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I jumped into the middle seat in the back of the car, which was squished in-between Frank and (you guessed it) Gerard. I didn't protest but I already knew this was gonna be a long drive. 10 minutes in and we were doing alright until Frank started to get bored and jumpy. I swear, he was a 6 year old trapped in a 23 year old's body. He was kicking the back of Ray's seat, making the car swerve a couple of times. The guys were yelling at him, while I sat back and watched. Frank didn't pay attention and continued jumping around the car. At some point he ended up sprawled across mine and Gerard's laps. He was dancing and singing along to the songs that played. When we had hit 40 minutes of this I had had about enough.

"Frank sit your fucking ass down on your own fucking seat before I throw you out of the damn car!" I screamed. He looked scared shitless and practically hurled himself back into his own seat. I kept my gaze on the road, but I could feel everyone's eyes on me, even Ray's, who was supposed to be watching the road as he drove.

"Eyes on the road Toro." I huffed, not giving a single glance.

The rest of the 1 and a half our drive was quiet, except for the occasional cough and sneeze.

We pulled up into a dirt driveway hidden from view of the road. In fact, if I had been driving along this road I would have missed it completely. I waited for Gerard to get out before scooting my way out. But, of course, being the girl I am, I trip and he catches me. We hold each other's gazes for only a moment, before he puts me down.

"erm- thanks Gee." I quickly realize I used my nickname for him and mentally scold myself. Take control Leda! Don't fall for those eyes again. Not again..

He whispers something along the lines of "…like a fallen angel…" but I don't hear it exactly. I walk pass him and follow the guys up a dirt path. We stop in front of the house and I stare in awe. I was expecting a simple log cabin out in the middle of the woods, but the house looked like something straight from a disney princess movie. It was surrounded in flowers and even had a gate in the shape of a heart.

"Guys why is this gate in the shape of a heart?" I asked. They all shrugged and made their way inside. I lingered behind everyone, taking notice of the garden that lay beyond the heart gate. I walked in and closed the door behind me. The guys were taking my things upstairs.

The inside of the cottage was dirty, but beneath all the trash were beautiful stone floors and the walls had different designs and drawings on each one. There was a grey stone fireplace that was currently unlit but I still wanted to cuddles up next to it. And there was vintage looking furniture surrounding a tv (that somehow got a good signal all the way out here). I made my way through a hand crafted arch and found the kitchen. Which held up-to-date appliances. I walked back into the main entrance and went through another archway to find a hallway. The hallway was covered in old photos of the guys and even some of me. I smiled when I found one of me and Gerard under a tree.

"I miss that." I jumped about half of Frank's height at the sound of Gerard's voice behind me.

"H-how?- w-what?-w-when?"I stuttered as I struggled to catch my breath. He put comforting hands on my shoulders, "Woah! Relax, don't want you to have a panic attack."

I took a deep breath. "What were you thinking sneaking up on me like that? You scared the shit out of me!" I slapped his hands away.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to, I was just looking for you and then I found you in here and you looked really happy looking at that picture of us, I just couldn't help myself." He apologized quickly.

I sighed, "It's fine I'm just overreacting."

"No it's my fault-" I shushed him by putting my fingers to his lips.

"It's no one's fault." I took my hand away, enjoying the lingering feeling of his lips pressed against them. Wait, Leda, not this again! No more romancing, you can deal with your love life after you save the world.

We both looked at the picture again.

"Do you miss it?" He asked.

"Miss what?"

"Everything we had," his words were soft.

"Of course I do."

"Could I ever make it up to you?" He asked with a sullen expression.

I didn't answer him, I was still unsure about the future. I turned to look at him, "What ever happened to that chick you were gonna marry?" My words came out harsh, to hide the fact that it hurt me to say them out loud.

"I called it off over the phone while waiting for you to wake up in the hospital," He sighed. "I could never have gone through with it."

"Did you sleep with her?" I couldn't help asking, he was my first and I had never even thought about sleeping with anyone else I dropped my gaze to the floor I knew my voice had lost it's defense. A single tear escaped down my cheek and landed on the stone floor. Apparently, Gerard saw and he engulfed me in a hug. I didn't bother pushing him away, I had lost the willpower to.

"I did what I had to do to keep you safe, and I didn't enjoy a single moment of it. I promise, it was all and act, I never stopped loving you, Leda." A few more tears made there way down my face and soaked into Gerard's shirt. I didn't wanna face the truth of his actions. But the thoughts of him with her kept coming back. They made me hate who I was, I didn't wanna be Lina Isabella Lazara, the girl to save the world. I just wanted to be Leda Trixie Anderson, the girl with the perfect boyfriend and perfect friends who saved her from a not so perfect life.

I looked up at Gerard, who still had me in his arms, and buried my face in his neck. I snake my arms around his neck and clung on as if my life depended on it. This was Leda, breaking, except she was not armed with a razor. She was just barely hanging on to reality.

"Your breaking my heart Gee." I whispered, intending on him not hearing. He hugged me tighter. "I promise you Leda, I'm gonna put it back together."

"Pinky promise?" I held up my pinky and he took it with his. It didn't get anymore official than that. At least we were now on speaking terms.

picture of the House-

When dinner came along everyone was in 'better' moods. I had made spaghetti with the help of Mikey and I cleaned up the house while desert cooked. By the time everyone had a finished their spaghetti and apple pie slices the house was spotless. We were all pretty tired with the day's events (me especially), so we were all ready for bed. There were only three bedrooms in the entire house, so since I was the only girl in the house, I got my own room upstairs. The guys split into the two bedrooms downstairs. I was uneasy about sleeping alone in this house, it was old and at night everything would creak. And to make the night so much better, a lightening storm had made it's appearance. Every boom! Creak, squeak, and thump would make me jump. I finally had had enough of this, I carefully walked downstairs with a candle lighting the way. It didn't do a very good job, and I was terrified of the dark. I followed the direction I remembered the guy's rooms being in and opened the first one, finding Mikey passed out and Gerard awake sitting on the windowsill. I knew Mikey was a deep sleeper so I closed the door without worry and placed my candle into a holder. Gerard noticed me walk in and quietly gestured to sit next to him. I obliged.

"Hey, can't sleep?" He whispered.

I nodded, "I'm scared to, the house is really dark and the storm scares me every time-" Boom! the storm cackled, making me jump into Gerard's arms and cower into his chest. He rubbed my back. "Do you want me to sleep with you in your room tonight?" I nodded, trusting him.

We made our way up the stairs and into the room. I climbed into bed and he followed. I was so tired, I didn't bother with boundaries. I cuddled into him. Another loud Boom! echoed through the night, yet again, making me jump. Gerard rubbed my back and hummed a soft tune. His angelic voice masked all the scary sounds and his arms protected me from the dark. Before another Boom! could be heard, I had fallen into a dreamless sleep.
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