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Horny Men

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A/N- sort of a boring chapter, but I always try to make the endings really good. review xD

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The next day I felt good as new, but I was still wary of the whole ordeal. Though, I couldn't go anywhere alone anymore (except the bathroom of course). There goes any privacy I had left in this house.

The guys had made a schedule on who would train me and when. Today, Monday, was Frank's day, Tuesday was Mikey's, Wednesday was Ray's, and Thursday was Gerard's. I had Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off to relax.

Frank was overall excited about teaching me his 'mad skills,' but I seriously doubt he could ever beat me in a fight.

He took me outside behind the house where there was a large clearing. The guys came and sat on the ground to watch. Frank started of by bowing like a ninja.

"Are you ready young grasshopper?" I couldn't help but giggle at his immaturity. "Just teach me your ways 'oh wise one'" I air quoted. Frank bowed and we got into ninja poses, Mikey counted down, "3-2-1-fight!"

Frank ran at me with his super human speed and quickly had pinned on the grass. "Hey no fair!" I yelled.

"You can do it Leda, just relax, trust your instincts, let them control you," Gerard shouted. Frank looked up at him, "Shush, this is my lesson!"

We got back into our poses, ready for round two. Mikey started the count down, "3-," I shut my eyes and took a deep, peacefully breath. "2-," A warm feeling in my chest started to grow, strengthening me from the inside. "1-," I opened my eyes slowly. "Fight!" Time seemed to be moving in slow motion, even though Frank was much faster than me in real time. I took a step towards him and back and he still hadn't reached me. When I decided time was moving way too slow I simply walked up to his face and flicked him on the nose. Time went back to normal as Frank held his nose in his hand.

"Ouch that hurt, but you did it Leda!" I smiled in triumph as everyone clapped for me, this was easier than I thought it would be.

"Yeah but it won't be that easy facing off against the powerful evil demons and angels," Ray muttered. Crap.

"But won't I have you guys with me? They can't stand a chance against all of us."

"We can try and help you get to them but when you find them you'll have to go one on one while we fight off their army," Ray answered. The guys dropped their eyes to the ground and nodded with him.

"But that's not fair they outnumber you!" I bit back tears.

"We'll have an army of our own," Gerard stood up and walked over.

"But I won't have anyone, I can't fight the evil head demon and angel," I cried, little drops of now tears escaping.

All the guys walked over and gave me a big group hug. Even after all the lies they told me, they still loved me. And I was grateful that I still had them.

"If the book says you can, then we are certain you can." Frank tried to give my some confidence.

"Thanks guys." I smudged away my stray tears.


Me and Frank did a couple more rounds till I was finally crowned the winner. I walked a little ahead of the others in a very sketchy mood. I didn't know if I should be happy about my awesome fighting, or sad that I was gonna have to use it to save my life, and my friends. I was the first in the house so I ran up the stairs to my room before anybody noticed. I really needed a shower, one because I stunk so bad from fighting, and two because I needed time to think, alone.

When I finished I got out of the steamy bathroom with a towel wrapped carefully around me, someone would probably be waiting just out the door, you just never knew with these guys. So I made the effort to cover as much up as I could. I walked out fast leaving a cloud of steam behind me. And sure enough, Frank was sitting on the bed. I tried to run pass him without getting noticed, god knows how horny this boy could get. I slid the closet door open and picked a random set of clothing, but when I turned around I was met with his stare. He had a smile that could only be described as a little kid getting exactly what he wanted for his birthday.

"Hello Frank, um any reason why you're in here?" Frank lifted his gaze from my body to my eyes for a quick second.

"No, no reason at all why do you ask?"

"Because you're pretty much raping me with your eyes and it's a little uncomfortable," I tried to be nice about it.

"Just a little-" He smirked. "You know you secretly love the attention."

"Get out you pedophile, before I get Ray on your ass." I opened the door and pointed out.

Just then Ray decided to poke his head in, "Hey did I hear my name?" He walked in and jumped on the bed. Next to Frank.

"Woah is Leda throwing a party in here? And I wasn't invited?!" Mikey barged in before I could say anything. I was now blushing from the amount of eyes on me.

And of course following his brother was Gerard, also wanting to see what the commotion was all about. He took one look at me and turned to the guys.

"Is Leda doing a strip tease or something, I know she's really good at-" I cut him off by putting a hand to his mouth.

"You really don't wanna finish that sentence," I growled.

"Woah, what? I wanna here the end of that sentence!" Frank jumped up. I then decided that this was a good time to put some clothes on and I stomped into the bathroom with 4 pairs of eyes watching my ass. And I came to the conclusion that all these guys might drive me insane before any fighting was to be done.
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