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Part 21

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Perspectives from the main characters of "Van Helsing" during the Masquerade Ball at Dracula┬┤s Castle. Slash implied. Various pairings. Drabble

Category: Van Helsing - Rating: R - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Aleera, Anna Valerious, Carl, Dracula, Van Helsing - Warnings: [V] [X] - Published: 2005-05-23 - Updated: 2005-05-23 - 311 words

Chapters: Drabble, 21/?
Pairing: Van Helsing/Dracula, somehow
POV: Van Helsing´s feelings during the Masquerade Ball
Disclaimer: Nothing in this drabble is mine, except maybe the tiny plot-line I made up. This fiction was written only for entertainment purposes, no money is being made.

With horror I watched the first drops of blood escaping Anna´s innocent flesh. In the same moment, I noticed with confusion, how Dracula let his iron control over me slip a little.
I reacted within seconds and literally threw myself at the beast that had injured the girl without any scruple. My mind was blinded with fury and so I reacted without giving it a second thought when I punched the bastard right into his grinning visage.

All I got was an amused laughter and strong arms that pinned me down onto the heavy carpet that was lying in the hall.

"Gabriel...," Dracula squeezed out between his chuckles, "do you really think you have the strength to beat me? To refuse my influence on you?"

I shot him an angry look, but also must have worn a confused expression.

"Don´t play all ignorant, Gabriel. To get under the spell of a vampire, one must play along. And you did so well."

I still demanded to be released from this uncomfortable position beneath the vampire. But then I felt doubts creep up. Dracula had not lied. I recalled a certain feeling of relief back in that moment, when he had taken control over me. It had felt like there had been tons of weight lift off my shoulders.

The dark creature above me smiled with sympathy.

"I know you enjoyed that feeling of freedom. A man like you must be crushed by all the responsibility.
Take it as a gift...from an old friend...," he said and tugged at the strings that bound me to him...
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