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Yo! Red Cap!

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Frank has a terrible fall.

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Gerard's P.O.V

I pulled away from Frank, confused at everything that had just happened.
'I love you.' Frank looked at me smiling, his gorgeous russet green eyes shining brighter than ever.
'What? Frank, You can't... I mean I've got to go. I'm sorry.' I shut the door on him, and ran upstairs into Mikey's bedroom, I threw myself on to his bed, head burried into the pillow. Mikey was on the floor reading his comic.
'Dude! What happened? Why was Frank at the door.' I lifted my head from his pillow, removing hair from my face.
'Well when I came to the door, Frank just threw his arms around my neck and kissed me. Then when I pulled away he told me he loved me!? I mean I didn't know what to do so I just shut the door on him. How does he know? MIKEY DID YOU TELL HIM?' I moved closer to Mikey, angrily.
'No! Why would I tell him? You know us Way's don't tell anyone's secrets. Did you tell anyone?' I sat upright on Mikey's bed clutching the pillow on my lap, I thought for a while when one name came to my head.
'Maisy...' Mikey let out a huge sigh of frustration. I couldn't help but have a sorry but pissed look on my face. 'I thought I could trust her, but obviously not. Maybe Frank doesn't like me, maybe he's doing out of guilt?' I was just throwing some reasons together, but no-one of them could match the one reason that is true. 'Or maybe he does actually like me? But it's impossible, like you said the other day Frank isn't gay.' I looked over to Mikey still in confusion.
'Wait Gerard if Frank likes you, what's the big deal? I mean you like him, he likes you! What I said about Frank not being gay, well I was angry and plus then he had a girlfriend, he could be bi? I suppose.' I nodded my head, then left Mikey's room. I headed towards my bedroom door, when my phone vibrated, I got a text from Frank. I opened the text and read it ' G, I'm sorry. We need to talk please? F x I closed the text and put it back into my pocket. I walked into my bedroom and sat on my bed. The backs of my feet hit something underneath my bed. I pulled it out from under it and I saw that it was the picture for Frank's birthday, I walked over to my desk and started to finish it, by adding colour to it. I was nearly finished when my phone when off again. Please? Meet me on the bridge by the river. We really need to talk. F x I sent a reply to him then abandoned the painting.
'I'm just popping out, I won't be long!' I shouted, the whole house echoed my sentence. I slammed the door behind me and ran to the bridge. Where I saw Frank sitting on the wall, his legs dangling over the river. He looked cute.
'YO! RED CAP!' I saw Frank's head swing around on his neck. Frank was lifting one of his legs up when he slipped. I ran over to the wall, where Frank was dangling from, his hands gripped tightly on to the wall, but slowly slipping.
'HOLD ON FRANK! I CAN SAVE YOU!!' I could see the fear in Frank's eyes. Maybe this is how Frank dies? What if it is? I mean I can't cheat death! I held tight on to Frank's hands.
'No! Gerard, I'm a horrible person just let me fall! I'll be fine, just let go!' Frank struggled out of my grip.
'FRANK DON'T LET GO! I-I love you! I mean, I have ever since I met you Frank! Please just don't fall you can't die, not now not when I need you the most!' I could feel Frank's grip getting tighter on to my hands. I pulled Frank up as much as I could, but I wasn't strong enough. I saw a pipe going across the bridge.
'Frank try and get your feet up on there!' Frank saw the pipe and tried pulling himself on to it.
'I can't Gerard it's too high!'
'Just do it, knowing that I believe!' Frank pulled himself on to the pipe and I pulled him over the wall. I hugged him tight, I didn't ever want to let him go. 'Frank we need to talk about what happened.'
'I know. Well, I can explain. Maisy asked me to meet her at the bridge to talk things through, then she told me why she actually asked me out, to get closer to you. Then she told me about you, and how you felt about me. I really didn't have a clue I wish I had taken more notice but now I can, right?' I sat down on the wall, with my back facing the river I didn't fancy falling in
'I don't know Frank. I mean, I love you I really do but I don't know if you feel about me that way, truthfully. Also, I'm still kind of freaked out because, I thought you was..s-straight.' I looked down into my lap, hair covering my face.
'Gerard, I wouldn't be saying this if it was a joke. I'm not Maisy.'
'I thought I could trust her.' I looked up at Frank's caring face.
'Gerard, Trust no-one. I mean, If I didn't like you why would I tell you not to stop playing with my hair? Sleeping next to you? Love waking up to your leg inter whined with mine? I mean I went out with Maisy because yeah I suppose I liked her, but before her Gerard I liked you a lot. Just to answer your question, I'm bi' I smiled at his answer. I stood up and hugged him, I kissed him on the cheek and whispered 'I'll see you at school tomorrow' I moved away and started walking home. 'And no running off this time!!'

I hope none of you readers will be running off ;) Anyways two chapters in one night, thanks from the nagging carrot head xD Hope you enjoy it, sorry if it seems rushed :/ xoxox
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