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Sequel Information.

by ParanoiaDestroyah 3 reviews

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I just wanted to get this story back up in people's faces.
One last go of it, you know?

AND I wanted to make everyone aware there WILL be a sequel.
I have made the executive decision to give this a part two!
And so it's easier for you all to just add this to your alerts, because I will put the first chapter of the sequel in here, then post it to it's own individual story.
Not sure how long it's going to take me to think of a plot line, but it WILL be as soon as possible.

In the mean time, I will write a Frikey.
Maybe you could read that, if you're interested.
Only if you're feeling froggy.
It should be up within the next week, or so.

Anyway, thank you SO much for all the good reviews!

It's really awesome that you all read this, and some of you reviewed. It's genuinely appreciated.

Love you guys.
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