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I Guess This is Goodbye

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I was born Jodie Marie Dawes on March 26, 1965 to Mary-Anne and Robert Dawes. I was born in Littleton, New Hampshire, but I don't remember it at all, since we moved when I was six months old. We headed north to Houlton, Maine. We lived there for a short while, until I was nine months old, and then they moved to Lowell, Massachusetts. We stayed there the longest, until I was almost five. We headed south to Wakefield, Rhode Island and stayed until I was seven. It was in Wakefield where my parents found out I had ADHD. They didn't have insurance, so I was forced to shake uncontrollably throughout my childhood because they couldn't be bothered to buy medication for me. They could afford booze, though. And plenty of it. Next we hopped to Hartford, Connecticut until I was ten. They got the brilliant idea that moving west would be financially beneficial. Lansing, Michigan was next. When I was eleven, they gave birth to Edward Jacob Dawes. Two months after Edward was born, we moved down to Lincoln, Nebraska. We stayed there until I was twelve, and then they moved us to Denver, Colorado. There they gave birth to Amelia Lynne Dawes. When I was fourteen, they moved us to San Francisco, California. We stayed there until I was fifteen. We hopped around a lot between the time I was fifteen and sixteen, and we finally landed up in Pasadena, California. I quit school when I was seventeen, and went down to Los Angeles. Dave was already famous by then, so I crashed at his place and met Motley Crue.
That was just an overview of the places they moved us to. I was diagnosed with dyslexia when I was six, but again they never did anything about it. I became frustrated with school and learning, and was a steady F student throughout school. It just pissed me off because I knew I couldn't do any of the work they wanted me to. I understood shit. I became a trouble maker when I was eight, and a class clown. I loved making people laugh; I still do. My parents weren't much of a parental force whatsoever. They just sat back, got wasted and high, and let us do whatever the fuck we pleased. Mind you, they took care of Edward and Amelia until they could "take care of themselves" at eighteen months. They were decent parents until I was about five. They had problems with alcohol and drugs before they had me, and cleaned up in hopes of making their daughter's life decent. I hated my parents throughout my childhood. They were never there. It led me to shed the name they gave me as a baby and adopt Jessica as a name. No middle, no last name. Just Jessica. I wanted to forget who Jodie Marie Dawes was. I wanted to become a new person. I was thrilled when Dave called me and told me of his newfound fame, and I begged to stay at his place, and he accepted, since we were great friends during high school. I partied really hard up until the summer of '83, in which I slowed down once the death of Randy Rhoads finally hit me. I had been smoking pot, drinking tons, snorting some bumps, doing a little X. I was starting to become a tweaker, but thank fuck the realization hit me when it did, or I'd probably be dead now. Today, I just smoke cigarettes. I was also quite the little whore from '82 to mid-'83. I lost my virginity to some guy on the party scene, and I managed to sleep with Vince, Nikki, and Tommy during this time-period, although I don't really remember it. Yes, I wasn't a virgin when we had sex. I'm sorry, I didn't want to hurt you with details from my past. I screwed Eddie once, too. I think that's why we don't talk much, since we were both drunk, but we both remember it happening. We were really good friends up until that point. You started coming around in the beginning of '83, saying you'll be a rockstar just like all the Motley guys. We all laughed at you, because we didn't believe in you. Now I do believe in you, because I've heard your singing. You're gonna make it big.

Sebastian stared at me in awe. "You've lived one hell of a life, Jessica."
I snorted. "Not really. It's just one big mess of a life."
"What happened to Edward and Amelia?"
"They're seven and six now, still living with my parents. I think. I ran away at seventeen and haven't talked to them since. For all I know they could be living in Alaska. I don't really care. They aren't real parents."
"Shit, Jess," Sebastian said, running a hand through his long hair. "Sorry."
"Don't apologize for their wrong doings," I mumbled. "Ugh. I'm just so sick of dealing with my past."
Someone started yelling from the top of Sebastian's stairs. He got up and I followed him. His mom was at the top of the stairs.
"There's been a change in plans, Sebastian," She said. She sounded rushed. "We have to leave right now. Go grab whatever you have left and get in the truck."
"What the hell, Mom!" Sebastian screamed. "Now I won't be able to spend one last day with Jessica."
"You can call her when we get home," She snapped. "Get your shit, I'm serious, Sebastian."
She stormed off and started yelling at someone. Sebastian sighed. "Well, I guess this is goodbye."
I felt a tear start to drip down my cheek. I reached to brush it away, but Sebastian beat me to it. "Don't cry, babe. Please don't cry."
"I already miss you," I said, my voice a hoarse whisper. I didn't want to cry in front of him.
He took me in a comforting hug, and held me for a long while. I reached my head up to kiss him passionately. He ran down, got his mattress, and gave me a soft kiss goodbye.
"I'll call you when I get there," He whispered. I nodded quietly. "I love you. Come back to LA when you're 18."
He nodded, and got in the back of the moving truck. I waved goodbye to him until the truck rounded a corner and I couldn't see him anymore. I let out a deep, guttural scream, and walked back to his old house. The front door was left open, so I closed it for them. I ran down the stairs to Sebastian's bedroom and felt a pain in my chest at how empty it was. It still smelled like him. His fucking soap was strong.
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