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caution: this chapter is evil. read at your own risk

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Before the crimson blood river could engulf my entire body someone yanks me off of the hooded man's shoulder. I gasp and close my eyes, but I'm caught in mid air and set gently on the ground. I don't bother even trying to get up, and with my bounds it's impossible. I stare up and watch as Gerard, Ray, Mikey, and Frank face off with the hooded man. They circle around him in a wolf-pack kinda way each one of them letting out a growl. Then, they all close in on him, Ray and Mikey pick up his legs, while Frank and Gerard take his arms. They all pull at the same time, ripping his limbs off with a fleshy tearing sound. I turn my head and close my eyes in horror and disgust. And I feel my breakfast threatening to reappear. But that doesn't block out the awful sounds of flesh being torn apart. I open my eyes again but I don't dare to turn my head. The river was now back to it's normal color and looked undisturbed. I feel my heart still beating rapidly from under my chest and I breath as best I can through my nose, but I'm not getting nearly enough air as I should be in this state.

After a while, the horrible tearing sounds subside, I keep my head turned away from the bloody scene that was probably much worse now. I see Frank's bare feet as he runs up to me, but I'm too shocked and dizzy to look up. He kneels down and carefully unties me, I still pay no attention to him. I stare straight ahead through slit eyelids, it takes all I have not to pass out.

"L-Leda? Leda are you a-alright? Did he h-hurt you?" Frank stutters. He's such a softy. His hands were covered in blood, so were his clothes. I couldn't stand the site of it.

Frank picks me up, clearly forgetting about the blood and probably smearing it all over my clothes. My head falls back and I close my eyes, still conscious. I here him mutt a few cuss words, clearly thinking I was unconscious.

I smell smoke and can only assume that they're burning the evidence. The smell adds to my nausea and I puke over Frank's shoulder. Frank drops me and the last thing I hear is Gerard yelling at Frank and a lot of cursing.


I wake up with one of the worse headaches I've ever had. I groan and put my hand to my head, but instead of feeling my skin I feel someone else's. I open my eyes to see Gerard holding a wet cloth over my head. The site of him makes the pain instantly subside and I curse to myself for letting him make me feel so good. I try to sit up but he pushes me back down.

"Trust me, the pain will go away faster if you rest." He said soothingly. I just nod and oblige.

"Who was that man?" My voice came out easier than I'd expected.

"He was a demon, a bad one. He was trying to take you to the other side so he could torture and kill you," He answered.

I gulped, "Does Frank know I'm sorry for throwing up on him?"

Gerard laughed, "I'm sure he knows. I think he's way more worried about dropping you, I may have smacked him around for that."

"Kinky," I joked. " He doesn't have to worry, I feel fine, just a little bump."

"Good, wouldn't want you in any comas or anything like that." He leaned in and absentmindedly, kissed my forehead. I pulled away.

"I'm sorry," Gerard looked hurt and apologetic.

"It's fine, I just…..I really can't deal with that right now," I said truthfully.

He nodded.


(Meanwhile… the land of the demons and angels…an evil gathering is arranged)

A man closely resembling a snake slithers in with a few other nightmares. And a group of fallen angels follow them. They gather around a round table and take their individual seats.

"The girl, she lives. Those fools killed the messenger before he could bring her here," the head demon growled.

"Well I told you that plan wouldn't work! Now, as promised we shall resort to my plan," The head angel spoke with an irresistible charm that all angels seemed to have.

The demons nodded.

"Good," the angels smiled and looked at each other knowingly. "We'll find her weakness, she'll have no choice but to come with us willingly." The table erupted in evil laughs.
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