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Aim and Ignite

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"This place gives me the creeps."

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Brendon stared out the window, the open notepad on his lap with the pen poised in his hand, the other propping his head up. He still wasn't sure why he was being dragged on this trip, and had no idea why they were driving so far away from civilization. But with each passing pine tree and flower, he knew that he could make time to enjoy their surroundings on their little trip in the mountains.
"Brendon, you are writing this down, right?" Brendon snapped out of his thoughts at the sound of Pete's question that was asked from the passenger seat, having him turning around so he could face the younger boy.
"Hmm?" Brendon hummed as he tried to remember what it was they were saying. Patrick sighed from the drivers seat, shaking his head slightly.
"I told you he wasn't listening." Patrick mumbled.
Jon gave a soft chuckle as he looked at Brendon, sitting from the other window seat. "You've got stop going off into Brendon-Land."
"But I like it there. Everyone that lives there warships the ground I walk on." Brendon said with a small pout.
"Why don't they just warship you? I mean ground is so filthy. Oh..wait." Spencer said making everyone else in the car laugh. Brendon hit Spencer's arm.
"You're a dick." He mumbled, though Spencer found him impossible to take seriously with the goofy kid grin that was spread across his face. "Where did you say we were going again?"
"I don't know Brendon, some place Mark recommended. Speaking of, he said that the owner Ryan was kind of a freak. Apparently he had a lot of trauma when he was a little kid and watched half of the people he knew die in front of him. So, knowing that, we have to try and be nice to him." Pete said with a small sigh at the end.
"But the good news is; it's perfect for recreating just about any horror movie that's ever happened in a hotel." Jon said as he tapped his foot to the beat of the radio that was playing quietly in the background.
"And some insane asylums." Spencer chimed in.
"I'm just happy we don't have to cook. It's like a mini-vacation." Patrick mumbled.
"It is a vacation! And we get to share a room!" Pete's voice was ecstatic, everyone in the back wanting to punch him for painting a picture they didn't want to see. The car stopped in front of a large iron gate, sending chills up and down the boys spines. The gate opened, and the two cars pulled into the drive.
"This place gives me the creeps." Brendon said as he stared at the large building. It looked like an old Victorian mansion turned into a hotel.
"And we've got it all to ourselves." Pete muttered. The car stopped right outside the door, and Patrick killed the engine. Jon and Pete were the first two out, swinging their doors open before climbing out of the car. Pete stretched as Jon went around back to get the luggage out. Gabe parked the second car behind theirs, all of their equipment in the back part of his van. Spencer and Patrick were soon out of the car, leaving Brendon alone with his thoughts. He stared at the dreary hotel, his mind racing with a million reasons not to go in.
"Brendon, you coming?" William asked as he leaned in the door opposite to the one Brendon was sitting next to.
"Yeah." Brendon unbuckled his seat-belt, getting out of Patrick's little grey car. He stood still, taking in the full view of the dark place he was being forced to stay in for the next few weeks.
"Brendon, comeon!" Spencer said with a large grin. Brendon reluctantly left his spot next to the car, going to the back of Gabe's van to pull the last two bags out. The inside of the building was a lot like the outside, eerie and unsettling. It tried to look homey and welcoming, but Brendon knew that there was something wrong with it. He just had a gut feeling he couldn't explain.
"Where do you think the owner is?" Pete mumbled as the group looked around. It didn't seem like anyone else had been in the room for at least a week. A dog came trotting in, barking playfully at the group of boys. Half of them bent down to pet the dog, having her lick them lovingly.
"Molly, where did you go?" Ryan walked in the room after his dog, looking somewhat nervous. "Oh, you must be Mark's friends." He cleared his throat as everyone looked at him, Molly running over to him.
"You're covered in blood." Jon muttered as the group stayed still. Ryan let out a bitter laugh.
"I was cooking dinner." He nodded once, giving a small sigh. "You can take any room you want, just try not to go to the second floor, and stay as far away from the cellar as possible." They all nodded, half of them going to grab keys from behind the reception desk. They left, walking up the stairs, only three staying in the room.
"Do you need help with dinner?" Brendon asked as Pete and Patrick looked at the books around the living area.
"No, you go ahead and get settled in." Ryan spoke as he walked back towards the kitchen, his dog prancing behind him. Pete and Patrick started climbing the stairs, one of them speaking right after the other.
"At least he wasn't some creepy old guy." Patrick said with a shrug. Brendon picked up the bags he was in charge of, giving a quick glance at the closed door that Ryan had disappeared behind.
"Yeah, he was even kind of hot. You could totally tap that B." Pete said with a laugh. Brendon sighed, and ran up the steps after Pete and Patrick.

Molly jumped up, biting the piece of meat Ryan held out for her. "That's a good girl." She barked and Ryan gave a small smile, going back to cutting carrots and the slab of meat for dinner. Brendon stood in the doorway, feeling left out from his friends and annoyed that he couldn't help. So he decided to watch Ryan cook, feeling curious as to what they were having. So far it looked like some mixed vegetables and some form of meat.
Ryan was completely oblivious and didn't seem to notice that Brendon was watching him from the door frame. Even though it made Brendon feel like a creeper, he couldn't help but watch as Ryan made dinner like it was an art form. He was stunning. The way his hands toyed with the sharp silver of the knife, stray strands of light brown hair falling in his face to cover his honey eyes. His ivory skin seemed to give a soft glow in the dim lighting of the kitchen, his clothing hugging his amazing body. He hated to admit it, but Pete was right. Ryan was hot. Brendon pushed his red glasses up the bridge of his nose, finally deciding to go ahead and talk to the other boy.
Brendon walked into the room, going up next to Ryan. "Um..Hi." Brendon stuttered a little, feeling a blush cover his face. Ryan didn't even look up, keeping his focus on the food he was making.
"Can I ask what it is you're doing here?" Ryan said in an emotionless tone. Molly gave a soft bark, wagging her tail as she jumped on Brendon.
"I thought you could use some help." Ryan put the knife down, looking up at Brendon with a somewhat angry expression.
"No. I don't need help. You're not doing anything by standing there. You should just go be with your friends." Ryan's voice was bitter, the sound being the result of living alone for almost all of his life.
"They had other things they wanted to do. None of which involves me." Brendon mumbled the last sentence, leaning over so he could pet Molly's soft coat. Ryan stayed silent, giving him a few minutes to think. He chose his words carefully, deciding that if the other boy wouldn't leave him alone that he might as well figure out why.
"Why are you guys here anyway?"
"My friends decided it would be a good idea to find an almost abandoned hotel so they could recreate some horror movie. I didn't actually want to come, but Pete kind of forced me." Ryan's brows knitted together.
"Which one is Pete?" Brendon mentally slapped himself.
"Right, you don't know any of their names. Okay, well, Pete's the one with the black fringe. Patrick's the blond, the boy with baby blue eyes is Spencer, the one with short dark brown hair is Jon, William has long brown hair, and the one with short black hair is Gabe."
"And which one are you?" Ryan let a small smile fall on his face, finding it slightly funny that the other boy had forgotten to introduce himself.
"I'm Brendon." He held out his hand for Ryan to take, having him just stare at the other boy.
"Ryan, and I'm not shaking your hand." Brendon looked slightly hurt, making Ryan sigh. "My hands are filthy. So, why did Pete force you to come?"
"He decided that the little movie their making needed music, so of course, he forced me to come and help."
"Right. That makes sense." Brendon snorted.
"Yeah, I know." Molly went over to the door, scratching at it while whining. Ryan gave a small sigh. "I can walk her, if you want." Brendon said with a smile. Ryan was silent, weighing the pros and cons.
"All right. Just keep her away form the cellar." Brendon nodded and opened the door, allowing the chinook to run out into the backyard. He followed, looking around at the nature that was lit by the dusk light. He watched as Molly ran out into the woods, staying hidden in the trees for a minute before running back out. She went over to the cellar door, scratching at it. Brendon tilted his head, his mind quickly becoming curious. He walked over to the cellar, hearing what sounded like a mans scream. He picked up the bolt lock, examining it before hearing Spencer's voice.
"Brenny! Dinner's ready." Brendon took one last glance at the locked door before turning and walking back towards the house, Molly reluctantly following close behind.


Thanks to all the people that reviewed last chapter. I know this one didn't have any real torture in it, but the next one will make up for it. Promise.
-xoxo Pansy.
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