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Broken, Beaten, and the scarred

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the accident and evil step dad.

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Hey guys, okay thanks SOOOO MUCH for the nice reviews it really means alot. And mcr will come in its just that I had to cover the base ground first hopefully you enjoy it :) and suggestions and tips are welcome :) Now read on my pretties!!

My heart ached for her when I saw how much what she was writing was effecting her. But it was too late to stop now.

I brushed the tear from my scarred cheek being careful not to accidentally rip the delicate skin. I stayed there from moment longer trying in vain to see and understand just what Gerard meant when he said,

“It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside.” I simply couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Everywhere people where judged on how they looked even in fairy tales. Did you ever see a princess with a wart on her nose or was it always the wicked witch? That’s right it’s always the wicked witch.

Looking at my scar I seemed to be pulled back into the memory of that day.

My father sat in the driver’s seat with h is callused hands resting lightly on the steering wheel. I sat in my seat beside him, my tiny five year old arms clutching my Winnie the Pooh Bear to my chest.


“What is it, sweetheart?”

“Why do angels sing?”

He looked at me with a soft loving expression sighing he answered me,

“Well, baby girl, Angels sing so that little children like you can here them when your sleeping, their songs protect you from bad men.”

“Oh, that makes sense. Daddy?”


“Will you sing for me?”

He chuckled under his breath and ruffled my hair with a free hand, “of course darling’.”

“Hush a bye,
Don't you cry,
Go to sleep, my little baby.
When you wake,
You shall have
All the pretty little ponies.

In your bed,
Daddy said,
Baby's riding off to dreamland.
One by one,
They've begun,
Dance and prance for my baby.

Blacks and bays,
Dapples and greys,
Running in the night.
When you wake,
You shall have
All the pretty little ponies.

Can you see the little ponies
Dance before your eyes?
All the pretty little ponies
Will be there when you arise,”

Daddy’s voiced lulled me to sleep as always but before my droopy eyes finally closed I murmured, “You’re my angel, Daddy.”
Then I was jolted awake by a loud explosion, Daddy’s arm hung in front of me keeping me from flying thought the window.

I was scared and shaking daddy hushed me and said, “Don’t worry, Emma. Daddy is going to go check on those people. Okay? Stay right here, Baby.”

“Okay Daddy…” I didn’t like this one bit. I felt this weird feeling in my tummy. As watched in my seat as Daddy walked toward the accident he got about two feet to the cars and the second one exploded.

“DADDDYYYY!!!” I cried as I unhooked my seatbelt and crawled as fast I could from daddy’s car then ran to him dragging pooh bear behind me on the asphalt.

When I reached Daddy he was laying on his back gasping for air with deep cuts and burns all over him.

“Daddy?!?!? Daddy, wake up!” I yelled as his eyes began to close. His eyes fluttered for a moment then he croaked out.
“Stay strong baby girl,” as he stroked my cheek.
I wailed as I watched his chest stop moving and his breathing finally stop. I hung to him saying over and over again, “Daddy come back, daddy come back..”

All around me fires were burning and things of from the accident were still popping of. But I didn’t care or even notice till one of the cars had another small explosion and the derby flew towards me and sent me flying against the blacktop dragging my cheek against it with the most force and finally landing on a hot piece of machinery that scorched the side my face.
It wasn’t till the pain had almost taken in my small body that finally I heard the cry of sirens.

“EMMA!” I heard from the staircase. I jumped and banged my knee against the top underbelly of the desk.
I scowled as I went through the door of my room and down the stair staying at the top of the stairs looking down at her, “Yes mom?”

“Aren’t you going to come eat with your father and me?” She asked innocently twisting her hair with her index finger.

Aggravation grew in my stomach, “He’s not my father.” I hissed. As much as she tried to get me to except my new ‘dad’ I wasn’t going to I didn’t like him! He works a fucking shrink. I DON’T like people that can read me at their every whim and then use it against me.

She just ignored me comment and said, “Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes, deary.”
My mother had once been rather cool. She listened to Green Day a lot and could tell you every word of every Green Day song. That was until she met him.


They met while he was on a convention trip to Austin. And according to them they fell in love on first sight. They married 3 months later and he moved my mother and me out to L.A to live with him in his house in the Mt. Washington district.

He was very proud of it, in fact he only had things he could be very proud of and show off. He treated my mom like a trophy wife. She IS beautiful, great legs, long flowing black hair (that she now had dyed blonde!) and not a blemish to be seen.
Of course me on the other hand, I was a dirty little secret, the freak they had to hide when company was coming, and the family shame.

He would never be my father. Because my father was the only one that understood me. Neither of them ever will and never could. But I had to stay strong if only for my father.
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