Anyway, you really need to get off me, I'm sure my, uh, girlfriend will be looking for me."

He could hear Frank calling his name.

Gerard pushed Frankie off his lap and wrenched the door open, running straight into Frank.

"Frank. Kiss me. Quick. Keep her away."

Frank was shocked at Gerard's request, but did as he was told.

"Gerard, I've been looking for you everywhere!"

"Sorry, Frankie."

"Oh, it's fine, I pulled-" Started the girl.

"Not you." Snapped Gerard.

He and Frank held hands and walked away, desperate to laugh.
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