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Why did it have to be you?!?!

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Well, it's been a while, hasn't it dearies? I sincerely apologise for not updating sooner, but I have had mega writers block for a while now. If you are still reading this story, I love you. You must have been getting bored of waiting ;)

Anyway, as the summary says, this chapter has an unexpected plot twist at the end. I hope you enjoy it c:

Why Did It Have To Be You?!?!

Gerard sat down on the worn leather couch, still laughing about the incident at the strip club. Frank was in the kitchen, making coffee (even though it was 2:00am) and Gerard simply sat staring at the wall.

Suddenly he burst into tears. What was he doing with his life? He had left Lyn-Z. Mikey, Ray and Bob weren't speaking to him. He had resorted to going to strip clubs with his old best friend.

Frank came in, looking extremely worried about his best friend.

"Gee? Are you ok? Oh God, what's wrong?" he asked, kneeling in front of Gerard.

"I...I need to talk to Lyn-Z. I didn't want to leave her, it was a mistake." Gerard stopped, begging to frown.

"It's your fault that I left her. If you hadn't turned up, I wouldn't be in this situation! Frank, you fucking..."

"Idiot?" Frank suggested, grinning.

"I may have helped you leave Lyn-Z, but if I hadn't, we wouldn't have kissed at the strip club. You have to admit, you've been missing these lips." He smirked and Gerard felt the urge to punch him in his smug little face.

Before he got the chance to punch Frank, Gerard's phone started ringing. Frank answered for him.

"Hello, how may I help you?" He said in his cheeriest voice. Gerard could see his jaw drop when he realised who it was.

"Well, I suppose you want to talk to Gerard then?" He handed Gerard the phone, not bothering to explain who it was.

"Gerard, dear, how are you? I heard about you and Lindsey, and I couldn't help but worry. Why did your friend answer the phone? Are you staying at his house? Have you tried speaking to Michael? I'm sure he would help."

"I'm fine, Mom."

"Good, now I want you to call Michael and ask for a place to stay. If he can't help you, you know where I live, darling, and I can clear out your old bedroom for you to stay in."

"I'll be fine, I'm staying with Frank."

"Ok, darling. Well, I have to go now, but make sure you take care of yourself. Love you, bye!" Gerard hung up before he could reply.

Literally a millisecond after he had hung up, his phone began to ring again.

Frank looked at the caller ID and raised his eyebrows. The number wasn't saved into Gerard's phone. Gerard answered the phone anyway.

"Hello?" he asked cautiously.

"Hey there, Gerard!" a cheery male voice said.



I know it's a short chapter but it's better than nothing! C: Tell me if you liked it pwease, fankoo! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
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