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When The Day Met The Night

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It's been a long time since I came around....

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There is no other explanation: I'm in love. She is my everything.
Because I had to move to China for two years, I haven't seen her in a longer time and I miss her more than anything; she lights up my entire world like the sun. This is for her.

When the Day Met the Night
(Inspired by the Panic! at the Disco song of the same name)

The midnight Moon, soft and broken,
Left no hopeful yearning unspoken,
To see a brighter night.

The morning Sun, in all of her glory,
Had nary a reason to feel sad or sorry;
She lit the heavens and earth.

But content she was not, though one couldn’t see,
And she wished for nothing but her heart to be free,
Trapped as she was by the harsh fire.

One summer twilight, as the wind swept her away,
The Moon caught sight of the glorious day
And would accept fate no longer.

A feeling of change consumed her core,
Things couldn’t be the same anymore,
She would break free.

The Sun too would break from where she’s bound,
Darkness was what she craved and what she found,
To rejoice in the peaceful equilibrium

Neither consumed by fire nor ice,
The universe felt peace, and saw it twice;
Gravity no longer held control.

Existing together, they balanced well,
The ice of heaven and fires of hell,
And rejoiced in the soothing sensation of nothing.

R, R, and R
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