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I'd Always Love Him

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The conclusion to the saga. R&R

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Gerard’s POV

-Eight Weeks Later-

It was about nine at night, and I had just got done with my shift at the grocery store. I quit the whole phone sex thing and saved the dirty talk for Mikey. As I was getting into the car, I got a text from Mikey.

It said;
Get home soon. I’ve got a surprise for you. ;)

I smiled, and slipped my phone back into my back pocket. I was half way home, about five minutes away. My cell phone rang again, but this time it was a call. I flipped it open, and put it to my ear.

“He-” I got out before I heard a scream, and something break.

“GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE, YOU FREAK!” Mikey screamed, and I heard what sounded like glass breaking.

“Mikey! Mikey what’s going on?!” I said, concerned as all holy fuck. I automatically started driving as fast as I could.

“HE’S IN THE FUCKING HOUSE AND HE’S GOT A FUCKING GUN!” He shouted, and I heard more glass break.

“He who!?” I asked, genuinely confused.

“The ‘xo’ guy! He took my phone, texted you, locked me in the basement and I just got out!” He shrieked, and I heard the shouting of a raspy, deep voice.

That voice was unique to someone… Corey. The phone number had an ‘xo’ at the bottom. He told me the most romantic gesture he could think of was red roses and notes written in calligraphy. How could I have been so stupid? Of course it wasn’t Bob… It was always Corey. The smokes… he knew about the smokes… I saw him getting in his car as I left to come here.

“Fuck. Get out of there!” I said.

“Gee please hurry, he’s blocking the door and I don’t know if I can-” He said sounding like he was crying before I heard a loud smack, and then someone handling the phone.

“Hello, Gerard.” I heard Corey say. I felt my blood boiling in my veins. He made me so scared, and he pissed Mikey off so much.

“Fucking a… What did I tell you!? I told you I wasn’t looking for a damn relationship, and you said you weren’t either!” I said, pissed off.

“I belong with you, Gerard. We need to be together. We’re soul mates.” He said with a chuckle.

I belong with Mikey. You belong in a mental institution.” I snapped.

“Oh, I don’t know why you have to fight this. We were made for each other.” He said. I could imagine the smirk on his horrible face. “Get the fuck down!”

“What are you doing to Mikey!? Leave him the fuck alone!” I shouted, and neared the driveway.

“I’m not doing anything to him yet.” He said.

“You touch him again, I will not fucking hesitate to kill you here you fucking stand.” I growled at him and pulled in the driveway carelessly. I didn’t bother taking my keys out of the ignition, or shutting the door.

“Someone’s in your driveway, Ger-” He started before I hung up the phone and opened the front doors.

“Surprise!” I said. He smiled at me. He smiled at me like I was genuinely happy to see him. It was a sick smile. A twisted, crazy, demented, nauseating smile. “Get the fuck out.” I commanded.

“Oh Gera-” He began.

“Get. The fuck. Out of. Our house.” I said and my fists clenched tightly.

“Not without you, sweetheart.” He said.

“You’ll leave with fucking nothing, and like it.” Then Mikey popped into my head.

“We-” He started. I cut him off. Once again.

“Where’s Mikey?” I asked, and suddenly became frantic. He didn’t respond. “WHERE THE FUCK IS MIKEY?”

“Gee…” I heard faintly from the kitchen. I started to run towards the kitchen door, but Corey was faster and got in before I did. He picked Mikey up from off the floor, held him up by his neck, and pulled out that gun Mikey had talked about. He held it to the side of Mikey’s head.

“NO!” I shouted at him. Corey just chuckled.

“With him out of the way, we can be together forever… Don’t you see? He’s the only thing keeping us apart. Mikey squirmed weakly, trying to break free. I started crying.

“P-Please… Please… L-Leave… Don’t… Please don’t hurt him…” I begged.

“Why do you want him around? He’s nothing to you. You need to see he’s just standing in your way. You could be with me. Forever. We could be together. Forever.” He said, with that sick smile still glued to his face.

“I want him around because I love him more than anything. Please… Please don’t hurt him.” I pleaded as I continued to cry. He shook his head and scoffed. “What do I have to do to make you leave Mikey alone?”

“I don’t know.” He shrugged. Like all he had planned was just killing Mikey and taking me someplace. Not a very good stalker if you asked me. What about plans A, B, and fucking C? Maybe I could trick him. He’d probably be easily distracted.

“I-I’ll do anything… Please j-just don’t hurt him… Please…” I implored. Mikey continued to struggle weakly, like he had been previously hurt, and he was frail.

“I want to fuck you.” He started. “In front of him. I want you to make your little lover cry.” I nodded, he raised an eye brow and dropped Mikey. I winced. He groaned in pain, and I felt terrible. He looked over at me with a pathetic expression. It was either this, or he would’ve been killed. I have to. I told myself. I have to. I didn’t wasn’t anything to do with this guy, and now I have to cheat on Mikey.

I walked behind him, and wrapped my arms around him and kissed the tattoo on the left side of his neck. I felt a tear roll off my cheek, as I glanced around the kitchen, trying not to think about what I just agreed to do. As I looked at the counter, I noticed the knife rack. Cheat on Mikey or stab this motherfucker… Stab this motherfucker.

“Hey babe…” I started. “I’ve got an idea…” I said and nibbled on his ear.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“Mmm… Just… Close your eyes…” I whispered. I grabbed one of the longer knives off of the rack, and he still had his eyes closed. I wrapped my arms around him, and positioned the knife right at the bottom of his rib cage at an angle. I wasn’t going to let him get back up. “And… Corey…?”

“Yeah?” He said, with his eyes still closed.

“I fucking hate you.” I snarled, and pushed the knife into his chest as fast and as hard as I could. Corey’s mouth fell open, and he fell to the floor. I at least expected a scream. He just fell to the floor with a thud, and I instantly dropped everything and ran over to Mikey.

“Mikey… Mikey… Are you okay?” I asked, and pulled him up. He had apparently fell asleep.

“Y-Yeah…” He stammered. “I-Is it over? Did he hurt you? Is he gone?”

“He didn’t hurt me. And he’s gone.” I said and stroked his hair.

“D-Did you enjoy it?” He asked and tears welled up in his eyes.

“No… Mikey… Nothing happened… I… Killed him…” I said. It actually wasn’t as hard to think about. I’m actually glad I did it. He probably would’ve hurt Mikey anyway.

“You what?!” He whispered urgently.

“I-I had to. I didn’t want to cheat on you, he would’ve hurt me, and he would’ve probably hurt you, too!” I retorted.

“O-Oh… You… You did that for… me?” He asked, still sounding weak.

“Yeah… Do you… Do you think we should call Frank and tell him…?” I asked.

“Yeah… Probably…” He said.

“What did he do to you?” I asked quickly, more concerned with Mikey than anything else at the moment.

“He gave me muscle relaxants…” He answered.

“You took them willingly?” I questioned.

No. Of course not. He shoved them down my fucking throat! I wouldn’t take anything that psycho gave me willingly!” He retorted.

“Okay. Okay. Come on.” I said, and helped him up. We walked past Corey’s limp form, and to the kitchen door.

Suddenly, I heard the loudest noise ever. My ears rung, and then Mikey screamed. I looked around, confused, and saw Corey’s chest rise and fall one last time before he lied still, his gun in hand. I just realized what had happened. He just shot Mikey. Mikey continued to scream, and I picked him up and carried him out of the kitchen, and lied him down on the couch. I ran to the phone, and dialed 911.

-Time Lapse-

“Mouse… I love you… So much…” I whispered to him, standing over his hospital bed.

“Gee… I love you, too.” He smiled. “And when I get out of here… I’m going to kiss you until your lips swell up.”

Since Mikey’s curtain was sealing us off from the rest of the hospital, I leaned down and kissed him passionately. I explored the inside of his mouth, and I felt him smile into the kiss. He cupped my cheek in his hand as he pressed me into him. Our lips mingling, and our tongues dancing together fervently.

-Time Lapse-

Omniscient POV

Frank Iero sat in a pew in the first row, beside Ray Toro, and Bob Bryar. All three kept their heads down, and a tear came to Bob’s eyes. He promised himself he wouldn’t cry, but it was to hard to keep it to himself. It hurt. It surprised him how much it hurt. He glanced over at Frank, who was staring at his rose.

Frank sat in silence, and refused to look up at the person delivering the eulogy. He hadn’t thought it would’ve ended like this. It upset him deeply. The thought alone made him sick to his stomach. His friend of 19 years in a casket.

Ray sighed. His best friend. Delivering the eulogy for his little brother after trying to commit suicide four times since Mikey’s death. He couldn’t imagine how painful this was for him. Ray tried not to cry watching Gerard. Gerard was shaking, and he’d have to stop and wipe his cheeks free of tears. He’d stop, and just let himself cry occasionally. Ray wanted to walk right up there and give him a hug.

“And… He as the best brother a person could ask for… He… He’d love you no matter what… He’d help you through anything… He was… Everything to me… Hell, he still is. I don’t know what I’m going to do without him… I don’t know how I’m going to look myself in the mirror everyday… Or how I’m going to stay off the sauce… But… He’d still be there for me either way… And… He’d want us all to be happy… And enjoy every minute we have… This is a real sign of everyone’s mortality. Mikey would’ve lived a great life. He would’ve met a nice girl… Had some sweet, beautiful children… And he would’ve died an old man, warm, comfortable, and long after his older brother.” Gerard said, and hung his head, letting the tears fall again. He bit his lip and tried to keep from wailing. His little brother was dead, and he felt he was ultimately responsible for Mikey’s death. He felt like Mikey dissevered the life he got to live. He wondered why god decided to take such a sweet, gentle 19 year old.

“His memory wont be forgotten. Certainly not with me. He’ll live forever, in all of our hearts.” He said, and stepped down from the podium. He stepped over to the casket, and placed Mikey’s pajama bottoms from the Christmas that they fought, the Mickey Mouse ornament, and a patch of the back seat of his car in his casket. If He could’ve, he would’ve ripped his heart out and put it in there, too.

“Mouse… I love you… So much…” Gerard whispered, and a tear fell on Mikey’s cheek.

Gerard’s POV

-3 years later-

Frank walked up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Good morning, gorgeous.” He said and kissed my cheek.

“Good morning, babe.” I said and smiled warmly at him.

Frank and I had been dating for two years, and engaged for a month. I never thought I could get over Mikey. I never thought I would have any feelings for anyone else for the rest of my life. I never thought I would’ve crawled into the arms of Mikey’s cop friend Frank. Mikey would’ve wanted me to move on, he would’ve wanted me to be with someone. I mean, if the tables were turned, I would’ve wanted the same thing for him. I wouldn’t have been thrilled at the idea, but I’d want him to be happy. And Frank made me happy. Frank even knew about Mikey and I, and he was perfectly fine with it.

I was glad I had Frank, but I would always love Mikey more than I ever could anyone else.

I thought about Mikey everyday. I thought about his smile, his laugh, and his face when he’d sleep. I’d always love him.


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