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Fate on the Door Step

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Here come the neighbors

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Anonymous P.O.V

I stood over her shoulder a watched as she wrote. That is until I heard someone climb in through the window.
I whipped only to see an elderly woman walk in as if it was perfectly normal for her to be climbing a tree and into a window.
She looked at the girl in front of me and then at me, “So? You’re doing it then?”
I nodded and looked back at the girls writing.

“I know you don’t think so now, but trust me, it’s the right thing to do.”

I looked back at her and gave her a weak smile, “I know it is, I just worry what it will do to them.” I answer.

She simply smiled sadly and said, “But it’s the right thing to do.” Then she faded away. Nothing less than what I would expect from you I thought as I turned back to the girl and observed all that she wrote once again.

Emma P.O.V

I went back up to my room and sure enough thirty minutes later I hear my mom’s voice from the staircase, “Emma! Dinner time!”

I looked down at my desk at the dawning I had drawn, a girl stood in a field of tulips her hands seemed to be gliding over the flowers but they were bloods stained, her dress was torn and ripped, and the shadow of the moon covered half her face.
I looked back up as I heard my mother rap on the door then slide it open not waiting for a response. “Emma, sugar? Are you going to eat.”
As much as my mother betrayal bothered me I didn’t want her to know just how much it hurt me so I put on a sweet smile and turned around to her.
“I can’t now mom, I have to finish this English homework.”
A confused look crossed her face, “Homework on the last week of school?”
Sighing I answered, “Yes homework on the last week of school, I still don’t see why you sent me to school the very last week?”

“Eric said that you need to make friends.” She replied quoting him, I saw that it would be impossible to argue with her so I just smiled again and said,
“Mom, I really do have to finish this.”
“Okay Emma, come down and fix yourself something if you get hungry.”
I heard her as she whispered, “I hope Eric isn’t mad.”

Gerard’s P.O.V

“Damnit Lyn-zzzzzz, I don’t want to see the neighbor’s new wife and step kid! They’re Stepford Barbie Dolls or some creepy shit like that! And I JUST got back from tourrrr!” I wined as my wife drug me towards our neighbor’s house.
“Gerard,” She snapped. “Will you please just be calm for a bit I won’t take long I just want to stop by and see who the hell they are? Okay with you?” She continued to pull me towards the house her hand pulling me just a tad bit faster.
I gave it one last shot and said quietly, already filled with defeat, “Can’t I stay home with Bandit?”
She stopped short for one brief second I thought she was going to let me go home. My heart stopped when she spun around and started me down whispering, “Gerard Arthur Way…If you do not stop complaining I WILL hide your coffee. Got it?”
“You wouldn’t do that…would you?” I said gulping.
“Come one lets go.” She simply said pulling me up to the front steps of our neighbor’s house and ringing the doorbell.
Emma’s POV

I cried out in frustration as my ipod gave its last breath and died. I almost jumped out of me seat when I heard the loud and defiant sound of the front doorbell. Not again I thought. Not another person coming to meet my mother and I. Not another person to stare at me then say, “Ohh poor child.” Not again.

Jane (Emma’s mothers) POV
Oh, another neighbor? I thought. I turned to my husband and asked, “Who could it be?”
Eric scoffed “Ha! It’s probably the freaks the Ways. They’re both “rock stars” or something stupid like that.”
I nervously asked, “Should I answer the door?” If Eric disliked them so much then maybe I shouldn’t meet them.
“Go ahead,” He answered obviously unhappy.
I rose from the table and went to the door as another bell rang. As I reached for the doorknob I thought, did he say Way? That sounds familiar.
I opened the door slowly with a calm smile. In the door way stood a tall woman with a sweet smile. Her hand was entwined with another paler hand. I looked at the man next to her and gasped. His bright red hair hung down around his face. A face that Emma and I had talked about so many times. A face I knew. But wished I didn’t. Eric would hate me if he ever knew my shared loved for this man and his band.
The woman smiled and reached out her hand, “Hello, I’m Lyn-z Way. This is my husband Gerard. We heard that we had new neighbors so we thought we would come over and say hello.”
I took her hand and shook it saying as innocently as I could, “Why hello! Would you like to come in? I’m Jane.”
I looked over at Gerard Way’s face only to see a slightly pained expression covered sloppily by a fake smile. It seemed he did not want to be here anymore that my husband wanted him here.
I gestured for them to come in and moved out of the door way. My heart skipped a beat slightly when I realized that Eric would want Emma to meet them.

Lyn-z POV

Gerard was right. She had the Barbie doll look that we both so despised. When we first set eyes on her she gasped. Why? A woman like her would never know who either of us is. When she invited us in I was even more surprised, I knew how much her husband disapproved of us. I stepped into the house followed by Gerard. Jane, I think she said her name was, called up the staircase nervously.
“Emma! Will you come down please?”
Why does she seem so nervous?

Gerard POV

Great. I thought as she called up the stair for her daughter. Another Barbie look-a-like most likely. Probably a cheerleader that hates my band or loves us because we are ‘hot’.
“This isn’t going to go well” I whispered in Lyn-z’s ear.

Emma POV

She called me down from the bottom of the staircase again. I knew she would. I was already waiting at the door of my room. I grasped the knob in my hand and took a deep breath for support. I knew what was going to happen. There are only so many times you can bare that look of pity on strangers’ faces. Honestly, I would prefer hatred over pity. I took another breath of courage and descended down the stairs.

As I reached the bottom I looked over at my mother begging her with my eyes not to make me do this again though I knew it wouldn’t work. She gave a cheerful encouraging smile and motioned to the figures in front of me.

“Emma, this is….

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