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play, love And the jellical ball

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Ok the story begins!

“Jonesie!” Vicky sang. “What?” I turned to look at the white kitten “come plays!” “Kay!” I wandered over to where Vicky and the pack where tackling Munkustrap. “Help! Jonesie save me!” Munkus yelled. I ran over to the pile “Munku take my paw!” I put my paw out to him. Munkus dramatically raised his paw and grabbed my paw I pulled him out of the kitten pile. “Thank the everlasting cat! You saved me!” he picked me up around the waist and spun me around. He put me down and laughed as I fell to the ground I was so dizzy. “Tag your it!” Cori taped me on the shoulder. “Hey!” I got up and ran after him. I saw a flash of white. Vicky was trying to get away but I got her. Hours later we all curled up together and fell asleep, well I was awake but I was pretending. I heard Tugger talking with Munku “she’s so cute when she’s asleep.” “Who?” I wondered “Tug, who do you suppose Jonesie’s dad is?” “Don’t know.” “Oh I’m the cute one, wait dad?” I got up walked and up to Tug and Munk. “Munku, Tuggy?” “Yes?” Munkus said “can you tell me more about, my mum” I paused “and Dad?” they looked at each other. Tug looked back at me. Tomorrow nights the Jellicle ball, you will see your mum there I don’t know 'bout your dad though.” “Ok.”

I turned around to snuggle with my friends. Instead I was pounced. “Vicky get off me!” I pushed her off. She licked me on the cheek.
“We’re 'gonna be best friends till the end of time. Right?” she asked
“Of course, I wouldn’t chose any other cat to be my best friend”
“Good. You know what Jonesie?”
“You’re like a sister to me.”
I was shocked; she hadn’t told anyone that they are like a sister, not since Sillabub died. Sillabub was her older sister; she was hit by a car one year ago.
“Really?” I asked
She nodded
“Tomorrow I’m ‘‘gonna be a queen, not a kitten anymore.”
“Oh yeah!”
We talked for hours till we fell asleep; my head on her flank her head on my shoulder.

“We can fly through the air, like a flying trapeze,” I sang with the others, I was excited; I was going to sing my first solo.
“We can do double somersaults, bounce on a tire, we can run up a wall we can swing through the trees,”
This was the night I was supposed to meet my mum, I was exited but scared.
We all ran to the tyer,
“Jellicle cats are queens of the night singing at…”
“Will she be nice? What will she look like?”
I looked
“Oh just the boot.”
“Jellicle cats are…”
Vicky pawed me and smiled. I smiled back. I had a solo dance with her, even though it was supposed to be a male cat, doing that she was a queen now, it was not proper for one of the boys to do it, since she now needs a mate. Her ice blue eyes glittered with excitement.
“Round the cathedral rang Vivat! Life to the everlasting cat…”
Those Ice blue eyes, they seemed to be able to look deep into my soul. Am I in love?
Victoria danced. The way the moonlight shone on her snow white coat it made my heart flutter. I ran out. When we were dancing it was like we were one cat.
Munk came out from on top of the car “Jellicle cats come out tonight…”
“About it!” Tugger finished his number.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw a grey cat; her coat was torn and stained with sand. I looked to her
“Who is she?”
Griz POV
The kitten turned to me. Her jade green eyes, the same eyes I saw when I glanced in a puddle. My eyes. That was my kitten.
AN: ooh looks like this is ‘gonna be interesting.
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