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Like A Monster

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He had no reason or intention to get to know or be kind to any of them.

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Ryan watched the group eat in disgust. They looked like animals. Food being spilled across the cherry wood table, loud talking whether they had food in their mouths or not. It was disgusting. Only one of the people in the group seemed to be able to eat with manners, and Ryan tried to remember the name Brendon had given him. The blond, what was the blond's name? He gave a sigh, walking out of the room filled with disgusting people.
Why did it matter?
They were Mark's friends, not his. He had no reason or intention to get to know or be kind to any of them. Why should he? Most kids his age were assholes under it all anyway. Just looking at him and the things he had done was proof enough. He couldn't and wouldn't trust them. Not a single one.
He walked outside, leaving Molly in the room to eat the food that was dropped on the floor. There was someone already standing out there, the only light coming from the burning embers of a cigarette. It was one of the more feminine looking males, the wind blowing so his hair flew in his face while the ash flew off of the cigarette.
"It's fucking cold out here." He mumbled as he took the cancer stick from his hand, flicking off the ash mindlessly before crossing his arms and bringing the stick back up to his lips.
"You'll get used to it." Ryan mumbled. He was trying to decided whether to stay there and talk, or go back down to the cellar to do what he had been planning on. The boy held out the cancer stick out to Ryan, the boy shifting uncomfortably as he pushed his long wavy hair out of his face. William, that's what Brendon had said his name was. Ryan took the cigarette, placing it between his lips as he took a drag. He blew the smoke out while handing it back over to the other male. "Why aren't you eating?" William laughed.
"You kidding me? With those animals? No, I only eat if it's just Patrick or Gabe." Ryan nodded. William took a drag of the cancer stick, blowing the smoke out slowly before passing it back over to Ryan. "What about you? You fucking own this brilliant house, and you're still out here doing nothing." Ryan tapped the ash off of the cigarette, bringing it to his lips to let the smoke fill his lungs.
"Long story." He muttered as he blew the smoke out slowly. Shifting eyes; William knew he was hiding something. The cigarette was passed back to it's owner, having him finish it off before putting it out on the ground, the light source gone.
"Guess I should get back. Maybe we can have a chat some other time." Ryan gave a nod and watched as William walked back into the house. It really was a nice night out. Cold, but nice. The mountain air had a frosty and autumn sent to it, the leaves turning different warm colors before they fell to the soft ground.
Ryan sighed, walking over to the cellar door. He had to stop getting into all of these encounters with the people that were staying in the house; they were just awkward. He unlocked the cellar, going down inside of it. After closing it back up again he locked it, knowing that he didn't want anyone catching him. He wandered down the hall, opening a heavy metal door that had a large X in red spray paint on it. There was a bag outside of the room, filled with everything he could want. He picked it up and slung it over his shoulder, the weight making him imbalanced. It was one of the only rooms he ever had that had more than one person in it. A couple: Two females. Pretty little things, they were. Both seemed Irish, one with bright red hair, while the other had dark brown hair, almost dark enough to pass as black. Ryann found them strolling through the woods outback; lost. That's what they had said they were. That they were lost. He laughed at the irony. They would be lost forever.
The redhead was curled up next to the dark brown haired girl, the terror showing on their freckled faces. Bones were going at odd angles, sticking out of the skin of the brown haired girl. The red head looked like she had been crying, the other knocked out cold. Ryan paused for a minute as the red head watched him with her bright green eyes. The dirt from the room covered just about every inch of her, her curly hair tangled and ratty like her clothes.
"Please, please save her." Ryan grinned at the words, a crooked and malicious smile that would have sent the devil and his minions running.
"Of course." His voice was chipper, completely devoid of the insanity he had. He opened his bag, pulling out a needle and small vial. He let the liquid fill the needle, walking over to the limp girl on the floor. She was still breathing, her ribs tearing at her flesh, one arm twisted backwards so that the white bone was sticking out of the pale freckled flesh. He took her good arm, plunging the needle into her flesh. He pushed down on it, allowing the liquid to quickly flow into her arm.
The needle was pulled back out of her flesh, and not a minute later she woke up, her heart pounding. "Take this." Ryan said with a soft expression as he handed her a small blue pill. She took it without a second thought, probably thinking that it would stop the pain. Ryan looked at the other girl as he waited for the drugs to work the brown haired girl. "What's your name sugar?"
"Traci." He smiled, loving how easy it was to tell she was scared just by her voice. "Is my mate going to make it? You'll help her, right?" Ryan's grin grew.
"Of course doll." She seemed to be shaking, almost like she knew what was going to happen next. Ryan pulled out a small jar from the depths of his bag, shaking it a little before taking the cap off. Ten little spiders ran out of it, going towards the girl with drugs coursing through her veins. He watched as she screamed, her friend starting to panic. The brown haired girl started to claw at her own flesh, tearing off as much as she could, trying to get all of the spiders to get off of her. She continued to even after all of the the spiders were dead, her heart going into over drive until her wide eyes stopped searching.She stayed limp, Traci going over to her side. She gently pushed the other girls shoulder, having no response from the now dead girl.
"You killed her." Traci backed away from him, shaking her head back and forth as she tried to calm herself down. It was impossible; how could you be calm in a room with a killer? "You're a fucking monster." Ryan gave a bitter laugh.
"That's what my father used to say." He shook his head, picking up his bag. He walked to the door while she screamed.
"AREN'T YOU GOING TO KILL ME?" He smiled, turning around to look at her tortured face.
"No, I'm going to leave you here to deal with the guilt that you let your friend die." With that he left, slamming the metal door shut behind him. He put the bolt lock in place, allowing the bag to drop at his feet. He made his way back up the stair case, unlocking it before getting out. He locked it before anyone could see him, going towards the woods that surrounded the house.
He found some wood for a fire, bringing it back to the house so he had an excuse for being outside. Molly greeted him at the door, smiling with her tail wagging. Ryan gave a small smile, happy to know that he would always have at least one creature who would always be happy to see him.

Pete was wandering around on the second floor, deciding he wanted to know what Ryan was hiding. You don't just block off an entire floor unless you had something big to hide. And living out in the middle of nowhere meant that there had to be something that he was hiding.
He wandered down the corridor, reading the doors numbers. There were three hallways that all connected together to make a rectangle. There were about twenty rooms, ten on each side of the hall. All of the doors were closed, the numbers getting higher with each step. He slowed when he reached room 266, the door ajar. It was the only one, making Pete shudder.
He didn't know what it was, but something in the house just seemed off. He pushed the door open with his foot, peering into it. He gasped and the door slammed shut, locking with a click.


I've been having a really shitty week, so if it shows up in my writing, I'm really sorry.

FrankieXIero:We'll see if William dies or not. You wanna know something funny? Every time I read a story with Ryan in, I secretly beg the author not to kill him. An yet, it seems in just about every story I have on here, Ryan's either died or was severely injured.
But who knows what will happen? Maybe William will make it out. Maybe nothing will happen. Who knows? (Other than me.)

AnotherKnifeInMyHand:Hehehe~ Don't you just love it when people trick you that way? It seems that none of them have died as of yet, but you never know what's going to happen next.
He's had a rough past, (like in all of my stories) and hasn't really spent much time with ya know, people. So it kind of figures that he would be a little harsh and reluctant to make nice with the other people.

Katrina_Adams:It's unique. (In this section anyway.) And I'm glad you like it.

PartyPoison:We're all pretty sure that it'll go in a pretty horrible direction. But it's not about how it ends, it's what it takes to get there.

reinventlove152:I'm glad you like it. It'll go on for awhile, just based off of all of the plans I have for this story.

-xoxo Pansy.
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