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Jonsies Story

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Hi! This is my first story cut me some slack okay! So, this summer I was in a production of cats, I played B. Jones (yes I am a girl but I am oh so lucky to be a tenor). Since I am a 14 year old ...

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so, I will write a bio for Jonesie,
Breed: Egyptian Mau (*bio moms) main coon (bio dad) Javanese (Bio mom)
Looks: Bright Jade green eyes, short grey with black and white tabby fur, always clean, long grey tail with a fluffy end (often called her flag since her tail has a kink in it and is always held up perpendicular) black and white stockings. Smallest Jellicle (other than kittens)
Personality: she’s Hyper, playful, kind, forgiving, warm hearted, kitten like (she is only 1 ½ years over kitten hood). But she can also be quite and thoughtful, open minded, chivalrous, very intelligent, and nurturing. She has nightmares every few weeks, she is afraid of being abandoned, and hates loud noises.
Parents: Grizabella (biological mom Griz) Raised by basically all the Jellicle cats but Closer to (in a parent like way) Rumpleteazer (mummy, mum,) Mungojerrie (Da/d) Jenny-any-dots (auntie Gumby), Gus & old Duet (gran-papa/ grandfather), Cassandra & Jellyorum (Gran-mama)
Siblings: Bio (unknown) non-bio, older sibs: The Rum Tum Tugger (Tum*, Tuggy, Tugs, Tugger), Munkustrap (Munku, Munk, Munks), Demeter, Electra, Bombalurina (bomb) Mr. Mistoffelees (misto, misty, sparkle*)
About same age: Alonzo (Lonzo) Coricopat (Cori) Tantomile (Tanti) Victoria (Vicky)
Jellicle Cats outside of Junk Yard: Good kitties: B. Jones, Skimbleshanks (Skimble) Bad Kitty: Macavity Outcasts: Grizabella
*() means explanation/ relation
**only Jonesie can call them that)
Ok so you now know Jonesie, but you need to know hats going on in the junk yard, and a bit of back story.
The story take place about 8-10 years before the “Cats” story, Griz back to the junck yard with a kitten and asked that someone care for her. So Rumpleteazer took her in. she and her brother Mungojerrie, took care of her, everyone loved her. She was like a magnet, everyone loved her the moment she came to the yard.
Children listed eldest to youngest
Munk, Tugger, Skimble, Mungo, Teazer, Bomb: Jelly and Old Deuteronomy: mates
Gus, Old Duet, B. Jones: brothers
Jenny, Griz, Macavity, Misto: Cassandra and Gus: mates
Cori & Tanti: Mungo & Teazer: Co-parenting: Jonesie
Jonesie, Vicky, Cori, Tanti, Lonzo: BFFL
Misto and Bomb: mates
Demeter, Electra: Sisters
Vicky, Alonzo: Munk, Demeter: Mates

Ok Guys so that’s my little explanation of what’s up with this story, I will probably not update
Often. I take my time writing, ok review give me ideas, I know the middle and end of the this story but beginnings have always been hard for me,
Also starting school soon.

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