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The Escape

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The beginning of one story and the start of another...

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I hope you guys enjoys this. It's told from Alison's POV for the majority of the story. Please R&R it's good Karma.

CH 1 The Escape....

"Lyla no!" I yelled as I ran over to her with panic rushing through my veins.
I picked her up off the floor and almost sobbed at the site that lay before me on the carpet. Blue streaks of paint ran every direction.
"I told you not to play with your paints out here!" I yelled looking down at the four year old.
I turned around and ran as quickly as I could to get some wet paper towels before returning to the living room. I have to get this mess cleaned up before Todd gets home, if he sees this he's going to be so angry. I'm weak enough as it is I don't think my body can take another beating right now. I scrubbed at the carpet but the blue paint wasn't coming off. It was only smearing and getting worse. Then again when does anything ever come off of white carpet?
"I'm sorry mommy!" Lyla sobbed as she looked down at me scrubbing the floor as tears leaked out of her crystal blue eyes.
"Lyla Christine get in your room now!" I yelled pointing at the hallway of the small apartment we lived in.
Todd works the day shift down at a local warehouse. I've offered a hundred times to go back to work so we can get a better place to live but he refuses to let me. So I keep living in this shit hole, barely paying our bills, and barely having enough food for my kid to eat, let alone me. I would call my father and ask for help, if he or my mother were still alive they both passed away in a car accident about a year after Lyla was born.
The carpet got as clean as it was going to get, so I stood up and walked back to the kitchen to start his dinner. If it's not on the table when he gets home there will be hell to pay. I was waiting for the water to boil for the Macaroni and Cheese when I heard Lyla sobbing in her bedroom. I let out a sigh before walking down the tiny hall way and pushing the door open. Lyla was sitting in the middle of her bed holding onto her raggedy old teddy bear that Pierre got her when she was born. The bear is missing an ear and one eye but she loves him anyways.
"Lyla honey,” I sighed walking across her small room. “Mommy's sorry she yelled at you," I told her softly as I walked over and sat down on the corner of her bed.
Lyla sniffled as she held the bear closer to her chest. I let out a sigh before pulling her closer to me and kissing her head.
"How about when you take your bath tonight I put in some extra bubbles?" I asked.
"Really?" she asked as her lip quivered slightly as she looked up at me.
"Yeah," I replied kissing the top of her head.
Lyla nodded before she jumped off my lap and picked up one of the few toys she has and began to play with it. I smiled softly at her innocence before I stood and left her room to finish making dinner.
"What the hell is this shit!?" Todd barked as we sat at the table for dinner.
"It's Macaroni and Cheese," I replied as I reached over to stop Lyla from fidgeting in her chair.
"I'm not eating this shit!" he growled before throwing the plate at the wall making us jump. "Get your fat ass in there and make me something else!" he demanded as his eyes darkened.
"We don't have anything else,” I sighed. “Because you didn't give me the grocery money I asked for last week," I snapped as I glared back at him.
Without warning Todd's hand came up and swiftly hit me across the face. I looked over at Lyla as her eyes grew in fear. He's never once hit me in front of Lyla not once. It's always been later when she's in bed. I never wanted her to see this side of him. She’s too young to realize the monster Todd is. I wanted to wait a few more years before she had to be faced with the cold hard truth about him.
"Don't you ever raise your voice to me again!" He bellowed. "Do you understand me you little fucking whore?!" he yelled.
"Don't hit my mommy!" Lyla yelled looking up at Todd.
Her spunk and attitude I know she gets from her father not me. It’s a rare chance that I’ll open my mouth and stick up for myself. Lyla on the other hand has no problems sticking up for herself and she’s only four years old. Todd reached his other hand back and brought it swiftly across Lyla's face knocking her clean out of her chair to the floor.
"What the fuck are you doing!?" I screamed as I jumped up out of my chair. "She's just a baby!" I cried as I picked the sobbing four year old up off the floor.
Todd stood out of his chair and yanked Lyla from me pushing her away towards the wall where she coward back against the wall pulling her knees to her chest as she covered her ears with her little hands. He walked over to me and picked me up by the back of my hair before dragging me into the living room. I cried out in fear and pain when his hand collided with my face for the second time.
"You think you can back talk me!" he yelled as he kicked me in the ribs. "I give you everything!" he screamed kicking me again.
I curled up into a little ball and covered my head to try and block out some of the blows I knew were coming. After the second time Todd really beat me I gave up on trying to fight back, all it does is anger him more and make everything worse. Once Todd tiered himself out he stood above me glaring down at me like some sort of animal.
"I'm going out to meet some friends at the bar when I get back this filth had better be clean! And that God damned kid had better stopped crying!" he screamed kicking me once more. “Or so help me God! Alison I’ll give you both something to sob about!” he screamed.
I laid still on the floor until Todd was gone before picking myself up and going over to Lyla.
“Lyla. Baby come here,” I said as the tears rolled down my face.
I took one look at her and knew what I had to do. I have to escape Todd, and it has to be now. I can’t stay here and let Lyla live this life anymore. I may not have that great of an opinion about myself, but I know enough that I can’t let Lyla pay the price for my mistakes anymore. I picked Lyla up and ran to my purse before running out of the apartment building and into the busy streets of New York City.

“Mommy it’s cold,” Lyla whined as I walked down the busy streets of New York.
The chilly east coast wind nipped at our noses as the storm clouds moved in above our heads. Just once I wish it would stop raining here and be sunny and beautiful. Give this damn city some color for once.
“I know baby hold on,” I told her as I tried to stop my tears.
I walked over to a pay phone once I was far enough from the apartment and set Lyla down on the small metal seat shutting the phone booth doors. I picked up my purse and dug through it for some change finding a lousy fifty cents on the bottom. Thank God I only need to make one call. I picked up the receiver, and with shaky fingers I dialed the number I hadn’t dialed in over a year.
“Hello?” Came his groggy voice.
Hearing his voice brought a small smile to my face.
“Pie?” I asked on the verge of tears.
“Who is this?” he asked.
“It’s me…Alison…Aly.”
“Alison Harris?” he asked in shock.
“Oh my God!” he exclaimed! “How have you been?”
“I uh…I need your help,” I sobbed out. “I…I…left Todd and…he…he slapped Lyla…and I…”
‘Whoa Aly calm down and tell me where you are,” Pierre demanded.
“I’m at a pay phone in central park,” I replied as I wiped my eyes.
“Jesus do you have some where to go?” he asked.
“No…my parents died and I…Pierre I’m sorry, I know I haven’t talked to you in a long time…I just…I don’t have anyone else…”
"It’s okay. What’s the number to the pay phone you’re at?” he asked.
“It’s…756-875-8976,” I replied. “What are you going to do?”
“Just stay by the phone okay? I’ll call you back in a minute,” he replied.
“Okay,” I answered.
“Aly it’s okay,” he replied softly.
I hung up the phone before picking up Lyla and holding her in my arms as she shivered from the cold in my arms. I should have grabbed a sweater on my way out.

The phone rang about ten minutes later starling both me and Lyla. I jumped at the sound of the ringing phone as I reached for it with a shaky hand.
“Hello?” I asked softly.
“Aly?” Pierre asked.
“Yeah,” I answered with a small smile once I realized it was Pierre.
“Okay there’s a Hyatt hotel about two blocks from where you are. I booked you and Lyla a room for the night. Give them my name and they’ll give you the room key. Don’t worry about payment I took care of it okay?” he explained.
“How am I supposed to get a key to a room you booked?” I asked.
“Uh…I told them my wife and daughter are coming to get it,” he answered with a slight laugh.
“You haven’t changed at all have you Bouvier?” I asked.
“Nope. When you get to the hotel call me back so I can give you the time of your flight in the morning okay?” he asked.
“Flight? Pierre what are you talking about?” I asked in confusion.
“You and Lyla are coming to Montreal, and don’t you dare argue with me,” he replied. “I am not above getting on a plane and dragging you back.”
“Pie we can’t go to Montreal,” I answered softly shaking my head.
“Why?” he asked with a slight hint of annoyance.
“I don’t have money for one thing and two you need passports to get into Canada now... and…”
“Fine then I’ll fly to you,” he replied cutting me off.
“ Pierre you don’t need to do that,” I answered.
“Take Lyla back to the hotel and get her some food. I’ll see you in the morning,” he answered hanging up the phone.
I hung up the phone before turning and picking up Lyla off the seat.
“Where are we going mommy?” Lyla asked tiredly as she laid her head down on my shoulder.
“To a hotel baby,” I answered kissing the top of her head as I kicked the door open.
I covered Lyla’s head the best I could and walked quickly towards the hotel.

“Umm…excuse me?” I asked the older man sitting behind the counter of the Hyatt hotel.
“Yes?” he replied with a smile as he looked up at me.
If the situations would have been different I would laugh at how ridiculous he looks in his little suite with his tie and little black hat.
“My…my husband booked a room earlier. Can I pick up the key please?” I asked hoping he couldn’t hear the shaking in my voice as I spoke.
“What’s the name?” he asked typing on his computer.
“Umm…Bouvier,” I answered. “Pierre Bouvier.”
“Oh yes…Mister Bouvier called about a half ago. Said you would be coming in and to give you the key. When will he be arriving?” the man asked as he continued to type.
“Um…shortly I hope. We’re in town for a family gathering but he had some work to finish, so he’s going to be arriving late,” I lied forcing out a fake smile. “I believe he said in the morning.”
The man nodded his head before handing me the key with a smile. I smiled taking the key out of his hand thankful that he stopped asking me so many questions.
“It’s room 1003 the elevator is around the corner to your left,” he replied as he pointed towards the wall.
“Thank you,” I replied picking up the little plastic card from the counter as I shifted Lyla in my arms.
I walked around the corner and found the elevator pushing the button and going up stairs to the room. I pushed the door open and gasped at how nice it is. This is way fancier than any hotel I’ve stayed in during the past four years. I set Lyla down on the floor before turning around and locking the door making sure it was completely locked. I thought for a moment about pushing a chair under the handle but I changed my mind.
“Mommy was that Uncle Pierre you were talking too?” Lyla asked as she sat down on the couch playing with her fingers.
“Yes baby it was,” I answered with a big smile.
“I miss him,” she replied looking down at her hands.
“You’ll see him really soon baby I promise,” I answered as I ran my hand over her hair.
I jumped at the sound of the ringing phone before walking over and picking it up with a shaky hand.
“He…hello?” I stammered.
“Hey it’s me. I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“You just startled me is all Pie,” I replied.
“You guys make it okay?”
“Yeah Lyla and I just got here.”
“Pierre listen…thank you so much for all of this.”
“Don’t mention it.”
“Is that him?” Lyla asked as she looked up at me with big eyes.
“There’s someone who wants to talk to you,” I chuckled into the phone.
I handed Lyla the phone and smiled widely at the grin that spread across her face.
“Hi Uncle Pierre!” she gushed with a grin.
I left Lyla sitting on the bed chattering Pierre’s ear off and walked towards the bathroom. A nice hot bath would be lovely right now, and so would some aspirin and a pint of ice cream. Maybe I’ll order some room service once I put Lyla in bed. I walked over to the tub and turned on the hot water before dumping some of the shampoo in the water to make bubbles.
“Lyla tell Uncle Pierre you love him and get ready for a bath please,” I told her as I walked back out the main room.
“Mommy says I have to go now,” Lyla said sadly. “Okay I love you too. Bye.”
Lyla hung up the phone before looking up at me.
”He says he loves you and he’ll see us soon,” Lyla replied as she walked towards the bathroom.
I smiled widely as I turned around. Over the years I’ve known him Pierre has become the older brother I’ll never have. The more and more time I spent with him the more attached I became. It almost killed me when Todd forced me to stop talking to him.

“Mommy is dad going to hurt us anymore?” she asked as I washed her hair.
“No baby he’s not,” I answered softly as I scrubbed at her head to get out the days dirt and grime.
“I don’t like him mommy,” she said softly as she played with the bubbles in her hands. “I know he’s my dad and I’m supposed to like him... but I don’t.”
I smiled softly before I tilted her head back to rinse out her hair.
“It’s okay sweetie,” I replied rubbing in the conditioner into her light brown hair.
”I just don’t like that he’s mean to us. You’re nice he shouldn’t treat you like that,” she replied softly.
”How did you get so smart?” I asked with a slight giggle as I poked her nose playfully.
”You,” she answered seriously.
I smiled softly as I rinsed out her hair. I stood up off the floor and let Lyla play in the tub so I could order some dinner.
Once Lyla was out of the tub we ate dinner before I turned on a movie for her to watch so she would settle down for bed.

“Hello?” I asked softly into the receiver as I looked over at the clock on the table. 1:05 a.m.
”David?” I asked in shock. “Why are you calling me at one in the morning?”
”Pierre told me what happen are you okay? Do I need to come to New York? Are you safe?...”
”David slow down. I’m fine. Pierre booked me a room and he’s flying out in the morning.”
”Aly what the hell happen?”
”David I really don’t want to talk about it right now.”
”Drinks when you get here? Just like the old days?”
”You still drink Screw Drivers?”
”I haven’t had one in a long time but I would love one.”
”Then it’s a date. How’s the little one?”
”She misses you guys.”
”Sebastien wants to see you.”
”I’m sure he does. But I don’t really want to see him right now David.”
”Aly he misses the hell out of you. We all do.”
”I know David I just…things got so screwed up with me and Seb and I just…I can’t see him right now.”
”You can’t avoid him either.”
”I know.”
”You sure you don’t want me to come down there?”
”Just stay in Montreal David.”
”Don’t pout. You’re 25 years old for God sake.”
”Doesn’t mean I have to act like it.”
“You still crack me up.”
“It’s a gift.”
”Alright I’m going to get some sleep or well try too.”
”Want a bed time story?”
”Do you want me to kick your ass when I see you?”
”You can try.”
”David if I remember correctly I always kicked your ass.”
”Only because I was afraid to hurt you.”
”What ever helps you sleep at night.”
”Night Aly Cat.”
”Night Ritalin.”
I hung up the phone as I giant smile spread across my face. It’s a great feeling to know that even after a year of us not speaking they haven’t forgotten about me. Or at least not David and Pierre. Sebastien too for that matter.
I flipped off the T.V. before snuggling down into the bed next to Lyla willing the morning light to come fast. The morning sun comes with new hope a new hope that I desperately need right now.
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