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A fallen hero

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When its all over for Archie, how is Atlanta going to take it?An Archie and Atlanta Fan fiction.

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Ok, I got the idea for this while writing Pairs to play, which is not done yet, I'm still working on it. Also, I have been trying not to read the new stories being posted; do you know how hard that is? But I really don't want to take someone else's idea. Please rate and review, and just a warning this may jerk some tears.


Atlanta knelt down by her fallen friends grave. Her tears slowly fell down and pooled on the dusty ground. She completely broke down, and the funeral had not even begun yet.

Theresa came up beside her friend and tried to comfort her. "He's in a good place. He died happy."

"No he didn't I could see it in his eyes. There was something that he had not finished yet, something that meant the world to him. And I'm going to finish it for him." Atlanta said through her tears and standing up, fiery determination being to run through her veins.
"Archie never let anything go unfinished." She continued, walking back to the dorm house.

"Atlanta..." Theresa called but soon gave up, noticing the determination flooding through her friend.


Atlanta ran back to the brownstone dorm house at top speed. She reached the house and immediately began to tear through her dead friend's bedroom. She ripped through everything and looked in every nook and cranny. She did not find anything, it was after midnight when Jay finally made her stop and go to bed.

Atlanta grabbed her pajamas from her room and fell asleep on Archie's bed. She felt so alone, like a large part of her had died with Archie. And part of her probably had, Archie was her best friend, he knew when she was angry or upset before she did. She cried herself to sleep; actually she was not sure that she had stopped crying since Archie died a week ago. The previous mornings she found that her pillow was soaked through. She had this feeling that her friend was not resting peacefully.


"Archie! Move!" Atlanta called noticing the arrow soaring towards her friend's bare heel his brace had been loosened and he had to take it off to get out some rocks that had wedged their way in. Atlanta herself was fending off Agnon while Jay, Odie and Herry were cornering Cronos. Odie had come up with a way to stop him from creating a portal and escaping. Neil and Theresa were helping her and Archie fend off Cronos's minions.


Archie tried to roll away but was to slow; he had to watch out for his weak heel. The arrow landed an inch above the weakest part of his heel. It made a sickening sound on impact. Atlanta immediately left her fight with Agnon and rushed to Archie's side. Odie and Jay followed in suite, the others keeping Cronos and his minions at bay. Odie began to carefully remove the arrow with Jays help. Atlanta rest Archie's head in her lap. "Don't die Archie, you can make it. It's not bad. Please don't die." She whispered in her friend's ear.

"Atlanta I ..." Archie said breathing slowly, his face painted with pain. Odie successfully removed the arrow just as Archie breathed his last breath, with a look in his eye that would haunt Atlanta for the rest of her life. It was the look he had in his eye when he was about to accomplish something important. Theresa, Neil and Herry managed to capture Cronos, Zeus personally put him back in Tartarus, but for the titans celebrating was hard, they had lost one of their best friends. They all wondered how Atlanta would take it, Archie was her best friend, he was pretty much her twin.
"Archie?" Atlanta whispered as she saw a faded version of her fallen friend, his heel still bleeding slowly but it left no stain on the carpet. Archie patted the bed, indicating for his friend to move closer to him on his bed. Noticing the look that was still in his eyes, the one that he had when he was about to finish something important.


"Ok why are you sleeping in my bed?" Archie said blushing.

"I miss you so much, sleeping here makes me feel closer to you." Atlanta replied blushing almost as hard as Archie was, tears still softly falling down her face

"Ok" Archie said as Atlanta laid down in his lap, shocked to find that he was solid enough to hold her head as she started cry harder than before. Archie began to brush the tears from her face. "Atlanta I love you." Archie said fading slowly from the bed, his face relaxing, like he had finished a goal that he had be working on for a long time.

"Archie, I love you to." Atlanta replied as her friend slowly faded form the bed.


Atlanta jolted awake. She was panting and sweating in her pajamas. She looked around and was surprised to find herself on the other side of Archie's bed than she went sleep on. The spot beside her was still warm and looked like someone was sitting there just a moment ago. "Archie..." she whispered. The memory of him saying I love you was still so fresh in her mind. It took a moment to click but she soon realized that was what he had meant to say before he died.

Atlanta slept better than she had for a week. She knew that her friend was resting peacefully now; she knew what he had meant to say when he died. She got up early the following morning and wrote I will always love you on a piece of paper to bury to her friend.

At the funeral that morning she slid it in with the flowers that her friends were strewing. She knelt by her friend's still empty grave for one last time as she tried to say her final good-byes. Instead she promised to forever write to Archie, knowing that some how he would know what she wrote and send her a sign to prove it.

Oh, a bit of a tearjerker. Please rate and review. This is supposed to be a one shot thing but I think I will be forever changing it.
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