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chapter four

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I really was starting to like him, I could get used to him being around.

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Hey, I`m really, really sorry about the long wait. I am going to start adding in the others soon. I hope you like the chapter, please let me know if you do. thanks for reading

Frank`s pov.
It was Saturday, the day of the celebration that I had personally invited Gerard Way and his family to, for reasons unknown not only to Raymond and Robert, the two men I was the closest to, as well as to myself. The grand hall was buzzing with people, all dressed in their finery, many, if not all in brand new clothing, all desperately trying to show the others up, all trying to impress those of higher status than them. Many of the women were smiling politely at each other, none daring to speak unless spoken to, as was the way. Their husbands all stood protectively over them, fine glasses of the best, most expensive wine that only the rich were able to afford, of course, seeing as I was the king, I had no problem splashing out on such luxuries. The large solid oak table was in the centre o the hall, decorated and laid with only the finest cutlery available. Usually I thoroughly enjoyed these grand celebrations and parties, I threw, but tonight my heart was simply not in it. I tried desperately to try and tell myself that this was not because of Gerard`s absence, that there was some other reason, but I could not lie to myself, I had never been very good at that.
“Sire, how lovely it is to meet with you once again,” a dark haired, rather irritable looking man strolls over to me, “I believe you have already met my daughter, Alexis?” A pretty, fair skinned girl smiles at me, her blue grey eyes twinkling. She was stood next to her father, a middle aged man, who was quite easy to get along with the majority of the time, but could turn a bit nasty and argumentative after a few drinks. She was dressed in a fine silk dress, that was a red with gold trimming and her dirty blonde hair was worn in some complicated style with a few soft curls left down, framing her face perfectly.
“It is a pleasure to meat you again, my father has told me many great things about you, your majesty.” I just nod, not really taking in a word of what the young girl had been saying, my eyes transfixed on the three people moving towards me, heads bowed. I recognised the man on the left instantly, even from across the large, spacious room. They were so late, and the three of them all stood out like a sore thumb, despite the fact that they were wearing their best clothes.
“Hello, your majesty.” I can feel the entire room turn to face me, something I was used to, yet this time I could feel eyes burning into the back of my head, it was not a particularly pleasant feeling at all.
“Gerard, it is nice to see you again,” it honestly was, even though I had tried my best not to let my thoughts settle on the poor, dark haired, pale skinned man too much, it had son became impossible not to think of him. He was unlike any other person I had encountered before, he was poor, it was true, but he was so interesting, so different.
“I take it that this is your mother?” I ask and he nods.
“It is an honour to meet you, thank you for inviting us to your grand home.” The woman, who looked a lot younger than her years, smiles at me warmly, her kind eyes almost appeared to be smiling at me as well. She was dressed in a linen dress that was a light blue in colour. Despite her youthful appearance, it did not take a trained doctor to realise that she was ill, very ill.
“I am Donna,” she tells me her name, her smile not once faltering.
Next to her stood a man who I assumed was Gerard`s younger brother, he was dressed very similarly to his elder brother, but unlike his brother, didn’t not seem to be as at ease and kept nervously glancing around the hall, not able to meet anyone`s eyes.
“This is Michel,” Gerard introduces his younger brother, who briefly met my gaze, then returned his to the floor. Usually I would have taken it as a sign if disrespect, but I could almost see the nerves radiating off of the boy, so I said nothing.
“We apologise for being late, but we had a slight problem back at home,” Gerard explains to me and I smile, suddenly beginning to enjoy the celebrations a lot more now that they had arrived.
“Well, no matter, there is still plenty of time to enjoy the celebration, I hope that you all enjoy yourselves,” I mean this for everyone, but I only look at Gerard, the locking of our eyes seems to be making the skin on my face burn.
“Robert, Raymond,” I see the two standing a little way away and call them over. “See that Gerard, Michel and their mother, Donna have something to drink,”
“yes sir, right away, “ Raymond hurries away, his hair bouncing as he walks, bringing a faint smile to Gerard`s lips.
“So, shall we?”
Smiling at Gerard, I point to the long table, dinner would soon be ready and some people had already taken their seats.
“Oh, yes, sorry I didn’t understand for a mom-“
“It`s fine, seriously, Gerard,” his pale cheeks turn a light pink colour and he followed me over to the table, sitting next to me like I told him to. The pink had still not faded from his cheeks, I had to admit that the little bit of colour actually suited him, it looked…pretty almost.
The servants begin to place the food down in front of us, and silence fills the grand hall as everyone begins to eat. We still receive some stares, but I ignore it, what did it matter if I had chosen o invite people from a lower class than we were, whose business was it other than mine?
Out of the corner of my eye I can see Alexis talking to Robert, who seemed to really be enjoying her company. Maybe a little too much. I can’t understand what is being said, but I can see the two of them smiling. She even looks slightly saddened as he leaves to carry on with his work, I cannot understand why.
“Erm, Frank?” Gerard asks, uncertainly.
“Thank you, not just for inviting us, but for saving me the other day, I know I have already said that, but-“
“Gerard, forget it, really, it was my pleasure. Anyway, it has been nice being in the company of someone other than a rich snob for once,” I do not know what made me say the words, but I smile, knowing that they were true.
For the rest of the meal, we eat in silence, but my mind was not quite so at ease, it would not to repeating all of the words he had spoken to me, replaying it all over and over again. I did not understand it at all, yet it did not bother me that much, I was really starting to like Gerard. He was a very kind, interesting person, I really was starting to like him, I could get used to him being around.
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