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Sorry it's been so long since I've posted!

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Hey everyone, sorry I haven't been on in a while. I don't come across inspiration very often, but I finally did. Some things have happened in my life and this poem has helped me see that the past is the past, and sometimes you need to just move on with your life. Opinions would be greatly appreciated because it is still a bit rough.


I stood at the threshold of a shadow-drenched gate,
Waiting to hear the outcome, my fate,
As all other hope seemed lost.

A raven flew across the sky,
Its screeching threats made darkness cry,
And all other hope seemed lost.

A tall man approached in cloak and hood,
Face obscured from where he stood,
And all other hope seemd lost.

A simple goodbye departs his lips,
I shake from core to fingertips.
May I nevermore be lost.

In that one word, all time seemed to stop,
Out of my chest, I feel my heart drop.
For I am no longer lost.

Clouds of gray part, exposing bright sky.
I feel the old me finally die.
I don’t feel the frost.

A once barren smile graces my face,
Now full of life, now full of grace,
My mask of ice, now lost.

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