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Time Flies By

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"A few more hours 'til the new year, Jessie."
Vince, Nikki, Dave, Tommy, Razzle, Sebastian and I had squeezed into Vince's car, and he drove us all to Redondo Beach. We sat on the sand, watching amateurs and professionals light fireworks over the water. Someone had a huge countdown clock rigged to a beach house, and it sat off to the side of the beach. Sebastian had laid a blanket on the sand, and I sat in front of him on it, a quilt draped over our shoulders to block out the wind whipping around. Vince, Tommy, and Nikki were running into the water, jumping in front of fireworks, and tipping them over to see what would happen. Razzle sat next to Sebastian and I, smoking cigarette after cigarette. Dave was next to Razzle, surprisingly not snorting blow. Little kids were splashing each other and building sand castles. I held on to Sebastian's hands.
"When are you leaving?"
"January 10th," Sebastian whispered. He rested his chin on my head.
I sighed. "I'm going to miss you like crazy."
"I'm going to miss having sex with you."
I turned to look into his eyes, and he was smiling like mad. "You asshole."
He started laughing, and I joined him. Someone lit off a huge firework, and it exploded over the water.
"Look at them blokes over there!" Razzle shouted, laughing hysterically. "What the hell are they doing?"
I followed Razzle's gaze, and saw Tommy and Nikki stripping down and soaking their balls in the water. I snorted loudly.
"Christ, they're idiots," I laughed.
The two of them started chasing each other with their soaking wet balls, and they both ended up tripping and going underwater.
"The funny part is, Nikki doesn't know how to swim," Dave chuckled, lighting a cigarette. Tommy resurfaced, and Nikki did too, sputtering and thrashing in the water. Tommy was laughing too hard to pull Nikki up for air.
"Why is this funny?" Razzle yelped in between laughs. I rolled my eyes and ignored their antics. I turned my body so I was facing Sebastian. Even though I was three years older than him, he towered above me. I looked up at his eyes, which were shielded behind his long hair. He gently grabbed my face and gave me a soft kiss. Dave pushed me into Sebastian, and our heads hit against each other.
"Dave, you fucking asshole!" I screamed, rubbing my forehead and running after him, who was running like a fucking cheetah. Vince tackled him to the ground, and I took advantage of his fall and leapt onto his back.
"Fuck you!" I screamed. I hit him once in the face. He started laughing.
"I thought you were stronger than that, dyke!" He screamed. I narrowed my eyebrows.
"Don't fucking call me that! You fucking faggot!" I screamed.
"Alright, enough with the slang words, you assholes," Sebastian said loudly, pulling me off of Dave. He dragged me back to the blanket as I tried to kick sand into Dave's face. "Jessica, for Christ's sakes, he just pushed us together. Chill the fuck out."
"I'm sick of his shit!"
"What the fuck are you on? He hasn't done shit to you!"
"He's been an asshole to me all night!"
Sebastian sat me down on the blanket and held me close to him. "Just chill the fuck out, okay? Let's just watch the fireworks and wait for the new year. We have fifteen more minutes."
I folded my arms and narrowed my eyebrows in frustration. Soon enough, though, Sebastian's presence had calmed me, and I found myself counting down the last few seconds of 1983. Hopefully 1984 would be better.
"Five! Four! Three! Two! One!" I shouted. Someone shouted out Happy New Year! and I turned to face Sebastian. I kissed him passionately, and he kissed me back.
"I love you so much Sebastian. You mean everything to me."
"You are my everything," He whispered into my ear, and kissed me again. I had never felt so loved in my life before. I wrapped my arms around his neck loosely, and rested my chin on his shoulder. I could have stayed like that forever.

"Come over, please. It's my last day here."
I wanted to go over there so badly, but it would hurt so much knowing I'd not see him again.
"I'm busy."
"Doing what? Moping around about me leaving?”"
Christ, he knew me well. "Fine, I'll be over in a few."
I hung up and looked at my fingernails. The last nine days had flew by so quickly. I remember how far away January 10th sounded. I pulled my boots on and slowly trudged to Sebastian's house. There was a moving van there, no doubt bringing everything to their Toronto home early so it'd be there before they got there. I went down the stairs to Sebastian's room and he was laying on his mattress. It was the only thing left in the room.
"Hi," I said quietly. He looked up at me and smiled a sad smile. I sat down next to him.
"I can't believe I'm moving tomorrow," He whispered. I held his hand in mine. "I can't believe it either."
"What are you gonna do when you get to Toronto?"
"I don't know, sit in my new room alone, probably. Miss you terribly."
I kissed him gently. "Wanna have sex, one last time before you go?"
He pushed his lips onto mine roughly, and he grasped at my loose clothing, pulling it off with ease. I helped him out of his tight as hell pants and pressed my body against his. I could feel his erection on my stomach.
"Can I try something different today?" He whispered into my ear.
"Whatever you want."
He moved me so I was laying on my stomach, and he lined himself up with my ass. I winced when he pushed into me. This was worse than losing my virginity.
"Shit! Fuck that hurts," I groaned. He slowly pushed in and out, trying to get me used to being stretched so far. I suddenly felt him pull out completely and lean down to look at me.
"Shit! Did that hurt? You're crying."
He brushed a tear away with his finger. "I don't know why I'm crying. I didn't even feel the tears start."
He looked guilty, and I could see him starting to lower.
"I'm sorry," He whispered. I kissed him roughly. "Don't be sorry. Just fuck me."
"I can't," He mumbled, red faced. His erection was completely gone now. I sighed and pulled my clothes back on.
"What was that all about?" I asked him once we were both clothed.
"The thought of hurting you at all just fucking destroyed me."
"It didn't hurt," I lied.
"Your ass is bleeding, and you're crying. It must have hurt."
I didn't realize I was still crying. "Fuck, I don't know why I'm crying."
"Why aren't you concerned that your ass is bleeding?"
"I have pants on, so I'm not gonna ruin your mattress," I stated. He rolled his eyes.
"I'm sorry."
"Stop saying that! I wasn't used to it, that's all."
We sat there in an uncomfortable silence for a few minutes, just staring at each other.
"This is a nice leaving present," Sebastian mumbled sarcastically. I slapped his arm playfully.
"It would have if you just let me bite the bullet and get used to it."
Sebastian changed the subject. "Where are you going to be staying when we leave?"
"Either at Dave's, The Motley House, or beg Eddie."
"I'll try calling Dave's first when I get there," Sebastian promised. I nodded slightly.
"Tell me about your past."
I looked up at him. "Huh?"
"You've never told me about your life before. Ever. Wanna tell me?"
I bit my lip. "Um, not really..."
"Please? I'm moving tomorrow."
I sighed. This was gonna be a long fucking story.
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