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chapter three

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The only word buzzing around in my head now was “Why?”

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Frank`s pov.
“N…not me?”
“Not you.” I don’t know why I had stopped this dark haired, pale skinned man, who was quite possibly a thief, from leaving with all the others. He wasn’t anything special, he was poor, dressed in little more than old rags, and he didn’t really appear to have much respect either. But as he turned to walk away, head lowered slightly, hazel green eyes facing the dirty floor, I had felt a rather odd feeling, one of loneliness and quite possibly something recognisable as sadness. This was very unusual for me, I was the King, I has servants, I had people who would spend time with me if I ordered them to, I was never lonely. I was never sad wither, even when my wife Jane had died, or when Anne or Catherine had been beheaded. Sadness and loneliness were emotions that I had seemed to have been born without. And yet, that was how I felt, as the man began to walk away from me, without a farewell or even a thank you.
“Do I not receive a thank you, for saving you?”
“Oh,” the man shuffles his feet, staring intently at them, not once raising his head to look at me as he muttered a small, barely audible, “thank you,”
He turns away to leave once more, it is then that I notice the blood stains on his clothes.
“Stop!” I yell after him, and he freezes.
“Did I do something wrong, Your Highness?” I can hear the slight sarcasm behind his words, but ignore it, despite being shocked by this man’s lack of manners. Surely he knew who I was?
“What is your name?” his frowns slightly, looking very confused, but answers, although it seems like he is asking me a question instead of delivering an answer.
“Gerard,” that was an unusual name, I had never heard of one quite like it.
“Gerard what?”
“Oh, Way, my last name is Way.” I nod once, not really sure why I was taking the time to talk to this man, this Gerard Way. I had important things to be getting on with, but for some reason I did not want to leave, I wanted to continue to talk.
“I`m Frank Iero, the eighth.” I tell him, though I am sure he already knew. He smiles, a small, brief, fleeting smile, but I notice it, his entire face lights up when he smiles, I noticed. His eyes shone brightly, but the light soon faded from them as quickly as it appeared.
“I know that, everyone knows that.” Normally I would have corrected him and told him to call me “Sir” or something along those lines, as a show of respect, but for once I ignored it. It actually felt…nice to not be treated as though I was the king, this Gerard was talking to me as though I was a normal person, something I would usually have hated.
“Sire, I am afraid that we must return soon.” Robert, who had been standing a little behind me, with a shocked, bemused look on his face, told me, curiously glancing over at Gerard.
“Not now, Robert, I am speaking to Gerard,” he blushes slightly and lowers his head.
“Yes, of course, sire, I am so sorry.”
“I understand that you must leave, I soul probably be getting back to my brother and my mother soon,”
“Oh, I apologise, I did not mean to keep you.” Robert`s jaw threaten to drop, as does Gerard`s. I was the king, I never apologised to anyone, never. Especially for keeping them late, it was a privilege to be allowed to talk to me, one should be grateful if I spoke to you, I had no reason to be sorry if I had kept someone late.
“Erm, it doesn’t matter, sire.” Gerard tells me in a quiet voice.
“May I ask you something before you leave, though?”
“Certainly," he lifts his head and his eyes meet mine for a second, then they return to the floor.
“Did you steal money from that man?” I watch, guilt filling me, as tears begin to form slowly in his beautiful eyes.
“Yes, I did, but I didn’t do it for my own personal gains, I only did it to help my family, please, don’t kill me!” I had the sudden urge to wrap my arm around his shaking shoulder to comfort him, but I ignored it, that would not have been acceptable or appropriate. I had no idea where the disgusting thought came from.
“I will not have you killed, Gerard, or harmed in any way. However, if I find out that you have stolen again, I will be unable to turn a blind eye, do you understand me?”
He nods. “Thank, you, thank you so much, sir.” I frown.
“You may call me by my first name, as it is what I address you as.”Gerard’s eyes widen in shock, as do Roberts and quite possibly even mine. I had no idea why I was being so kind to this man; he had broken the law after all.
“Y-yes, Sir- Frank.”
“Erm, Gerard?” I ask, “Would you and your family wish to join us next weekend for dinner? We are holding a celebration of sorts, if you, your brother and your parents wish to join us, you would all be very welcome.”
He looks shocked, completely shocked. “I-yes, of course si-Frank, if you are most certain?”
I nod, allowing myself to smile briefly at him. “I am most sure.”
Gerard`s pov
I turn and walk away, my head spinning, full of a hundred and one thoughts. What was all of that about? Not only had the king saved me from possibly being hung, but he had also been unbelievably nice to me. He had allowed me to address him by his first name, and invited me and my family to dine with him next weekend. It was all just so…odd, strange. The king was not known to be a nice person, everyone talked about him as though he was evil, cold, born without a heart. And yet he had helped me, saved me. The only word buzzing around in my head now was “Why?”
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