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But Would Anything Matter If You’re Already Dead?

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Gerard returns home and is reunited with his brother.

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A/N:Heeey you guys sorry its been so long! But I hope you guys like this chapter. I am working on my other story right now! But I love you all who are still reading! R&R I need them! Haha. But get more people to read. I miss all my wonderful readers (:

Chapter 6: But Would Anything Matter If You’re Already Dead?
Mikey’s POV:

Oh shit. Why the fuck is Gerard coming home early. I mean I know it was only a couple hours but still it freaked me out. I dragged myself groggily out of bed and slouched down stairs into Gerard’s old car I figured he’d be happy to see Killjoy after all this time. It still hadn’t been washed, but it was silver so you couldn’t tell. Unless you were up super close. I got in the car and the same Misfits CD was still in the player and filled the car with noise that drowned out my thoughts. I couldn’t believe all that had happened in the past months. All the stress had been causing me to drink a lot more, I know it could turn in to the problem but it helped me lose my grip on reality. Which at the moment is something I really need, the thing that sent me over the edge was lying to Paige. She cared so much for Gerard, I am pretty sure she loved him, and I know he felt the same. I had to sit there for about three months now and convince her that he has been dead this whole time. It physically and mentally killed her, she wouldn’t move, eat, or speak to any us. The whole time all I could think about was how I knew Gerard was alive. How I knew that I was causing all the pain that she was feeling. It was eating me alive to watch her to become the literal of the living dead. I thought that when I told her she would be happy, rejoice, and cry with tears of joy. But I knew that was I lie, I knew she would be pissed, injure me, I thought she might actually kill me. But then to hear that she had moved on and was seeing someone I just didn’t know what to say. In a way I was angry that she was doing that to my brother, but then I remembered because of me lying to her this whole she thought she was dead and needed to move on. Even though this is what Gerard wanted, in order to keep her safe. We could have found a better way. Where she would have been safe and we all wouldn’t have had to lie to her. I haven’t talked to Paige since that day. I’ve called and texted…nothing. Trust me I feel like complete shit.

I turned the Misfits back up and realized I was already at the arrivals terminal at the Newark airport. I waited in the traffic and finally reached a parking deck. I turned corner after corner of the deck getting higher, until I finally found a spot. I swerved the XT into the spot carefully and turned the car off. I was about to get out when I could feel my anxiety spike along with my craving for a beer the two kind of went hand and hand. I wasn’t sure what was about to happen these next few days that Gerard was here, but I had a feeling that I wouldn’t be good. As much as I wanted this to be a normal visit where we could all just hang out like we used to, I knew it was going to be bad, a full of vengeance, and I am not sure I could handle it.

Gerard’s POV:

I step out into the Newark terminal at 3 am and took a deep breath. I could smell the Jersey air in the airport and it was just then that I realized how much I actually missed home. I looked around the terminal at all the families rushing to their planes for vacation; all the suits waiting for the next plane to take them to another meeting that they thought would for once excite their lives. I just glanced at all the people and realized I would never know what was really going on in their lives. One single family could be running from the law, one business man could be wanted for rape, and then there was me. The average looking aspiring artist who seemed like they would never hurt a fly. That’s probably what all these people think of me as they pass me by. But none of them have any idea what my intentions are, none of them know why I have come back to this place. Beneath every move I am going to make this time is fueled by revenge. By my need to see her corpse on the floor. This time I won’t make any mistakes, she won’t get away. I will not fail. Rebecca will die, and I am going to be the one to do it.

After I had watched enough people, I decided to head to the baggage claim. I didn’t know if Mikey would be there yet. Or if he was going to be there at all. He was half asleep when he answered the phone earlier. I could only hope so. The airport was surprisingly busy this early in the morning/late at night, however you wanted to say it. I made my may through the bussling crowd, just staring at the carpet. I reached the escalator that descended into the baggage claim. I carefully stepped on the next step and gripped the railing that was colder than a cell. I waited patiently to reach the bottom thoughts swimming rapidly through my head. Seeing Mikey, Frank’s party, Rebecca, Paige, Rebecca, Paige’s new boyfriend. I was scared, terrified even. Suddenly as I reached the bottom of the escalator, my legs turned to jelly, and I broke out into a cold sweat. I felt like Rebecca was there watching me, waiting for the right moment to strike. I always felt like that. I never knew when she would come out of the blue and take her revenge. I didn’t understand it all I knew was I had to act like it didn’t affect me. Then I would be able to bare living with this each day. I stepped off the escalator and walked down towards the huge wall of TV’s that showed me where my bag would be coming out. I was required to check my bag because of the gun that had resided in it. I looked for my flight on the screen and saw my bag would be in Zone C. I looked around eerily one last time, checking to see if that bitch was there. Of course she wasn’t, I knew that. But I was still scared. I walked down the poorly decorated airport until I reached my zone. I waited patiently for my black duffle to make its way around the circular baggage terminal. But after ten minutes when the bags still weren’t there I was starting to get a little ancy. Finally the bags started circulated and I joined the sea of people that had rushed up to stand by the terminal and wait for their bag to come around. I crossed my arms and slouched slightly until I finally saw the medium sized duffle slide in front of me. I extended my arm and threw it over my shoulder. Right as I turned around I saw a tall lanky boy in an Iron Maiden shirt (my Iron Maiden shirt I might add) walk shakily through the doors. I know I was here under the worst circumstances, but I couldn’t help but be excited.

“MIKEY!” I yelled out uncontrollably as I ran towards him, holding my duffle in place on my shoulder.

Mikey looked up instantly and looked like he had just seen a ghost.

“Duuuude!” He finally screamed as ran towards me.

We both met each other halfway through the terminal and jumped straight into a hug. After we stayed locked together for about a minute we finally dislodged and just stood in silence.

“Its good to have you back bro.” Mikey said happily, but I could hear the tiredness in his voice.

“Yeah, I know. I’ve missed you. Everyone. So much.” I said absent mindedly, still wondering if I should just come out and tell him about the phone call I got or just enjoy this moment we had together.

“Yeah we’ve missed you too! It’ll be great to have you at Frank’s party, he’s gonna be so happy. It’s the best surprise ever!” Mikey sounded a little more excited.

“Yeah, ha. I am pretty happy you guys didn’t tell him. I want him to be shocked.” I laughed thinking of how Frank was going to react to my return.

“Okay well let’s cut to the chase. Why was it so necessary for you to come back almost a day early?” Mikey asked lowering his voice, sounding concerned.

“Let’s go to the car.” I said softly, a little bit paranoid that she could be watching.

“Okay.” Mikey agreed and led me out the door.

We walked silently to the car; I wasn’t sure how this was going to go. But I wasn’t really sure about anything anymore.

“Holy shit! You bought Killjoy!” I exclaimed as I ran towards the car and looked it over in excitement.

“Yeah, I figured it would be a good surprise.” Mikey said indifferently just staring at me as I looked over my car again.

“Give me the keys.” I said hastily as I turned to Mikey.


“You heard me give me my keys. I wanna drive my fucking car.” I said cheerfully.

“Okay okay.” Mikey agreed and climbed into the passenger side.

“All right, so I am back ea--” I stopped until I was fully in the car and the doors were locked.

“Okay so I am back early because…well Rebecca called me.” I just spit it out, just her name made me shake. I never thought I could be so afraid of a girl.

“What…how did she get your number?!” Mikey asked sounding frightened.

“I have no fucking clue. But from what she said, she thinks I am already in Belleville…” I trailed off.

“Holy shit.” Mikey muttered.

“What? What is it?” I asked concerned leaning over in the driver’s seat.

“Dude, she probably thinks that new guy Paige is dating is you.” he explained pushing his head back on the head rest.

“Shit… well I wanna know how this girl is still in Belleville and nobody has caught her yet. I mean the entire police force is looking for her!” I raised my voice. I was just completely frustrated with this I wanted it to be over.

“I don’t fucking know. But wherever she is, she is close, because she is able to infiltrate our lives so easily.” Mikey said worried.

“You’re right; we can’t trust anyone except our circle.” I said, my hands were trembling and I felt like I had just dry swallowed a pill, because of the lump that resided in my throat.

“Yeah. Well let’s just attempt to have a good time at Frank’s tomorrow.” Mikey said attempting to be optimistic.

“Your right, oh and Mikey.”


“I want my Iron Maiden shirt back.” I laughed, as I backed out of the space.

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